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Team Tuesday 2018: Stacey & Kim

We love that today’s Team Tuesday comes from a state where the road less travelled is the paved one. With an incredibly diverse landscape including unforgettable dirt destinations and backroads, New Mexico is now also home to Jeep enthusiasts and Team #167 New Mexico Off-Roadrunners! Please welcome Stacey Mounce and Kim Keeton-Pettit!

Stacey is a New Mexico native, with her hometown being Las Cruces. Her current residence is Albuquerque where she is a secretary. Stacey used to run marathons, so she’s used to new territories that inspire her to get out and do more. She’s also taken quite a few Jeep trips into the great unknown, and even the ones she’s done multiple times have always awakened a new desire to explore and sometimes conquer. “Every trip transforms me in a different way,” Stacey noted. And as the driver of her team, she’s excited to be piloting her 2005 Jeep TJ, Pepe, — whom she’s logged a lot of miles with together!

“My teammate Kim is patient and very knowledgeable in navigation. I accepted her request to drive because of the challenge involved, the awesome scenery I’ll get to see, the opportunity to meet new people, and to say ‘I did it.’ What an awesome event to be part of!”

Kim was born in California, graduated high school in Texas, moved around a lot in between, and now calls Chaparral, New Mexico her home. Her occupation? A student of life and people. She’s raised three wonderful children and spent 30 years with her best friend and husband. Kim also owns a Jeep, a 2012 Wrangler Sport, and she’s taken some pretty meaningful trips in the past before entering the Rebelle:

“In 1986 I was a single mother of three, working as a data entry operator for an insurance company in Texas. I decided it was well past time for me to run away for a week. So, I jumped on a bus, headed for Terlingua, Texas and a raft trip through Santa Eliana Canyon on the Rio Grande River. The canyon was awe inspiring to say the least, but traveling across Texas on a bus by myself, going into border country where only eight telephones existed in the whole county at that time, and hearing the silent voice of the river, proved to be life changing. All my friends and family thought I had lost my mind, but in reality, I had found myself.”

With her next adventure less than a month away, she’s realized that if a woman sets her mind to it, she can accomplish anything. This whole “off-road thing” is new to her, and she can’t wait to see where it takes her.

“I have been waiting my whole life for this. Over the years I have led many outdoor trips for summer camp kids to college students. I have relied on topo maps and guidebooks to get me through. One of the most awesome trips I ever led was a 5 day all-women horseback trip. This competition will push my skills further than ever before. I can’t wait!”

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Team Tuesday 2018: Channel & Marie

Often times we call the Rebelle a journey, but for some teams, their journey begins before even hitting the start line. Today’s Team Tuesday, appropriately name #183 Unbroken Journey, is two women from Texas who have not only faced some serious challenges, they certainly define “Texas Tough.” Please welcome Channel Williams and Marie Campbell to the Rebelle!

Channell is originally from Houston, Texas, and currently lives in San Antonio. She’s an author who had always been adventurous and competitive, but she’s also a fighter. Diagnosed with lung cancer, one of her lungs has been removed, she’s been put on oxygen, had 4-5 brain surgeries (she’s lost count), and an aneurysm in her heart, this woman is tough!

Given that running marathons and high-intensity physical activities are currently not an option, Channell thought her competitive days were over, until her teammate Marie asked her to Rebelle! Channell had a one-word response – “ABSOLUTELY!” She’s excited to get back to adventure with the rally. Her last big expedition was two years ago when she climbed Camel Back Mountain with oxygen, missing a lung, and having active lung and brain cancer. It took her at least 5 times as long as it did the first time she climbed it pre-cancer, but she did it! And – she’d do it again.

Channell can’t wait to hit the outdoors with her teammate Marie, whom she’s describes as incredibly patient, loving, nurturing, and all around amazing person.

“I’m super excited and grateful to be able to do this adventure, and with Marie..I know how precious each day is. The timing is perfect!” –Channel Williams

Marie was born in Needles, CA but grew up in El Paso, Texa and currently lives just outside San Antonio in a town called Bulverde. That’s where she met Channell, who was her instructor and motivator at the gym where she worked out. She states the best thing about Channell is, despite all the hardships she’s had in life, she comes back fighting harder and with her faith grounded – an inspiration to Marie and their community.

And Marie is not shy in telling us she doesn’t “do the outdoors well!” She first heard about the Rebelle from her husband. She laughed when he mentioned the idea of participating in a competition like the rally, but said if she did compete – she’d only do it with Channell because of their shared love of Land Rovers. Marie’s family owns three and they’re competing in her oldest most beloved LR3, “Money Penny.” When Marie happened to see Channell at church this summer, she mentioned the Rebelle…and here they are now headed to the dirt in exactly a month!

“I’m a speech-language pathologist and school teacher but decided to take this year off. I never dreamed that driving in the Rebelle would be my new future. I’m celebrating my 50th birthday this year, 25th wedding anniversary and taking on an ‘out of the box’ adventure with the Rally. And I have to mention…the most important people in my life are my husband Jeff and three children Wil (18), Colin (13) and Cate (12)!” –Marie Campbell

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Team Tuesday 2018: Shannell & Nickie

The term faithful companion is often used to describe people, but ask any loyal Subaru owner, and they’ll use the term to describe their trusty, adventure-bound sidekick with the 6-star cluster badge. And that’s exactly how Team Dirt N Perfume portrays their 2017 Subaru Forester – their third teammate in this year’s Rebelle. Both Subaru lovers, the team’s trusty whip is “rearin’ to go” on its upcoming 2500+km October journey. On this Team Tuesday please welcome Shannell McMillan and Nicole “Nickie” Kelly!

Shannell McMillan is originally from the beachfront city of Hermosa Beach, CA and currently lives just south of her hometown in Redondo Beach. She’s the General Manager of Dimensional Millwork, Inc. CA (her rally sponsor!), and also works with parolees and probationers on their mission and vision for work and life. Needless to say, she leads a busy life, and yet she’s still carving out time for her first Rebelle next month. The Rebelle is what she calls the single greatest opportunity to grow, learn and see what she is truly capable of.

Speaking of opportunities, Shannell mentioned a journey she took that truly affected her – a trip to Alamar, Mexico where she helped in the creation of a school, medical office, and church. Shannell states, “It changed me profoundly to watch a poverty-stricken community come together, rebuild their shanty homes every year after the rains, and yet still have more gratitude and joy for the simple things than anyone I have ever met. I learned the key to happiness is gratefulness in all things.”

With her next journey being the 2018 Rebelle, she’s bringing her trusty Subaru and not leaving home without prayer, laughter, and hydration. Her words of wisdom going into the Rebelle?

“I would just like to encourage anyone who is “thinking” about doing the Rebelle in the future to sign up now. Too often we put off those things we think we can’t afford but tomorrow is promised to no one. The experience I expect to get from the Rebelle, I feel, is what I cannot afford to live without for one more year! Bring on the Rebelle Rally 2018!”

Nichole “Nickie” Kelly’s hometown is St. Paul, MN, but she now resides in San Diego. With 12 years in the U.S. navy, she currently holds the thought-provoking title of EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Technician in the Navy.

Before she was in the Navy, Nickie was a snowboard instructor in Montana, where every day was different. No stranger to the cold, she grew up playing ice hockey, and most recently, Nickie climbed Mt Whitney with her husband and friends in January. All of her environmental, survival, and physical skills were put to the test – it was both incredibly rewarding and a confidence builder.

Nickie originally heard of the Rebelle when she met Rebelle Founder Emily Miller at the 2018 Overland Expo…where in turn, Emily introduced her to her Rebelle teammate Shannell! Describing the chance encounter she states, “Everything in my life has taken me to this point in this moment, and I believe this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I see the Rebelle Rally as a culmination of years of trust, faith, hard work, and persistence.”

The dirt is nothing new to Nickie – she started camping before she could walk. And Nickie actually started navigating her own road trips the moment she received her driver’s license, arming herself with nothing more than gas money and a road atlas.

Her must-haves for this road trip of a lifetime? Corn Nuts, Pedialyte, and baby wipes!

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Meet Mike Shirley, Rebelle Rally Course Official!

Mike Shirley is a familiar face on the Rebelle. Staff, competitors, and media recognize him as the man on the dirt bike whose drive (literally) ensures the course is set up, manages situations on site, and builds the Rebelle Rally roadbooks provided to the competitors. Mike brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Rebelle, and has been an integral staff member since the start of the inaugural competition in 2016. He’s also an off-road enthusiast who finished 10th overall in 2012 at the NORRA Mexican 1000, competed in the Rally Mongolia in 2010, and was crew at the Dakar Rally in 2009 and 2010. We caught up with Mike this past week where we were eager to delve deeper into his business and Rebelle sponsor, Rally Navigator, and what it was like watching his 77-year-old mother, Pat Shirley, compete last year.

You’re part of the “Original Rebelle” core staff, having assisted with 16’, 17’, and now, the upcoming third competition as a Course Official. What about the Rebelle stands out that makes you leave your daily 9-5 for 10 days in the desert?

The Rebelle Rally is an incredible event in so many ways. Creating the course itself is a mind blower. We get to build a massive scale off road scavenger hunt in the beautiful deserts and mountains of the Western US. During the event, I love seeing the personal transformation of competitors from nervous laughter on the Start line, highs and lows during the event and 100% pure stoke at the Finish. It’s a genuine challenge for Competitors and Crew to pull it off each year. I’m proud to be on the team.

You reside in Reno, NV, a place synonymous with off-road trails and backcountry. Have you always been an off-road enthusiast, or is this a newer passion?

I’ve been living in Reno since 2001 and spending a lot of time exploring the deserts on my dirt bike or camping in my truck since 2007. Fortunately, my work allows me a bit of free time to spend playing in the desert and I make the most of it.

You also happen to be the developer of Rebelle sponsor, web-based roadbook software Rally Navigator. Can you explain how Rally Navigator works, and the inspiration behind it?

Shortly after I began riding dirt bikes, I was fortunate to meet several Dakar Rally competitors and take part in Roadbook navigation training. At that time, there were only two or three people making Roadbooks in the United States and it was tough to get access to Roadbook riding. I created Rally Navigator to simplify the process of creating roadbooks and expose more folks to the thrill of off-road navigation. It’s been a fun project and I’m always excited to see a Rally Navigator Roadbook in use at rallies around the world.

Rally Navigator uses digital mapping on desktop and mobile along with GPS to create the Roadbook including waypoints, distances, CAP headings, tulip drawings, text info and other details of the route. Then we test drive the course and check the roadbook in the field and make final edits and corrections. Try it for yourself at rallynavigator.com.

Your fearless mother, Pat Shirley, competed in the Rebelle Rally last year at the young age of 77. How did it feel watching her take the start line that very first day?

My mom grew up on a farm and isn’t afraid of very much. I was proud and excited to see her take the start. My daily highlight was catching up in each Basecamp and getting her take on the day’s competition. It was an unforgettable experience to spend 10 days of the Rebelle with my Mom. For 2018, she is coming back as a Rebelle staffer, working checkpoints and driving media folks around the course. Good times!

Three items you cannot live without on the Rebelle.

  1. Rebelle Rally Neckie/Buff: Handy in sun, cold, dust, wind. A neckie is a really versatile thing to have around.
  2. My Dirt bike: It’s a great way to get down the course in a hurry: placing checkpoints at dawn, chasing around competitors and crew, and cleaning up the course at the end of each day. Plus, its crazy fun.
  3. Satellite Phone/Radio – Communicating with the crew in the middle of nowhere is vital so we can take care of business – it’s the best way to stay in touch.

Lastly, any words of wisdom for new Rebelles?

Considering the Rebelle Rally in its entirety can feel overwhelming. There are so many questions and so many unknowns. It’s a 10-day puzzle of managing the environment, your truck, navigation, sleep, nutrition, relationship with team mate.

Don’t freak out: Solve problems individually as they come. Just focus on what’s in front of you. Most important: relax and have fun!

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Team Tuesday 2018: Kaleigh & Teralin

“For anyone reading this and contemplating whether or not to join…DO IT!!!  You will not regret it. In fact, you’ll cherish it as one of the best opportunities you ever came across. Make it happen, find a way,” Teralin Petereit, 2017 Rebelle & 4×4 class winner.

Teralin Petereit and Kaleigh Hotchkiss weren’t lifelong friends before they decided to take on the Rebelle together. In fact, they had just gotten to know each other and only met a couple of times before they teamed up in 2017. But with similar goals and a passion for adventure, the two turned one epic journey last year into a future of many more. Welcome back Team # 125 Kaleigh Hotchkiss and Teralin Petereit!

Kaleigh is a financial controller for a hospital and calls Tucson home. Recently married, she’s a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” who would rather read a book than do almost anything else.

Kaleigh is also the most winning Rebelle to-date, with back-to-back wins in 2016 & 2017 in the 4×4 class. With experience in off-road and camping, Kaleigh initially thought before her first rally in 2016 – “How hard can it be?” Harder than she thought! From physical fatigue to mental fatigue, Kaleigh’s gone through it and states when you want to throw in the towel by Day 5, that’s when having the right teammate will make all of the difference so you can hold each other up through the difficult moments.

“The Rebelle is something I consider a once-in-a-lifetime event. Not only is the event itself incredible, it’s something I look forward to all year long. It’s the whole package – great competitors and staff, beautiful scenery, amazing teammate, exciting challenge, fun driving, the perfect vehicle, and at the end of the day, an adventure I can really be proud of and will never forget.

Teralin lives in Hurricane, Utah where she is a Sales Manager. With her and Kaleigh living in different states, they aren’t able to spend much time together in person, but keep in contact all year long and mention the Rebelle is a constant topic in their daily conversations (we’re flattered!) Teralin states the Rebelle equals their week of freedom from the world, and she’s looking forward to this year with a better understanding of what to expect, as 2017 was her first year competing. As well as very much looking forward to returning with Kaleigh.

“I couldn’t have a better teammate. We work really well together from the beginning stages of fundraising, all the way through to competing. It’s so fun to be able to enjoy the journey, fill it with laughter, but be able to have a competitive spirit and really work as a team. Having Kaleigh as a teammate and a friend is what really made the Rebelle mean so much to me this past year.”

And along with the challenge of the Rebelle, there’s also those moments of fun thrown in.

“One morning Kaleigh and I accidentally switched helmets. In all seriousness I turned to her saying how I thought I had lost weight because my cheek pads weren’t as tight as when we started. As I was saying this I saw my name on her helmet and realized what had happened. For whatever reason…we laughed until we cried for way, way too long. I think we were dehydrated and delirious, but it made for a great memory!”

Teralin also mentioned she’s a Toyota girl but has a news flash for us – she’s fallen for Kaleigh’s Jeep. “The Jeep and I are now friends. Apparently, it’s a Jeep thing.”

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Rebellation 2018

Rebellation (noun) – a celebration in grand Rebelle style!

The highly anticipated awards and after-party celebration of this year’s Rebelle Rally Presented by Hoehn Adventures is too big to contain to JUST the night. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a public daytime podium event AND our no-miss, black-tie optional gala on Saturday, October 20th!

The day kicks off at the Historic Lane Field set against the dramatic backdrop of the San Diego Bay to the west and the city skyline to the east. Conveniently located and in front of our host hotel, Springhill Suites by Marriott and the new Intercontinental Hotel. From 12pm to 2 pm, we will have all the vehicles on display and will present the podium awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in both classes. This event is open to the public with media in attendance.

Rebelles, we encourage you to invite sponsors, friends, and family to help celebrate your finish! We ask that you please keep your Team vests on during the entirety of the ceremony.

The festivities continue at 7pm until midnight with our awards gala held at the breathtaking Coasterra, an exceptional waterfront/on-water venue. We’ll celebrate in style under the stars overlooking the sparkling San Diego skyline where we’ll have dinner, dancing, final presentations, special recognitions and remaining awards, and video highlights from the rally. Black tie-optional, come dressed in whatever clothing makes you feel like a million bucks!

Team registration includes competitor entry into the gala, and additional tickets for friends, family, and sponsors at the price of $180 per ticket can be purchased here. The gala is a wonderful opportunity for friends, family, and sponsors to celebrate together! The deadline to purchase tickets is Monday, October 1st. Tickets purchased after October 1st are subject to an additional fee.

After a week of an epic desert adventure, we’re washing off the dust and celebrating as Rebelles know how – hope to see you there!

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DMOS Collective – Official 2018 Partner Story

We’re excited to announce DMOS Collective as an official 2018 Rebelle Rally sponsor. Woman-owned, made in Oregon, headquartered in Jackson Hole, and with fierce tough-times tackling ability, DMOS’ innovative designs began a pro-quality tool revolution back in 2015 when they reimagined the shovel. And they haven’t slowed down since. The built-to-last collection not only meets the demands of the outdoors, they make even the most challenging adventures more conquerable.

From their first product, a purpose-designed packable shovel, to now building even more tools by demand, CEO and founder Susan Pieper takes all products extremely seriously – with extensive testing in the field to boot.

“We started with just shovels, and although now we’re so much more than that, we take them just as seriously as we did on that very first day,” states Pieper. “Through a lot of getting our hands dirty in the elements, we’ve created a versatile shovel that fits a Rebelle competitor perfectly – literally. Lightweight, won’t break or rust, with a sizing to fit in the footwell or under seat, and built to withstand not only the rigors of the Rebelle but other outdoor adventures at hand — whether they involve snow, dirt, or all of the above. We’re thrilled to be involved with and supporting the Rebelle.”

As adventurous women off-road, we don’t take our shovel selection lightly! We can say firsthand, DMOS shovels have stood the rugged test of our 2018 course running and we find them absolutely Rebelle-worthy. Crafted strong enough for even the hardest digs. Next stop for our DMOS shovels? The 2018 Rebelle.

Learn more at DMOScollective.com and Rebelles, check your Competitor Zone NOW for your special Rebelle pricing!

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Honda R&D Americas Inc. Enters Vehicles in the 2018 Rebelle Rally – The Ultimate Proving Ground Competition

August 14, 2018 (Reno, NV) – Today the Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the U.S., announces Honda will be fielding two teams of Honda R&D Americas Inc. employees to compete in the rally this October. A ten-day automotive endurance event with eight days of competition, the Rebelle Rally is designed for manufacturer vehicles, not race cars, making it the ultimate product proving ground.

Honda is entering two vehicles in the Crossover (CUV) class – the 2019 Honda Pilot and 2018 Ridgeline. The CUV-specific course includes over 2,500 kilometers of a wide variety of terrain – from dirt roads, two-tracks, rocky washes, and massive sand dunes.  Both Honda vehicles will be mostly stock, with minimal modifications including skid plates, lights, and robust off-road tires.

“The vision of the Rebelle Rally was to create a serious testing platform for manufacturers, coupled with our tech backbone and challenging long distance course designed specifically for the vehicles we drive every day.  We are excited to welcome Honda’s teams of engineers and are looking forward to seeing the results from their program,” noted rally founder Emily Miller.

About the Rebelle Rally
Entering its third year, to date the Rebelle Rally has hosted competitors from 136 cities, 35 states/provinces, and 7 countries. The world-class event is the longest competitive off-road rally in the lower 48, and takes place October 11th – October 20th with a start in Lake Tahoe and finish in San Diego. It is a unique challenge and scoring system where precise navigation, not speed, is the ultimate goal. Participants trade in cell phones and GPSs for old-school navigation in a competition for the elements of time, distance, headings, and hidden checkpoints. Armed with just maps, compasses, and roadbooks, up to 50 teams of two will be pushed to their limits as they make their way across Nevada and California’s desert terrain.


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2018 Press and Social Media Recommendations

How do you make the most of your media on a rally that you can’t use your phone? We have great coverage planned this year, and have put together some simple recommendations to help make the most of your media for your team!


  • Visit our website frequently to stay updated on the Rebelle and get the latest news.
  • Sign up for our emails. Get Rebelle news directly to your inbox! You will receive our monthly newsletter, press releases, and also daily updates during the Rebelle.
  • Follow us on social media. We are social! Much of our news and info hits social media first, so stay in the loop by following us. We do our best to tag every person/team appropriately on social media, but we can’t tag you if we don’t know you exist on social media.
  • Create social media accounts for your team. The best way to update your friends, family, sponsors, and fans on your Rebelle Rally progress is creating team social media accounts. Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. is up to you, but keep in mind how much you can actually manage and what platform/s work best for your audience.
  • Designate a social media manager to update your social media accounts while you are on the rally. Give them access to your personal accounts or your team accounts so they may post on your behalf while you are on digital detox. If they have access, they will also be notified (depending on your privacy settings) when you are tagged in one of our posts, and can then share/retweet/repost. Make sure they are familiar with whichever platforms you are posting on.
  • Send us your Team Tuesday questionnaire. Every Tuesday we feature a Rebelle team on our blog and social media. This is a great way for our audience and yours to get to know you! You can also send your potential sponsors the link to your Team Tuesday profile so they can see you on a Rebelle platform. This also helps us when we pitch stories to media. They better we get to know you, the better we can tell your stories.
  • Pitch your own press. We encourage your team to go after your own press! Research the local newspaper or TV station’s “human interest” or sports reporter, and pitch your team’s story. Remember, there’s nothing like the Rebelle in the nation, and the fact your team’s town/city is being represented in it is a great story already. Don’t forget to point out in your pitch viewers/readers can track your team live on our website! You can also suggest a post-rally interview as a follow-up, so viewers/readers can see how you finished, your thoughts on the rally, and wrap up your story.
    • Please note, we are not your personal publicist! We may or may not contact regional media in your area with your team’s story, and will be in touch with you should things progress into a story/interview.
  • Buy a Rebelle Rally Photo Package. Get stunning images of your team from the rally from our world-class photographers. The photo package images are rights-cleared for personal and commercial use and can be used in a number of ways. Purchasing a photo package means your team’s photo manager will receive access to a selection of our photographer’s daily photos during the rally. You can find all the photo package information in the Competitor Zone of the Website.
  • Send in your Team Bio info. A few weeks leading up to the rally and during the rally, we post everyone’s Team Bio info so people following the rally can get to know the teams. This information exists on our website, and we often link to it on our blogs and daily updates. This is a great place for sponsor shout outs. The Team Bio questionnaire link will be available September 10th.  And like Team Tuesdays, the better we get to know you, the better we can tell your stories and pitch them to press.


  • Ensure your family, friends, fans, and sponsors are signed up for the newsletter.  During the rally, we send out a daily update to this database. It includes a press update, course and terrain description, special stories, standings, images, video, and links. You can sign up for our newsletter at http://rebellerally.com/emailsignup.
  • Provide your social media manager’s email address at Tech Inspection. At Tech Inspection we will have a station for you to provide your social media manager’s email. They will receive a special press release daily during the rally with a link to that day’s photos, which they can then share with your sponsors or on your social media. Please make sure they add media@rebellerally.com to their address book so the emails don’t just go to the junk mail folder.
  • Direct your fans to follow your team at rebellerally.com/live. On the Live page, people can live track your team, check the scores, look at team bios, read the daily updates, or visit our blog. Have them bookmark this page during the rally!
  • Download the YB Races App. While your fans can live track your team on our website, they can also do it on their phones. Have them download the YB Races app (available for iOS and Android), and search for Rebelle Rally. The tracking will be available by competition day, and will usually appear on the app on the day it goes live. Your fans or social media manager can track your progress, take screenshots, and update others to your progress.
  • Onsite press. We will have media onsite during the rally that may approach you during the competition for interviews and images. All media onsite has been cleared by the rally, meaning they are from an accredited, approved media source.
    • If you have a media outlet interested in covering your team onsite during the rally, please contact Kirsten Tiegen: media@rebellerally.com, and she will be in contact with the media person directly to complete a media application and media approval process.
  • Do an interview during the rally. If an outlet is interested in interviewing your team during the rally, we can facilitate this via Skype, telephone, and other ways of communication. This will need to be scheduled ahead of time to ensure team is available at Base Camp (i.e. a mid-afternoon interview would not be possible given team would still be on course at that time and not at Base Camp).
  • Send media requests to us. If an accredited outlet is interested in rights-cleared images specifically of your team during the rally, please provide Kirsten’s contact information to them and she will facilitate.
  • Have your fans and social media manager follow us on social. If your fans want to know your progress during the rally, have them follow our social media! We post multiple times a day on all platforms (Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram, Instagram stories, Twitter, and YouTube). They may not be able to catch up with you in person, but they can potentially catch a glimpse of you on our social!
  • Get notified when we make a social media post. We get it – there’s a lot going on your social media feed. During the rally, opt to get notifications when we post so you can stay up-to-date on rally news.
    • On Facebook: Go to the top of our page (com/rebellerally) and tap the “Follow/Following” button. From there you can opt to get notifications when we make a post, or to see our posts first in your feed. You can opt to do both, either, or none, and you can change this at any time.
    • On Instagram: Go to our profile (@rebellerally) and follow us. Then tap the three dots in the top right corner. At the bottom of the options should be “Turn on Post Notifications”. Tap to turn on. These can be turned off at any time.
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    • Facebook: Go to your Facebook settings, and then click on “Timeline and Tagging” on the left side to change your options. You can set the audience of who can see the post, or whether you require review before the tags appear on Facebook.
    • Instagram: Go to your Instagram settings. You can set whether your profile is public or private (Account Privacy > Private Account), or whether you want photos you are tagged in to appear in your profile (Privacy & Security > Photos of You).
    • Twitter:
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    • On Mobile: Go to your Twitter settings and then go to “Privacy and Safety. Under “Tweets” there is a “Photo Tagging” option where you can set if anyone can tag you in photos or if only people you follow can tag you in photos.


  • Post-rally press. Once the rally ends, your story will live on. We may contact you after the final day for interview opportunities. If you have an accredited media outlet reaching out to you directly, we are more than happy to supply images and b-roll to the outlet.
  • Sign up for Google alerts for media on the Rebelle Rally. This is a great way for you to keep track of Rebelle media, and use in a recap report to your sponsors. And make sure to read each and every article – you never know when and where your team may be mentioned or pictured!
  • Research media numbers to present with your recap. Sponsors and potential sponsors like to see numbers. Dress them up in a report to show how much of an impact their sponsorship has made/will make.
  • Stay up-to-date with our social media. Here, we share media stories as they come in. Stay updated in case you missed one!
  • Use your images. If you’ve purchased the photo packages, these photos are your rights-cleared tools. Use them. Here are some ideas:
  • Print and send along to your sponsors as a thank you.
  • Email a folder of images to your sponsors and suggest they use in their next ad campaign.
  • Print and auction off at a post-rally fundraising party to help with registration costs.
    • Send them on to the media you previously pitched.
    • Use in your wrap up report to your sponsors.
    • Use as promotional tool for your next adventure.
    • Create postcards and send thank you notes to everyone that helped you Rebelle.

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Team Tuesday 2018: Penny & Thayer

A vehicle doesn’t just get us from Point A to Point B. For many, it’s their own customized experience. It also happens to be a great topic of conversation, and can bring people together bonded over a mutual admiration of design, power, and all of the above.  No matter your vehicle preference, we all know that feeling of meeting someone who shares a similar view of a well-crafted machine. Today’s Team Tuesday came together for that exact reason, specifically over their mutual love of all things Land Rover. Please welcome Team Anam Cara, #164: Penny Dale and Thayer Cook!

Penny is an interior designer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Originally from Saltspring Island, BC, she describes her hometown as a “little hippie island in the Southern Gulf” – it also happens to be the largest of the BC’s Southern Gulf Islands. Growing up on an island definitely did not deter Penny from seeing the world – in fact, she charged it.

You know that one adventure that changed your life? For Penny, it was two years ago when she traveled over 45,000 km driving from Vancouver to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. She crossed 15 countries, drove through some pretty incredible terrain, and met countless inspiring people. The lessons she learned? To embrace the unknown, and to say yes to new challenges, opportunities, and adventures. Penny has definitely taken that lesson next level, entering in the 2018 Rebelle!

Penny is super excited to be teaming up with Thayer and representing their daily drivers:

I reached out to Thayer via Instagram for her first-hand feedback on her vehicle and the rest is history. We each have at least one Discovery; she has the LR4 and a D2 and I have an LR3. The Discovery is an incredibly capable vehicle with a powerful V8 engine, great suspension, and a really comfortable interior – not to mention about a zillion cup holders which is great on long adventures down bumpy roads. Not only that, but it’s got great head room, which will be nice when we have rally helmets on. There’s also lots of room for gear, toddlers, or fur babies in the back! For us, it’s basically the perfect vehicle.”

Thayer moved around so much as a child that she can’t really name one specific place as a hometown, but does mention Vail, Crested Butte, and Newport Beach as leaving big impressions on her. She currently resides in Arvada, Colorado, where she is the mother of Irish Twins, who are 2 ½ and 3 ½. In fact, she counts her two daughters as her biggest adventures to date.

My daughters have taught me to see the world from a new perspective, and slow down and smell the roses. Also being a mom has changed my opinion about what is important in life – I now thrive off experiences, adventures, and spending time with those that matter.”

Gearing up for the Rebelle this fall, Thayer has always known she’s been quite competitive, and the minute she read about the Rebelle, she knew she was going to compete. Because if other women could do it, so could she!

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