#144 – Team CanToy Divas

#144 – Team CanToy Divas

Liza Tough
Hello from Beautiful British Columbia. I reside in West Kelowna, 20 minutes from Kelowna and 10 minutes to Peachland, the hometown of my navigator Sue. I am lucky to have our two grown children and soon to be four grandchildren (Zayden 4yrs, Elijah 2yrs and now Noah 4 days old and our granddaughter is due the day before the Rebelle starts) living so close to us. I was born on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC. I have been fortunate to live my whole life in various places that allowed me to explore the outdoors camping with my parents and siblings and now with my family.

I run my husband’s plumbing company full time and I am also a photographer. My passion is photography and I love to capture special moments or the vast beauty around me. Often during down time my hubby and I are out exploring the backcountry and finding cool and remote areas where I can photograph the night sky.

Competing in the Rebelle Rally has been a dream for the last 2 years after meeting Emily and Amy at the BC Overland Rally in 2018. After attending the Rebelle U Training in the Imperial Sand Dunes in Sept of 2019 with Sue, we were fired up and we took the plunge to register for 2020 Rebelle (I do believe we were the first team to register, truth be told we were stalking the website regularly to find out when 2020 registration opened) Funny story…… Oct 22nd 2019, I had company in town and we were heading to Michaels when Sue called me after checking the website and saw the registration just opened. She asked if we were taking the leap, of course I said yes!!!

Sue and I met in 2013 when we both joined the White Sails A Cappella Chorus, local chapter of Sweet Adelines International, in Kelowna, BC. We have been singing together and friends ever since. We also have sung in quartets and competed for the first time in 2019 on the Regional Contest stage. It was actually at a quartet rehearsal that I first told Sue about the Rebelle back in 2018.

Introducing our third teammate Caliente (Cali) because she is one hot truck. Cali is my 2017 Toyota Tacoma. In May 2018, I walked onto the Toyota lot, looking for a vehicle that would get me to mountain tops where I could camp in my rooftop tent and photograph the night sky. And there she was, parked up on some stairs, and it was love at first sight. She has yet to let me down, we have rock crawled to mountain tops, waded through water crossings, played and trained in the Imperial Sand Dunes and in the back country of BC.

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for us. Before Covid19 hit we kicked off our fundraising and Rebelle Prep. Covid19 has affected us along with the whole world, we had to adapt and be creative in ways to fund-raise. We were blessed with a scholarship from a past Rebelle team that helped tremendously in reaching our entry fee goal. We also have had amazing support from friends, family and people we have never met that wanted to help support us and believed in us. We truly could not have done this without their support and the support of 10 business sponsors who have been amazing! These 10 business sponsors have paid for the fuel, Complete skid package, set of KO2 tires, Spill kit and spare parts to take with us, Snorkel to move the air intake higher and to keep our new Airaid filter cleaner, a complete recovery kit and training on correct operation, Custom maps to train with in our local area, customer decal design and install and transportation of the truck. It truly has taken a village to get us to the Rebelle.

Sue Chapin
We met in 2013 when we both joined the White Sails A Cappella Chorus, local chapter of Sweet Adelines International, in Kelowna, BC. We have been singing together and friends ever since. We also have sung in quartets and competed for the first time in 2019 on the Regional Contest stage. It was actually at a quartet rehearsal that Liza first told Sue about the Rebelle Rally, back in 2018.

Liza (Tuffy) mentioned how she had talked to Emily and Amy at a BC Overland event in 2018, and how exciting it would be to take part. Liza was thoroughly in love with her new Toyota 4×4 Cali, but she needed a navigator. As Sue had been doing that for her husband during some recent driving vacations, albeit via mostly GPS, but using some maps as reference materials, she thought it would be fun to join Liza on her adventure. Upon reading more about what the Rebelle Rally was all about, Sue got a bit worried and excited all at the same time. Liza and Sue have traveled & competed together before, but not like this. When the opportunity came up for Rebelle U Training at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Sept 2019, it seemed like an excellent first run at practicing our team work and skills. Since then, that experience of driving in the dunes and meeting some of the competitors, both past and present, we both couldn’t wait to be part of this amazing group of women and really solidified our quest to compete in the rally. There was such an energy and camaraderie amongst the ladies, that it only compelled us to make competing a reality.

As soon as the 2019 rally was over, we were both keen to register, and I believe we were the first 2020 team to register.
CanToy Divas, Team# 144 are proud to represent Western Canada in the Rebelle Rally 2020. This truly is a dream come true! A dream we didn’t know if we could afford, but with a lot of hard work, sacrificing, fundraising, support from our friends, family, community and the generosity of former Rebelles, who awarded us a scholarship, this dream is coming true. We are humbled and grateful to have so many people believe in us. For us it took a village (maybe even more than one), to make this dream a reality. We are so very excited and blessed to be competing!

Who says dreams don’t come true?!

Sponsored By:
Four Wheel Drive Association of BC
OK Expedition
Freedom Recovery Gear
Dynamic Westside Auto
Napa Auto Parts Penticton & West Kelowna
Kelowna Toyota
Mighty Owl Mapping
Silver Stratus Global
Liza Tough
Liza ToughBookkeeper/ Photographer
“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve
Nanaimo, BC
West Kelowna, BC
Fun fact about yourself
My husband & I are high school sweethearts. Married 23 years and together for 30 years.
Sue Chapin
Sue ChapinSummerland & District Credit Union
"No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." -Desiderata
Penticton, BC
Peachland, BC
Fun fact about yourself
I have lived within 42 km of my childhood home for over 50 years
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma Limited