#100 – Team The X Elles

#100 – Team The X Elles

Rachelle and Taylor met in 2016 at the Northwest Overland Rally during a navigation class. This will be their second Rally competing together and they can’t wait to get back out there!

Rachelle, Montana native, wife, mom of three, business owner, and driver has always had a hunger for adventure and challenge. Completing the inaugural Rebelle Rally, winning the 2019 Rebelle Rally and completing three of the Rally Aiche des Gazelle Rallies, she also works with husband Clay Croft producing and starring in the series, ‘Expedition Overland’.

A native Oregonian, Taylor has spent the last three years saying ‘yes’ to adventure and traveling the world. Co-founder of Women Overlanding the World, three-time Rebelle and 2019 Rebelle champion, she loves giving women the confidence and tools to explore.

Overall, Rachelle and Taylor are experienced adventurers, driven to encourage other women to tackle their big dreams and are so excited to team up again for the fifth year of the Rebelle!

Rachelle Croft
Rachelle CroftBusiness Owner
"Be crazy enough to believe you can do anything in life."
Missoula, MT
Bozeman, MT
Fun fact about yourself
Can’t live without SmartPop!
Taylor Pawley
Taylor PawleyMarketing Coordinator
"To tell a woman everything she cannot do, is to tell her what she can."
Fossil, OR
Portland, OR
Fun fact about yourself
I spent 2 years driving in a pickup and camper from Oregon to Uruguay!
Vehicle: 2020 Lexus LX 570