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Facebook Live: Think Like a Map

Maps have a fascinating history and we are literally lost without them!

Join Emily Miller for topics including history, map making, map reading, scales, determining heading and distance, and how to be successful by “thinking like a map.” The class includes downloadable maps you can use for home exercises and resources – found here: https://bit.ly/RebelleFBL

Facebook Live: Think Like a Map2020-04-02T09:56:11-07:00

Facebook Live: Thrival Not Survival – Preparing and Managing for Cold and Heat Exposure

Watch 4x Rebelle, Army veteran, and instructor Rachael Ridenour as she discusses tips, tricks, and practical information for Rebelles, outdoor enthusiasts, and any adventurer!

Facebook Live: Thrival Not Survival – Preparing and Managing for Cold and Heat Exposure2020-04-02T09:55:28-07:00

Rebelle U Online Classes Announced – Open to All!





Navigating through uncertain times is difficult to say the least. Balancing work from home, and for some of you balancing work from home and even becoming a teacher overnight, all while keeping everyone healthy and happy is overwhelming. And we believe it’s important to take a moment out for yourself away from the noise and the headlines. Learning goes a long way, and refining a craft (or starting a whole new one!) certainly helps. Things may be different right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning.

That said, we’re stoked to bring a new series of Rebelle Rally classes to the public. Although this is a first for us, we’ve pulled together a great line up of courses and instructors eager to share their skillset.

Kicking it all off next week on Tuesday March 24th is 4x Rebelle, Team Spirit Award winner, and Army veteran and instructor Rachael Ridenour. If there’s one person you want to learn survival skills from or be stuck in an elevator with, it’s Rachael.

Full schedule, subject to change, listed below. All classes will be held on the Rebelle Rally Facebook Page. “See” you all there!


Lyn Woodward, automotive journalist and 2x Rebelle, chronicled her recent Rebelle experience piloting the Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol on Kelley Blue Book YouTube. Take a few minutes for this one – Lyn’s stories are always worth watching. Click here.


The latest issue of Rovers Magazine covers the Land Rovers in the 2019 Rebelle, plus a glimpse “behind the curtain” with staff features courtesy of Editor Jeff Aronson and Creative Director Thompson Smith. A huge thank you to these two for supporting the Rebelle since the beginning. Read the full article now.



Rebelle U Online Classes Announced – Open to All!2020-03-21T15:18:40-07:00

2020 Rebelle Team Sponsorship Announced for New Teams!

Beyond thrilled to start the New Year off right with some incredible news for brand new Rebelle competitors. A scholarship fund has been created specifically to help new teams on their journey to the 2020 Rebelle Rally!

For new teams who lack a competition record or experience, fundraising and sponsorship may feel like an especially daunting task. And two anonymous Rebelles recognize that. These women came to Rebelle staff with a goal – they want to see more women compete in the Rebelle who otherwise may not get there – hence the first scholarship created just for new competitors.

So what is needed to qualify? Amongst other items, teams must show they are actively pursuing fundraising from other sources. This scholarship fund is NOT intended to kick off a team’s fundraising – it should already be in place when a team applies. Teams applying must consist of two new competitors who have not competed in the Rebelle Rally. And teams must go through the entire application process including a phone interview. Eligible teams may be awarded up to $3,000 towards their 2020 registration cost. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The anonymous Rebelles are adamant about other women experiencing the Rebelle Rally, and are generously paying it forward.

If you are a new team interested in applying for the scholarship fund, the first step is visiting the application page to view the criteria the Scholarship Board is looking for. Remember – only apply when you feel you have fully met the criteria! Applying too soon without fundraising in place may hinder your eligibility. Applications are currently being accepted with a deadline of April 1st. 

You can email us with any questions and please note – the Rebelle Rally is not responsible for scholarship team selection and awarding. 

Here’s to a great year ahead, and see you in the dirt!


2020 Rebelle Team Sponsorship Announced for New Teams!2020-01-22T11:35:41-07:00

Mapbox-based Map of Rebelles

Two fundamentals of the Rebelle Rally? Community and maps. Through out partner Mapbox and with the powerful technology available today, we are able to bring our global community together. And we’re excited to announce our favorite map yet just came out – our Mapbox-based map of the Rebelles.

A map created specifically to represent the Rebelles all over the world, this is a useful tool for future competitors looking for Rebelles in their area as well as visualizing just how global a community the rally is.

Since 2016, the Rebelle Rally has hosted women from 167 cities, 37 states/provinces, and eight countries. As a rally, we are growing and expanding, and have created a dynamic global community from diverse backgrounds of like-minded smart, adventurous women. Meet them now all on our Mapbox Rebelle Map – live on our homepage now!





Mapbox-based Map of Rebelles2020-01-21T13:04:28-07:00

How to Rebelle – Vancouver

The Rebelle Rally is excited to announce our official partnership with Overlanding BC to expand preparation and training opportunities for women in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest!
We will kick it off with our “How To Rebelle” one-day training intensive in the Vancouver area, January 5th at Overland Outfitters – conducted by Emily Miller & Chris Walker. Several experienced Rebelle competitors will be on-hand to assist and share their knowledge.
In addition, a multi-day hands-on driving and navigation course will take place with both Rebelle U & Overlanding BC teaching at the BC Overland Rally in Whistler – dates to be announced shortly. We are stoked!  Take the first step by learning more & sign up now for How To Rebelle. Class size is limited!
How to Rebelle – Vancouver2019-11-26T09:48:28-07:00

Meet Caitlyn Stout, Director of Stout Tent – 2019 Rebelle Rally Glamping Partner

This year, the Stout Tents that lined four Rebelle Rally basecamps were anything but easy to miss. Standing out amongst the desert terrain were beautifully crafted, canvas, beige glamping tents. A first on the Rebelle Rally and something eagerly anticipated amongst our guests. And we have the crew at Stout Tent to thank, who stepped up this year to become first-time glamping partner of the Rebelle Rally. Not knowing exactly what they were getting into, Stout Tent not only supported the rally with ample, insanely cool housing for special guests and media, they also sent a staff member to ride along with the Rebelle, set up and tear down the tents. Talk about next-level partnership. And Stout’s enthusiasm for the Rebelle is matched – Stout Tent has been a favorite of the Rebelle since 2016, when a lone Stout Tent became the place to be for staff to eat, mingle, and rest during the first rally.

We were thrilled to speak with with Director Caitlyn Stout to get her perspective on the world of glamping, her impressive event resumé, and Stout’s authentic place in it all.

For lack of better words, we’re obsessed with Stout Tents. Where did the inspiration come from to begin this business?

Wow! Thanks so much for that! You know, it was a crazy thing. I am an entrepreneur who did a stint in the corporate world, and was looking for a new business to make my own. My dream was to be able to work with my husband and not have a ceiling! The idea was inspired by a European magazine featuring gorgeous outdoor activities. I saw this family with a canvas tent at the beach, and wanted to order one for my backyard. When I couldn’t find one in the States, I saw an opportunity and we decided to make our own! We were fortunate enough to invest in a great photographer, awesome canvas, and the market took it from there!

How did you go about the design process, from the initial basic tents all the way up to the glamping packages?

We’ve always tried to work really hard to get to know what our customer’s need, and then provide it for them. We knew that everyone wants high quality, but we started to realize that we needed a few other features. One of the first things we did was to make a mesh 360 degree window all the way around the bottom wall of the tent for ventilation, and then a versatile stove jack that would work with a variety of wood burning stoves. It helps that we use our product day in and out for large rentals (events), we really get to know what might make life easier for people in the industry. We just love our B2B customers, and get super excited to bring them new accessories that will make their lives easier!

What sets Stout Tents apart from other glamping?

We make it really easy for our customers, which is really the whole point of glamping – comfort and ease! We’ve set up thousands of tents and produced well over 100 events. Experience is a game changer in this industry. The biggest variable is that you’re at the mercy of natural elements that you can’t plan for. You have to know how to problem solve in the moment AND keep your clients happy despite those variables. That’s something you can only learn from experience. On a practical side, we make the process easy from start to finish. Our customers know exactly what to expect and add a lot of little touches along the way, like we even set up private URLs so that their guests can book their own tents, just like they would a hotel room! We assist with staffing events, and we have lots of options, including Giant Tipi Style tents, Safari Glamping Bath Suites (yes, shower in a rad tent with hot water and a porcelain toilet!), AC units, heaters, and even portable hot tubs! It’s the whole package really. When you work with Stout Tent, you just feel confident you’re working with professionals. 

Does Stout provide glamping services and set-up nationwide, or only in certain regional areas?

We have had events in 29 states, including Hawaii! We’re hoping to make it to all 50, so if you know anyone in the South (MI, LA, AL… ) that needs our help, let us know!! 🙂 

Where’s the most interesting event you’ve set up thus far?

Well, Hawaii was interesting, but I think that the Toyota Hotel Tacoma events have always been the most mind-blowing! We built 50 wooden platforms in a few days to support 50 safari tents over boulders on a mountain called Hualapai in Arizona, and we took over a Boy Scout camp on the Oregon coast another year, sewing doors for the wooden cabins, and debuting our tented restroom units! 

You have so many events to choose from. Why the Rebelle?

We have been fan-girling over the Rebelle since year one! We are adventurer’s and many of us are into overlanding and off-roading! We’re hoping that we can get a Stout team together someday and join the fun! 

What’s next for Stout?

We acquired a competitor this year, ConTENTment Camping that was founded by Patricia Jensen about 10 years ago. Pat has been a mentor and advisor for a few years, and we jumped at the chance to carry her torch. ConTENTment is the main Glamping tent vendor for the Music Festival world, so this year you’ll be able to catch us at Bonaroo, Electric Forest, FireFly, Lightning in a Bottle and more! We’re also taking over a few NASCAR and Moto events. 

Lastly, any words of wisdom?

Ah, you don’t need my wisdom! You guys inspire me! I love seeing women being fierce, taking (calculated) risks, having fun and getting a little dirty. Can’t wait to follow-along on this year’s adventure! 
Meet Caitlyn Stout, Director of Stout Tent – 2019 Rebelle Rally Glamping Partner2019-11-12T12:22:09-07:00