VEHICLE: 2010 Subaru Outback – “Ivy”

This team seeks to empower every girl and woman who is tired of being told “No, you can’t” when deep down they know exactly what they want to do, have the commitment and passion to follow through to accomplish it, and will successfully achieve it.

When Marty and Kate connected, Artemis Rally took first place in their division in the two-day Mountains to the Sea TSD rally, Kate’s first rally ever.  Artemis 2018 was complete; two very different women on the hunt – for challenge, adventure, opportunities to stretch outside of their comfort zones and to support women and girls on their own adventures.

We, Artemis Rally, value fairness, tenacity, honesty and respect for each other and the environment. We have chosen to participate in the Rebelle Rally because it also values these qualities.


Artemis is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities.

Not only was Artemis the goddess of the hunt, she was also known as the goddess of wild animals, wilderness, childbirth and virginity. Also, she was protector of young children and was know to bring and relieve disease in women. Artemis, armed with bow and arrow, possesses the power to inflict pain and death or to heal.

AR Performance

Wilsonville Subaru

4 Wheel Parts


HOMETOWN: Parker Head, Maine

RESIDENCE: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Marty is a Rebelle alum.

After competing in 2017 and placing third in the crossover division, she was determined to compete in 2018.

When she connected with Kate and they took first place in their division in their first rally, Artemis 2018 was ready to take on the Rebelle Rally.

Marty grew up exploring in many places, settling in Maine where she lived for thirty years. She retired from her professional career in 2015. Throughout her life, she has sought out many adventures. Her interests have kept her outdoors; on the ocean, in the mountains, rivers, canyons, and now, on roads that lead away from the beaten path. 

Her family has three grown up kids, a grandchild, a couple of good dogs and a very fine husband.

She has experienced the way the world views strong-willed, independent women who achieve success in a man’s world.   She strives to be a mentor to girls and women, helping them trust their strengths and achieve their goals with pride.

Never give up.”

FUN FACT: Has business cards printed that say “Stop Talking.”


HOMETOWN: West Coast and beyond

RESIDENCE: Hood River, Oregon

OCCUPATION: Whatever needs doing- I am a professional at figuring it out.

Kate is self-proclaimed “crazy” about all things that interest her and loves every minute of it.  “I’m not afraid!” is her motto. She believes that life is short and meant to be lived and thus is always up for something that seems challenging to others.   Self-described as a skier first, driver second and dancer for life (all at full speed), the only things she ever slows down for are dogs, gardening, construction, and designing – for practical applications and multifaceted use.  Solving problems is her “happy place”.  Teaming up with Marty has given her “drive” – more focus towards her gender; realizing that there are other women out there that are not fearless! 

I am not afraid!”

FUN FACT: Was supposed to be 9 boys, but one K8 is all it takes.