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Team Tuesday 2019: Chris & Anna

Team Tuesday 2019: Chris & Anna


When your common denominator is a vehicle, you drive an FJ in the Rebelle. So is the case with today’s Team Tuesday, Chris Cole and Anna Loy! With a love of off-roading and adventure enthusiasm, they’re gearing up for their next skill test taking place this October.

Chris is originally from Estes Park, Colorado and now resides in Broomfield, Colorado. She’s an accountant and bookkeeper at Toytec Lifts in Denver. Chris and Anna met on the Facebook Colorado FJ Cruisers page as they both have Toyota FJs. Meeting in person last year at the NW Overland Rally, in July Anna asked Chris to be her navigator in the Rebelle. 

Chris already has a few memorable trips that stick out. One is an unforgettable trip in her 20s to Alaska where she experienced the land, people, and lifestyle. The experience was amazing. Getting ready her ultimate road trip in just four months, she’s not leaving home without coffee (we got you Chris), and her toothbrush. Although she’ll miss speaking with her daughter for ten days, she’s also competing in the Rebelle for her.

“I want to show my 13 year old daughter that her mom is a strong woman, and that I am ready for this new adventure that I am scared to death to try.”

Anna is from Diamond Bar, California, and now calls Las Vegas her residence. She keeps busy as a registered nurse, and when she’s not working you’ll find her off-roading, traveling, reading, and concert-going. 

This FJ enthusiast fell in love with off-roading a few years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. She discovered meeting a ton of great friends is one of the many perks of off-roading, along with exploring the outdoors like never before. Anna is now looking to push herself even more as an off-roader – hence her competing in the rally this year. 

“The Rebelle Rally is to me that other level of testing my off-roading skills and learning how to navigate out in the desert.  Going off-roading while trying to get from point A to point B is a challenge. I’m going for it full steam ahead!”

A self-proclaimed Toyota person, Anna describes her FJ as a “highly capable vehicle for most any terrain.” The vehicle  impresses her time and time again with what it can do off-road. 

We’re stoked to have Team #105 compete in their favorite vehicle this fall. And their passion for adventure and off-roading will definitely be fueled on the Rebelle!

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Team Tuesday 2019: Thayer & Penny

Don’t call it a comeback: Team Tuesday has returned with another fierce duo headed to the Rebelle this October!

Thayer Cook and Penny Dale are automotive-minded women, and met over Instagram via one common love – Land Rovers. Having competed last year together in Thayer’s LR4, they’re thrilled to get back into competition mode together in the dirt for the 2019 Rebelle Rally.

Thayer was born in Hawaiian Gardens, California and moved around quite a bit with her family growing up. She now calls Arvada, Colorado home. Thayer is a dedicated mom to two girls (a full time job!), loves to off-road in her spare time, and head off adventuring with her family.

She’s excited to use her skills from last year in this year’s competition – coming back better prepared and armed with her 2018 experience. Plus with her Land Rover, Thayer feels she’s in good hands. “Land Rovers are extremely capable off-road cars that often don’t get enough credit. ‘Monty’ (our third teammate) has a great ride, covers all kinds of terrain, holds everything imaginable, and hauls toddlers on top of that!”

Thayer feels their biggest challenge last year was the dunes – navigating and driving in them. So returning to tackle them is definitely on her to-do list!

Lastly, her favorite thing about the Rebelle? “No technology! And the lifelong friends you make.”

Penny’s hometown is Saltspring Island, BC Canada, and she currently resides in Vancouver where she is a registered Interior Designer. And Penny is just as big of a Land Rover fan as Thayer! Her passion for the vehicle stems from her experience driving them.  Like Thayer, she owns an LR4 and calls Land Rovers “incredibly capable and intuitive without aftermarket mods and equally as comfortable.” Penny also has a passion for off-road adventures (we don’t blame her), and you can also find her doing anything outdoors…at anytime!

Penny had an incredible time last year with her teammate, and mentioned she learned so much about both the competition, and herself. “It’s an incredible challenge and environment to test yourself and grow. To do so with so many inspiring women is very special.”

The hardest part about last year’s rally? “Understanding we can’t know everything and learning to give yourself grace when you goof up.” And the best part according to Penny? “The camaraderie amidst the competition.” 

See you in the dirt, Team #164 Anam Cara!

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Rebelle Rally Announces 2019 Partnership with AIRAID


May 1, 2019 (Reno, NV) – Today, the Rebelle Rally announced aftermarket industry leader AIRAID as a 2019 premier sponsor.  The event is set to take place October 10-19, 2019. The competition is the longest competitive off-road rally in the lower 48, and the first navigational off-road rally for women in the U.S.

AIRAID, a name synonymous with power and performance in automotive for over twenty years, includes a lineup of well-crafted, dependable products for anyone’s “third teammate” – their vehicle. While the company may have a new look, their products retain their known reliability and steadfast improvement to the oxygen our vehicles literally breathe. The mission of AIRAID and their commitment to possibilities in off-road adventure, sport and beyond, align with the rally’s core concept of pushing limits.

“We believe in everything the Rebelle stands for. It is a top-notch competition that provides a platform for our products to be put to the ultimate test. It’s the perfect combination of performance and adventure showcasing the AIRAID advantage,” said Steven duBois, AIRAID’s Brand Manager. “Like the Rebelle community, we are passionate about exploration. We live to ungoogle our minds and find those paths that often make us feel uncomfortable in unchartered waters, this is when we feel alive the most. It’s called living.”

The 2019 Rebelle Rally will start with technical inspection at Lake Tahoe, traverse 8 days of competition across Nevada and California concluding in the sand dunes of Glamis with closing ceremonies in San Diego. Up to 50 teams are expected to compete and the company also plans to field a team in their custom-built AIRAID Jeep Rubicon.

“Rebelles rely on companies that consistently build durable, dependable equipment combined with proven performance. We align with partners that practice what they preach, live adventure, and believe in women pushing and breaking barriers. We are beyond excited about our relationship with AIRAID,” explained Rebelle founder Emily Miller.

To learn more about AIRAID, log on to airaid.com.

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Team Tuesday 2019: Sarah & Jessica

Getting way too comfortable with being comfortable. Being told you can’t do that because you’re a girl. Two of the reasons we’re highlighting today’s 2019 Rebelle competitor duo. Kicking off this year’s Team Tuesday, please welcome two friends with a mutual love of doing difficult things together – Sarah Pfeifer and Jessica Depatie of Team #119 Artemis 4×4!

Sarah is from Orange County, CA where she is a cardiac registered nurse. When she’s not working, Sarah is most at home in the outdoors – including the mountains, beach, and deserts. She’s also a badass at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, archery, pistol shooting and loves learning how things work – including tearing apart and modifying her third Jeep.

She also loves traveling, and has some pretty incredible past adventures – with an epic honeymoon trekking through Patagonia with her husband at the top of her list. That also happened to involve an 80 km trek at (literally) the end of the world.

When Sarah was a kid, hearing people say “you can’t do that” would light a fire under her – especially if it was because she was a girl. And somewhere along the line, she started believing she couldn’t. Dealing with health issues as a teen also led her to accept doctors and illness would be her life. Then she reclaimed her health, and has been working on regaining that “you just watch me” attitude ever since.

“I thought I couldn’t climb mountains, and then I did. I thought I couldn’t make it through nursing school, and then I did. I thought I couldn’t travel the world, and then I did. All of these things were so terrifying, but I proved to myself that I was capable of SO much more than I thought. So when it came to the Rebelle my gut reaction was “I can’t.” Then I asked my gut “why not?” My gut didn’t have an answer. So here I am!”

Jessica currently resides in Sedona, Arizona where she’s the CMO and co-owner of The Ascension Lab – a fitness marketing company. Being a CMO, she spends a lot of time building her growth agency helping businesses in fitness expand their reach…which also sums up the common theme that brings all of her other favorite hobbies together: health, happiness, and service. 

So when she’s not helping others, Jessica loves to hike around her new town of Sedona, go rock hounding, practicing zero waster, and practice her map and compass navigation (she’s the navigator of the team), and go road-tripping with her husband.

Speaking of trips, one of her funnest happens to be with her Rebelle partner-in-crime Sarah and her husband. They all camped in the Canadian wilderness in  -40° for New Year’s Eve. Trekking through dense old growth forest packed with snow, Sarah and Jessica lead the way with map and compass, they brought in the year at the edge of a frozen lake huddled around a fire, sleeping in a shelter made from the trees and snow, and exercising some serious mental toughness.Jessica is competing this year because it evokes a special kind of fear response that, for her, usually means that if she does this – she’ll be a more aware, capable, and evolved woman on the other end of it.

“Today, I live by the mantra that “adversity introduces a [wo]man to [herself].” – Albert Einstein. When it makes sense for me, I make space for the activity that follows that special fear response. That’s been my signal to just go for it (even though I’d be way more comfortable watching from the sidelines.) It’s an opportunity for growth. I learn more about myself and the human experience.”

We look forward to welcoming these two challenge-seeking women in this year’s 2019 4×4 Rebelle roster!

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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication will return as the Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally.  Without TC, the Rebelle Rally would be a bumpy ride in more ways than one. We trust our vehicles and bodies to their insanely well-crafted equipment and their incredibly capable crew as our selected pool of media drivers. A huge thank you the entire crew for supporting us since Day One, and for taking our vehicles AND rally next level.



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Rebelle U Navigation Intensive Course

Join us for our Rebelle U all-navigation intensive course in our outdoor Southern California desert classroom in May. This is a rare opportunity you do not want to miss specifically tailored for not only the Rebelle Rally, but other vehicle-based adventures and rallies.

Days will be spent with founder Emily Miller and X-games Gold Medalist/Professional Navigator and Rebelle Head of Scoring Chrissie Beavis as they walk you through map reading, plotting heading and distances, compass reading, triangulation, roadbook reading, and other imperative navigation-based topics and exercises.

Partners and vehicles are not needed, and all levels are welcome. To learn more and sign up, visit http://bit.ly/RebelleUMayNavOW.

Reserve your spot now – this opportunity may not happen again!

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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2018 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication – The name synonymous with premium suspension parts. It’s common to hear people say TC is like a magic carpet ride. And that’s one ride we don’t mind taking. Watch to see why we rely on TOTAL CHAOS products, and their people, 365 days a year.

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2019 Rebelle Roadmap, Tips, & Advice

We know joining the Rebelle isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve laid out a step by step guide for you on how to get there and some tips and advice to consider along the way!

Here are our suggestions for getting rally-ready:

  • Read the rulebook.
  • Read the FAQs.
  • Secure your spot.  Dive in & REGISTER.
  • Find a great teammate – someone with similar goals.  (A sense of humor is a plus!)
  • Identify a vehicle.
    • Your own?
    • Want to Rent? – Rally in a fully Rebelle-prepared Jeep Rubicon via dependable provider – Barlow’s.
  • If necessary, raise funds.  Be honest with yourself & ask:
    • Am I a marketer or influencer for companies?  Try sponsorship.
    • Am I a hard worker?  Use your skills and maximize your earning potential.  Try Uber or Lyft!  We have several success stories.
    • Am I an Entrepreneur?  Grab the white board and get creative…
    • Am I a fundraiser?  Party planner?  Start a GoFundMe. Throw a bash. (Check with your accountant or legal advisor for key advice and questions.)
  • Train.
    • Read our Compete Page for a list of skills to know and practice.
    • Check for Rebelle U training courses, contact your local 4×4 club, search for 4wheel drive training courses near you.  For navigation, follow the Rebelle Rally online navigation course with exercises in the password protected portion of  our Competitor Zone.  Check REI for an outdoor map and compass class for excellent basic understanding.  Contact a local orienteering club.
    • Secure and prepare your required items – outlined in the rulebook & Compete Page.
  • Have you got spirit?  Select your designated non-profit organization for the chance to win the Team Spirit $5000 cash award.
  • International teams – check the rulebook and select your non-profit for the opportunity to win $2,500 in your team’s name.

Ready for the competition? Here’s some tips: 

  • To be the best teammate, work to be the best you can be at your role.
  • Have reasonable expectations.  If you have never participated in the Rebelle, you can’t expect to be an expert at it – the pace, format, and challenge.  To learn how to win, you must first learn how to finish.
  • The Rebelle is about being self sufficient and at the same time, a good teammate. Read all the rules, do your research, and don’t just turn to social media or someone else to answer questions or do the work for you.  It will bite you in the competition.
  • Don’t overpack.  Excess will get in your way, frustrate you, and slow you down.  BUT, if an item is EXTREMELY important, bring more than 1.
  • Sleep when you can, and sleep well.  Pack a very comfortable sleeping pad, bag, tent, and pillow. 
  • Pack efficiently with easy to transport bags/containers.
  • Don’t use key gear for the first time on the rally.  Practice with it early – MAXTRAX, shovels, navigation equipment, external odometers, etc.
  • People tend to practice what they are best at, not at what they struggle with.  Read the basic and intermediate navigation skills in the online navigation training.  Rate your ability for each skill on a scale of 1-5, and sharpen your weaker skills.
  • Understand triangulation and know how to execute in the field.
  • While driving and navigating are the fundamental skills, the difficulty is performing when tired, frustrated, hungry, lost, etc.  Be prepared to discover some things that surprise you about yourself – both positive and negative.  It is a great opportunity to grow.
  • Someone will make the first mistake, if it isn’t you, go easy because you will make one too.
  • Know how to do your teammate’s job, NOT to criticize or critique, but to be a safe and effective partner.
  • Remember that respect for your teammate and humor go a long way.  Keep the challenge in perspective.
  • Afraid to fail?   Evaluate what you define as failure and consider a new definition.  Not all mistakes are failures, but a chance to learn and apply experience.  Learn from every mistake and apply it to the next checkpoint or day.  And then LET IT GO.
  • Remember, “If it were easy, everyone would do it!”

Still got questions? Email us at info@rebellerally.com and we’d be happy to answer them!

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Hoehn Adventures – Presenting Sponsor Video of the 2018 Rebelle Rally


Hoehn Adventures has been our dedicated partner since the inception of the Rebelle Rally. For the Hoehns, their journey with their vehicles is not just professional – it’s personal. Cars are in their blood, and adventuring in them is imprinted in their DNA.

With over 80 years of car dealership experience, their world-class service is backed by a family and crew of staff that truly walks the walk. Watch and learn more about the story of Hoehn Adventures from the Rebelle Rally.

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Rebelle Rally: The Ultimate Authentic Proving Ground

We refer to the Rebelle Rally as the ultimate authentic proving ground for people, products, and vehicles.
That is not an outcome of the event…an after the fact observation. We built it that way from the start.

The Rebelle Rally is a world-class competition and that is our core. But we believe in not wasting a single opportunity, from gathering the incredible stories that happen to get to the starting line, to the breathtaking content that happens on course, to gathering the impressions and data that help companies win each and every day. And not only do the competitors put themselves, cars, trucks and gear to the test, our entire staff comes from multiple professions that demand excellence in the gear we use, and we appreciate and understand the product development process.

Personal impressions and experience are critical over days, demands, weather, altitude, and more. However, to back our mission, we went a step further and partnered with Mapbox to plug in the tech that allows vehicle manufacturers and companies who desire to see their data in a way that allows them to make the most informed decisions possible. Yes, the ultimate proving ground that not only is proof of durability, reliability, function, and performance, but the data capabilities that are so critical for decision making. And we have only begun to scratch the surface. This is the Rebelle.

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