TEAM #171

VEHICLE: 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

About two years ago, maybe it was fate, maybe it was luck, maybe it was just random, but we were forced to work together. Contrary to what we both expected, we had a lot in common. By the end of that day, we were scheming to find ways to work together again, and the rest is history. From early morning climbing sessions to laughing hysterically about nothing, we have become best friends. Knowing that the other one is the only person crazy and adventurous enough to do something like the Rebelle Rally, the decision to team up for this amazing opportunity was made around midnight on a Saturday through a pretty comical series of texts. Since then, we have driven, dug holes, changed tires, plotted, triangulated and watched an incredible amount of YouTube videos, and we are ready to push and help each other through what we think will be an adventure of a lifetime.

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION FOR TEAM SPIRIT AWARD: Family Justice Center Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Organization

California Flight Academy

Utah Gastroenterology


Blackpine Sports

Metaltech 4×4

Family & Friends


HOMETOWN: Sandy, Utah

RESIDENCE: South Jordan, Utah

OCCUPATION: Nurse Anesthetist

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

FUN FACT: My family and I love exploring old cemeteries.


HOMETOWN: West Bountiful, Utah

RESIDENCE: Salt Lake City, Utah

OCCUPATION: Nurse Anesthetist

“Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

FUN FACT: In a past life, I used to play roller derby.