#101 – Team Sweet T + Sparks

#101 – Team Sweet T + Sparks

Tracie Sell, aka “Sweet T” and her husband Phillip design and build award winning custom furniture. In addition to crafting their furniture, they have also begun a business refurbishing and re-inventing the interiors of Classic Land Rovers. Tracie sees the Rebelle Rally as a means to explore and challenge her off road driving abilities and navigation skills. Turning 50 just a few short months before the Rally marks a milestone in her life, and Tracie is excited to take on the challenge!

Wendy Phillips, aka “Sparks” is an accomplished welder and blacksmith, and a single mom of an amazingly wise and brave eight-year-old boy. From hand forging steel to create unique tree sculpture bases to modern clean lined pieces, Wendy creates functional artwork from her own shop on her ranch. She has also begun teaching the basics of fabrication in her introduction to welding classes, sharing her knowledge with the community.
Tracie and Wendy met in 2015 shortly after Wendy moved to Wimberley, Texas. Both artists and craftswomen, they soon discovered that they both loved to work with their hands and fully embrace getting dirty to accomplish their tasks at hand. They found their skill sets to be a perfect match. As a result, they have been working together the past few years to produce unique custom furniture. Wendy’s steel bases support Tracie’s beautiful wooden tops, and the marriage of the two materials has won them both several awards at the prestigious Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville.

Tracie introduced Wendy to the world of Land Rovers, and the challenge of taking them off road. After several years spent driving at the Hill Country Rover Rally, Tracie began searching for a new way to challenge her skills. She discovered the Rebelle Rally and instantly thought Wendy would be the perfect complement to her talents as a driver.

The ladies view the Rebelle Rally as a life-changing challenge that will find them both empowered to continue to push their boundaries and limits. They are looking forward to meeting like-minded women on the same path to adventure.

In support of their journey, the two craftswomen will be ‘paying it forward’ in their community by using their expertise to teach “Workshops for Women. From changing a tire, and simple car maintenance, to teaching woodworking and welding. They see these classes as the perfect way to ‘pay it forward’ by teaching their skills to the local community.

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El Afan Tequila
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Sell Custom Rovers
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Tracie Sell
Tracie SellFurniture Maker + Artist @ Sell Design Group
"Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do!" -Brian Tracy
Houston, TX
Wimberley, TX
Fun fact about yourself
I was born in a 1968 Volkswagen micro-bus in Spain.
Wendy Phillips
Wendy PhillipsBlacksmith + Artist @ Flite Acres Foundry
"Between the wish and the thing, the world lies waiting" -Cormac McCarthy
Austin, TX
Wimberley, TX
Fun fact about yourself
My inspiration for my work came from watching the movie Cast Away. Five minutes of watching a woman throw sparks was all it took to change the path of my life.
2013 Range Rover Supercharged “Jules”