VEHICLE: 2018 Porsche Cayenne V6

Sandy is a California native who grew up in Riverside, California and started working at Hoehn Motors when she was 18 years old moving on to pursue motherhood many years ago. Sandy just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband and current General Manager of Hoehn Porsche, Sean Conner who has worked for Hoehn Motors for over 28 years. Sandy and her husband are the proud parents of their 13 year old daughter Savannah Blue who’s quite the beach volleyball player and Sandy’s other two children, a 90lb Doberman “Mojo” and 7lb Yorkie/Bischon “Hope” complete the family.  With Sandy’s love of adventure and problem solving spirit the Rebelle Rally is sure to be another perfect fit in 2018.

Lisa has worked for Hoehn Motors for 22 years. She is currently the finance director at Hoehn Porsche. Lisa married her best friend Mark 8 years ago. Together they enjoy sailing, scuba diving and playing in their sand car in Glamis. One day they hope to sail the world!

After much pursuance and persistence Sandy was thrilled when she found out she would be competing in the Rebelle again this year. She was even more thrilled when she finally found out her teammate would again be Lisa. With a shared sense of humor and a mutual goal to do their best Sandy and Lisa are Team Hoehn Porsche. Piloting the 2018 Porsche Cayenne V6, Sandy will be driver and Lisa, navigator.

Hoehn Porsche

Hoehn Aventures


RESIDENCE: Carlsbad, California

OCCUPATION: Badass, Strong Mom, Wife, Volunteer & Part-time Corporate Assistant

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”


  1. All the saws in my house belong to me.
  2. Super fun fact! I just sliced my hand open (not on a saw) & have 9 stitches to quickly heal in time for the Rally! HA! I can SO do it. I’ve got this!!


RESIDENCE: Escondido, California

OCCUPATION: Hoehn Porsche Finance Manager