VEHICLE: 2017 Mercedes G550 4×4 Squared

Heather Berman is a Facial Stretch Therapist in Jackson, WY. She has her own business and also works with Medicine Wheel Wellness, an integrated health and wellbeing center. In her spare time she loves hiking with her dogs, mountain biking and skiing.

Susan Pieper is the Founder and CEO of DMOS Collective a pro shovel tools company. She is also a mom to 3 stepchildren and a teenaged son. She has worked and lived in the Bay area, New York, and Tokyo, and now calls Jackson Hole home. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and fly fishing. While she has previously raced sailboats, bikes, and snowboarding, this is her first off-road rally raid.

We are from the Tetons and it’s after the cult-classic Tokyo Drift. Piper had previously lived in Tokyo and the team liked the “drift” part as they know they’ll be sliding in sand dunes. The second part is a nod to Helga (the vehicle), because she is capable of delivering on both speed and luxury that the team will need to complete the event in style.


Mouse Motors

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HOMETOWN: Napoleon, Ohio

RESIDENCE: Wilson, Wyoming

OCCUPATION: Fascial Stretch Therapist

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

FUN FACT: I have a 130lb dog named Mouse. He looks vicious but is an absolute love.


HOMETOWN: Kettering, Ohio

RESIDENCE: Jackson, Wyoming

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur

“Well behaved women rarely make history.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

FUN FACT: I raced in the 1995 Trans Pac and, as navigator, I found Hawaii!