The Rebelle Rally online navigation course has been developed by the instructors of Rebelle Rally and Rebelle U and proprietary and intended only for registered competitors.  Sharing of the course or using it without permission is strictly forbidden.

We recommend downloading the exercises and following the slides and video in order.

  • Knowing how to read a map
  • Knowing how to use a compass & plotter
  • Plotting heading and a distance on a map
  • Plotting latitude and longitude on a map
  • Route planning
  • Basic understanding of angles
  • Triangulation
  • Reading roadbook and tulip notes
  • Regulating pace
  • Communication and organization skills
  • Compass
  • Map
  • Plotter
  • Ruler (with metric scale)
  • Minute ruler / lat long scale
  • Roadbook
  • Map board
  • Pencils
  • Calculator

Resources for purchase:

COMPASS:  We recommend SUUNTO products as we have found them to be reliable and durable.  We prefer two models in particular – MC-2 and KB 20 models.  We highly recommend adventurers should always keep a compass with a sighting mirror in your kit.  The MC-2G has a global needle and works anywhere.  If you travel out of the country, this is the model for you.  Don’t forget to double up on key items such as compass, plotters, scales.  You would not want to lose one!

*****SUUNTO has partnered with the rally to give Rebelles a 15% discount on Suunto products.*****

USE CODE — REBELLERALLY19.  This is available for products at only.

The practice maps are 1:50,000 and you will need the corresponding scale, we recommend purchasing from  This scales include lat/lon on one side and distance scales in km/miles on the other.  Click the link below.  The additional scales are also recommended for future use.

1:50,000 scale –
1:100,000 –
1:200,000 –
1:250,000 –

You will need a plotter (Breton or Portland) that has a moveable compass rose, similar to the ones in the video.  There are several outlets to purchase.  Our personal preference is the Rapporteur Breton –

or Weems & Plath

Rebelle Navigation slide 10.010

Here is a diagram of the global magnetic field:
You can see the pull is exerted in waves and not linear.

Here are some helpful resources:

Compass Dude –

Outdoriab – How to Triangulate Your Position with a Map & Compass

Map Tools Tools for Navigation

REI Map & Compass Class (outdoor) – Check your local REI