VEHICLE: 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Outside of adventure, Tara betters the lives of the hundred or more individuals she works with every day by elevating functional fitness, transforming self-perception and building community. Through her leadership at Crossfit Flagstaff, she has helped build an inclusive and supportive community for those of all ability levels. The skills she teaches are the same skills that allow people to cope with the day to day challenges of life. Ironically, her role now is strikingly like the years teaching kindergarten or the many hours spent in the fire house with a bunch of firefighters. Tara adapts and rises to any challenge!

Julie is a Flagstaff business owner and has created opportunities for fellow engineers to pursue the profession and find success in the Flagstaff community. Julie’s vision for her company is to create jobs for engineers in the community of Flagstaff, so they can stay in Flag, do rewarding work, raise their families and be proud of their contributions that transform the community we live in and enjoy. Starting a business during the great recession of 2010 required perseverance, self-confidence and a plan. Although not as experienced in competition, Julie is equally as competitive as Tara and has participated in many an adventurous pursuit. We’re combining our skills and sharing in responsibilities of navigator and driver.

Tara & Julie met at Crossfit Flagstaff and instantly became fast friends. They plan a getaway adventure every year with the three other TBA OG’s (Team Bold Adventures Original Gangsters), that tests their courage, skills and endurance. Whether it be climbing a Colorado peak, exploring back country roads or ripping down a technical trail on mountain bikes, it leaves them better equipped to manage their day to day commitments and to be an inspiration to others. Tara brings her skill and grit as a multi-day adventure racer and finisher. As an engineer, Julie is trained to tackle any problem, assess the options and put a plan in motion.

Adventure fuels us…and when they are bold, big adventures, we grow more as humans!

Nackard Pepsi

Canyon Pet Hospital

Heath’s Auto

Saaty Photography

Eva Rupert Designs

Countless Friends and Family!


HOMETOWN: Warren, Pennsylvania

RESIDENCE: Flagstaff, Arizona

OCCUPATION: Head Coach at CrossFit Flagstaff


HOMETOWN: Sedona, Arizona

RESIDENCE: Flagstaff, Arizona

OCCUPATION: Civil Engineer

How hard can it be? 😉