VEHICLE: 2016 Jeep, Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JKUR)

Ahoy, it’s me Shawn Alladio. My 2 daughters are strong inspiration, we work together in businesses we manage. I’m a California native raised on the wild, mending bent edges, broken axles and trailers, fix the doors, mow the lawn and pick up the dog poop kind of life. I’m fortunate to work with outstanding humans in the water rescue field in hope of saving lives when dark times arrive, waters rise or the waves overwhelm. I’ve known Julie Hart who is the Team 165 lead for several decades, we enjoyed competing in the Jet Ski offshore endurance races. I’m fortunate to know her, and her Jeep the Unrulicon.

Hey there, it’s me Julie Hart, aka Unruly Julie. My adventure spirit is strong since birth thanks to my parents; living in Arizona, Alaska, and South Dakota before landing in California before my 5th birthday. Life’s journey and zest for challenge has served me well in many occupations; I served over ten years as a firefighter full time as well as volunteer, not afraid to get dirty in construction laying concrete or pounding nails, retail department manager and now I work as a manager at a fortune 100 company. Shawn and I go back to offshore endurance racing with watercraft along the shores of California and Baja California, Mexico. This was back before electronic navigation equipment; basic compass headings, landmarks and ‘us against the elements’ challenge were the guide.

We are the Never Quit Challenge Team. Our inspiration is to serve others, to inspire people who are curious and remain unreasonable. We’re serving the Rescue Water Craft Association mission and their Thin Line program. We aim to raise funds with support of fellow Americans who believe that kindness matters most and desire to create happening events for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire rescue and Veteran Military families.


Never Quit Challenge is a program designed for the Rescue Water Craft Association utilizing a variety of special events fielded with Ambassadors, Volunteers and Invited guests to experience the spirit of adventure through the signature ‘Never Quit Challenge’ program. Never Quit Challenges are events structured to place participants into challenges that are designed for fundraising for the Thin Line program supporting Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, EMS, Military Veterans and their families. The NQC’s are a great way to bring people together, foster fellowship in dealing with the stressors and pressures of service work and to experience unique settings and experiences.

Rescue Water Craft Association



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Ocean Room Gallery-David Pu’u

Betty Belts Jewelry

HT Moto


HOMETOWN: Norco, California

RESIDENCE: Anaheim Hills, California


“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity”

-Amelia Earhart

FUN FACT: I am a crazy Dog Mom and love sudsy hoppy beverages from light to dark and hoppy to sour.


RESIDENCE: California

OCCUPATION: Servant – Boating Safety Instructor

“Here is the world. Beautiful and Terrible things will happen. Do not be Afraid.”

-Frederick Beuchner

FUN FACT: I like chocolate, preferably with almonds. I like to go fast, and I love big storms.