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Rebelle Rally Field Update: Day 2

Diamondfield Loop

October 14, 2018

Rebelles got a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, as the route for Day 2 both started and ended in Diamondfield, meaning that they did not have to pack up their gear for the day. Day 2 started with a 36-kilometer Rebelle Enduro Challenge (REC); considerably shorter than the REC on Day 1. The terrain was smooth and winding as the road went west past Goldfield across Highway 95. Teams were broken into three groups, which limited the ability to play follow-the-leader on the course and forced competitors to rely on their navigation skills.

The route went through the colorfully named Monkey Face Canyon on their way to the mining town of Silver Peak. The area around Silver Peak has been hammered by flash floods over the past six months, requiring the course crew to change the route last month after smooth graded roads were reduced to boulder fields. After more flooding last week, there were rain ruts and washouts that required careful attention. The final CPs of the day were located on Alkali Dry Lake Bed, southeast of Tonopah. The rain made the lakebed a little less dry, but all the teams made it safely back to the Diamondfield Base Camp for Drew Deckman’s take on Taco Tuesday, which included ceviche with shrimp graciously provided by Del Pacifico Seafood. Fair trade certified wild Mexican shrimp from the Pacific Ocean, the Rebelles were fed well tonight!

In the 4×4 Class, Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe (Team #140) posted the best score of the day to take a slim lead of three points in the overall standings over 2017 winners Team Blondetourage #125 (Teralin Petereit/Kaleigh Hotchkiss). After a strong showing for the day, Team 4 Corners #129 (Nena Barlow/Chris Mayne) and Team Clearwater Design #115 (Michelle Laframboise/Elise Racette) are in a tie for third place in the overall standings. In the Crossover Class, Team Hoehn Porsche #202 (Sandy Conner/Lisa Wolford) posted the best score for Day 2, giving them a slight margin over Team Artemis #206 (Marty Lawrence/Kate Lundin) in the overall Crossover standings.

On Day 3 the teams will get their first taste of the sand dunes en route to the China Ranch Date Farm for the first half of the marathon stage. Team Desert Dreamers #208 (Ariel Jen/ Melanie Morimoto) will be the first off the line at 7 AM PDT in their Bone Stock Honda Pilot. You can track the teams in realtime here.

Daily Tech Tip – What Is A Marathon Stage?

A Marathon Stage takes place over two days with minimal outside support (only fueling is allowed). The teams are required to carry all of their own camping gear and cook for themselves, without the luxuries of Base Camp, which include mechanics, showers, and bathrooms. Mountain House freeze dried meals and MREs will substitute for Drew Deckman’s cuisine.

Sponsor Highlight – Corkcicle

Corkcicle is a fan favorite amongst Rebelles and staff. Since 2017, we’ve counted on the triple-insulated canteens to do everything from keeping our coffee hot in the mountains, to keeping our water cold in the dunes. They also help us minimize trash on the rally, keeping plastic out of our oceans and landfills. Rebelles have also found some creative ways to make use of the sleek, easy grip design that does it all — including a make-shift radiator replenisher and a source of hot water quickly on the go. We interviewed Corkcicle Founder Stephen Bruner last year to find out how he got started, and how his knack for innovation is bringing the refined to our rough at the Rebelle. Check out our throwback interview here, and our go-to Corkcicle choice here (cupholder friendly included).

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Rebelle Rally Field Update: Day 1

Kingston to Diamondfield

October 13, 2018

Rebelle Rally competitors departed Kingston, Nevada this morning after a chilly night camping at Miles End Lodge Bed and Breakfast. The course took them through Monitor Valley and past the iconic Diana’s Punchbowl. Also called the Devil’s Cauldron, this geothermal hot spring is the result of a fault where the earth’s crust has sunk into a cup shaped depression. The uplifted dome around Diana’s Punchbowl is approximately 50 feet across and 600 feet high, making it an excellent vantage point to get their bearings for the navigation that is the foundation of the Rebelle Rally.

The first scored day of competition then got serious in a hurry, with a 63-mile long Rebelle Enduro Challenge. Held on publics roads on a Saturday, teams not only had to manage their speed and time, but also contend with ranchers with horse trailers on the narrow mountain backroads. The stage was won by defending Rebelle champions Kaleigh Hotchkiss and Teralin Petereit (Team Blondetourage #125), who sit just one point ahead of Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe (Team #140). The highest placing rookie team is Team Jeep Thrills #177. The mother and daughter team of Christine and Emily Benzie are in fifth place after Day 1.

Both the 4×4 and Crossover classes serve as the ultimate proving ground for vehicle manufactures and aftermarket parts builders as well. Marty Lawrence and Kate Lundin (Team Artemis #206) lead the Crossover Class in their Subaru Outback, ahead of rookies Emily Winslow and Alicia Farrar (Team Naviguessers #210) and Ariel Jen and Lili Melikian (Team Desert Dreamers #208) in their Honda Pilot. The Crossover Class boasts twice as many competitors in 2018 than the prior year, ensuring a battle will play out over the next seven days of competition.

The day ended at the tiny mining town of Diamondfield, east of Goldfield. The Base Camp contained a remote fueling truck, repair station, mobile showers and bathrooms, and dinner prepared by Michelin star chef Drew Deckman. The competition is certain to become even more intense tomorrow as the course heads across dry lake beds and over narrow mountain passes on the way to Silver Peak, Nevada.

Daily Tech Tip- What Is A Rebelle Enduro Challenge (REC)?

RECs are precision driving sections that involve a set route with an assigned start time and assigned target average speed through the route. Participants use a roadbook common to rally raid events, such as Dakar, to navigate to the next Green CP while trying to maintain a designated average speed. The goal of competitors is to follow the route and maintain assigned target speeds as closely as possible, points are awarded for being “on time” at each time control. Learn more about RECs here.

Sponsor Highlight- Tepui Tents

Ever arrive in camp after dark? Or can’t find a clear, level spot to set up a tent? These issues are a thing of the past with the addition of a Tepui roof top tent. Tepui makes premium rooftop tents and specialized outdoor equipment for a more secure and comfortable way to get the most out of every adventure. Every Tepui tent is purpose-built, made with the highest quality materials, and designed to withstand the roughest weather and toughest conditions. “Our true-blue passion for rooftop camping continually drives us to innovate and adapt.”

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Meet Nizhoni Ranch Gallery – Base Camp 1 Sponsor!

Hoehn Adventures vehicles are head turners. Not only because of their vehicle name brands, but also because of their eye catching vehicle wraps. Yes, these iconic brands of Land Rover and Porsche being piloted by confident, capable women, but the vehicles are wrapped in a head-turning design that has a story much deeper than a beer graphic.

Enter Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, who work with Navajo female master weavers to create the beautiful designs that you see – respecting and proving the culture and heritage of female master weavers who are true artists. The Navajo rug is unique in weaving technique to any other rug and cannot be replicated – it is the only most prized Indigenous Navajo Weaving in North America. A “world class modest operation,” the gallery has been in business for 45 years and going strong.  They take pride in what they’re doing, and it shows.

A huge thank you Nizhoni for co-sponsoring our very first 2018 basecamp! For more on the gallery and the exquisite pieces, visit their website or better yet – meet them in person at their gallery in a Ranch House located in Southern Arizona – south of Tucson.

Meet Nizhoni Ranch Gallery – Base Camp 1 Sponsor!2018-10-13T03:44:19-07:00

Meet DMOS Collective Founder Susan Pieper

Today’s Basecamp is brought to you by two woman-owned businesses. And we’d like to introduce you to our first one, DMOS Collective.

The Rebelle is all about self sufficiency and skills. It’s about having the right tools, and knowing how to use them. But as we know, sometimes people can go overboard. That’s why we keep it simple. A reliable tire compressor, tools we know how to use (don’t forget duct tape zip ties, and hose clamps), a set of MAXTRAX, a power pack for jumpstarting when a second vehicle is no where to be found, and of course – a collapsible shove.

We couldn’t be more excited to find a shovel company that is purpose built, innovative, and woman – owned. Not only does DMOS founder Susan Pieper pose a never-give-up, positive spirit just like a Rebelle, she is a Rebelle: Team #178 – Teton Drift: The Fast and Luxurious.  DMOS is not just another simple SKU in a big company’s catalog. They are all about creating, and are product-specialists who live and breathe design and delivering great products for those who need it. We caught up with Susan to find out the brilliance behind DMOS:

DMOS Collective – what’s in a name?

My Company DMOS is all about empowering big experiences in extreme conditions. If you’ve ever been out there and gotten stuck, you know how bad it is not to have a shovel. Existing shovels are either too small and are short-shafted making digging unpleasant or they are too dumb, heavy, and awkward to stow so that they are not something you want to own. DMOS has turned shovels into your essential gear that you want to own and carry with you that allows you to “Do My Own Stuff.” We are all about empowering you by giving you the right tool.

You’re a young company (est. 2015) that has morphed quite a bit in a short amount of time. What have you learned in the transition from now being so much more than just a shovel?

I’ve learned that a small idea which resonates with people can grow into a big idea quickly! And, that that takes tremendous perseverance, persistence, and will power to see through. We had one product in 2015, launched our second in 2016, moved production from China onshore to the United States in 2017, have currently 6 different shovel models on the market today and are in the process of making vehicle mounts, kits, and storage cases. Our dream is to allow you to explore more by having the right tools and storage for your car, truck, RV, camper, snowmobile, ATV, etc.

Why is a DMOS shovel such a vital tool to empower big adventures in the outdoors?

Have you ever been stuck? Because, if you have, you’ll know that a shovel is your first, most basic tool to getting unstuck. Even without traction pads, if you can dig around your tires, you can always find rocks or sticks to use for traction and get unstuck saving you untold hours, expense, and just a delay in having the adventure you seek. We aim to keep you moving, in style. Our shovel is also perfect for grooming your tent site and tending your campfire as well as making sure it is out. You never need to buy another shovel… you’ve got one that is for all season, all terrain types – how cool is that?

You have so many events to consider, why did you choose to support the Rebelle?

We wanted to support the Rebelle because we believe in getting out and after it and the Rebelle is 1200 kilometers of adventure for sure! We also love the idea that the Rebelle empowers women to be extremely competent offroad drivers and navigators and the empowerment piece of Rebelle fits us a brand. Plus the Rebelles do a lot of digging in sand and we know that they will appreciate having a great shovel tool (in awesome colors!) which is what we’re about.

You shifted from being made overseas to made in the USA (Portland) What drove this decision?

We wanted to make the most quality tool you could own “buy once, buy the best” and we also wanted to shorten lead times to be able to bring products to market faster. We accomplished both of these things by vertically aligning with Lit Workshop in Portland, Oregon, a Deming-inspired factory that manufactures all of our products. It was a bet the company change in 2017 but having just come from the factory last week, it was totally worth it. Our Safety Red shovel looks like a Ferrari and our Silver Streak is like a Porsche. The tolerances are perfect and we know that people will enjoy the ownership experience of these fine tools which really is the goal. We can’t wait to get your feedback!

Can you go into more details about DMOS Collective’s sensible design approach?

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism in design. I admire the work of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. DMOS’s shovels are built to be super functional, extremely durable (daresay unbreakable but someone can construct an way to break one, I’m sure), and compact. We do not use the extra weld in the corners because it’s unnecessary and allows a strap to be inserted in the wings so that you can secure the shovel to any pack or rack. We made the entire family of Alpha shovels and Stealth Pro all on the same platform as the Stealth as the Stealth is already perfect. Now that we’re in development on our new Delta shovel, it’s really challenging us to evolve the minimalistic design into a new product family that still is DMOS. Stay tuned!

Lastly, any words of wisdom for entrepreneurial, adventurous women?

GO FOR IT! I can honestly say that the journey of building DMOS is one that is making me into a better version of myself: more compassionate, faithful, persistent, and resilient. No, it’s not easy, but neither is the Rebelle! Yet both are about recognizing we only get one life so live your dreams and don’t hold back.

And this week only, Rebelle fans following the rally can order at 20% off using REBELLESDIG20 at dmoscollective.com – and just in time for Christmas!

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Rebelle Rally Field Update: Day 0

Teams departed The Village at Squaw Valley at 7 AM and headed east into the rising sun on Day 0 of the Rebelle Rally. Why not Day 1? First-year and experienced Rebelles alike were given the opportunity to get a feel for the start procedure, navigating via map and roadbook, and seeing what green and blue checkpoints look like. This mock prologue gives the teams the opportunity to be warmed up for the first day of competition. Note that we called the Rebelle Rally a competition, not a race. While a race is a type of competition, not every competition is a race. Success at the Rebelle Rally is determined by navigational accuracy, driving prowess, and time management.

Ten hours after departing, the 42 teams arrived in beautiful Kingston, Nevada by way of Kingston Canyon. Numerous water crossings and colorful aspen trees lined the canyon that opens into the Big Smokey Valley. Base Camp was established on the grounds of Miles End Lodge Bed & Breakfast, complete with a wood fired hot tub! Once arriving at Base Camp, each competitor was required to turn in their GPS-enabled devices (such as cell phones, laptops, etc.) for the duration of the event, as no GPS or outside assistance from staff is allowed on the Rebelle Rally.

After setting up their tents, each team was treated to a hearty meal of chili and jalapeno corn fritters. After dinner, Gary Kemp recited cowboy poetry around the campfire. This Nevada tradition shows the softer, artistic side of the cowboy culture that defines this region.

Tomorrow morning the competition officially starts, with Rachel Ridenour and Taylor Pawley – Team Record The Journey (#103) first off the line at 7 AM Pacific.

Daily Tech Tip – What Are CPs?

Rebelle checkpoints (CPs) follow the same color scheme as snow ski runs, with green, blue, and black CPs. “The format rewards those who take risks,” Rebelle Founder Emily Miller explained. The green checkpoints are the easiest, marked by a staff member and a large green flag. The green CPs are worth the most points and are mandatory for all teams. Blue CPs are optional and more difficult to find, marked only by a small stake or flag in the ground. Most difficult to locate are black CPs, which have no visible marker on the ground. The closer teams are to black CPs when they signal their tracker, the more points they receive.


Sponsor Spotlight: DMOS Collective

We couldn’t be more excited to find a shovel company that is purpose built, innovative, and woman-owned. Not only does DMOS founder Susan Pieper pose a never-give-up, positive spirit just like a Rebelle, she is a Rebelle, competing as Team Teton Drift (#178). DMOS is not just another simple SKU in a big company’s catalog. They are all about creating – they are product-specialists who live and breathe design, delivering great products for those who need it.

And this week only, Rebelle fans following the rally can get 20% off with the code REBELLEDIG20 – and just in time for Christmas!

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Rev Up For The Rebelle Rally

Teams from around the globe have descended on The Village at Squaw Valley near the iconic Lake Tahoe to take part in the third annual Rebelle Rally. This driving and navigation rally spans over ten days and over 1,600 miles across an all-new, uncharted course through Nevada and California, culminating with competition finish in Southern California. Teams then transfer to San Diego for a public awards podium at historic Lane Field followed by a ticketed awards gala to celebrate. Before the teams hit the dirt, rally school and technical inspections take place at Squaw Valley to distribute satellite phones, apply team numbers, and install the Yellow Brick tracers that allow live tracking of team positions on course (www.rebellerally.com/live-tracking). Live tracking begins Friday, October 12th.

This year, we have the largest field to date, and with a Crossover class doubled in size since 2017. The forty-three teams are split between the 4×4 and Crossover classes, as well as special designations for Bone Stock, 4030, and International Cup. 4030 is a nod to 40 is the new 30, and is designated for vehicles over 40 years old. As the name implies, the Bone Stock award is for the best finisher in a vehicle that is exactly as delivered from the factory. All parts must be OEM (Original Equipment Manu-facturer). No modifications are allowed beyond aftermarket wheels and tires. Manufacturer backed entries from Honda, Nissan, Jeep, Ram Trucks, and Porsche will all be vying for the coveted Bone Stock award.

The addition of passports, language barriers, and overseas logistics makes an already challenging rally even more so. The International Cup was designed to acknowledge and honor these teams. This year four teams from foreign countries are vying for the International Cup, with a donation made to the winners’ charity of choice. The International Cup requires that both teammates be non-US citizens (or hold dual citizenship) with at least one team member living abroad full time.

The Team Spirit Award is given to the team that displays the best attitude, helps others, and defines the Rebelle spirit, as selected by their fellow competitors and Rebelle Rally staff. It is searching for solutions, proving encouragement, and treating others with respect and enthusiasm, which ultimately results in fostering a spirited competitive climate. This team will have $2,500 donated to their selected charity in their name.

We are also excited to announce the latest addition to the Rebelle Rally; the Rookie of the Year Award. This is presented to the top scoring team amongst the 26 entries of first time Rebelles. Both team members must be competing in the Rebelle Rally for their first time, regardless of previous competition experience in other events, rallies, or races. One hardworking team will take home the trophy, a pair of Suunto winner watches, and some well-deserved bragging rights!

In addition, awards will also be presented this year for the daily stage winners in both the 4×4 and Crossover classes. Daily stage winners are the highest scoring teams in their respective classes for a given stage (typically one day of competition, except on marathon stages).

Team bios are live now at www.rebellerally.com/2018teams/

Daily Tech Tip – What are the differences in the classes?

The Rebelle Rally is designed for stock vehicles. Roll cages and modified vehicles are not required. There are two vehicle classes, with 37 4×4 entries and 6 Crossover entries:

4×4 – 4-wheel drive vehicles that have a two-speed transfer case (low range)
Examples: Jeep Wrangler, Pickup trucks with SUVs including Toyota Tacoma 4×4, Chevy Colorado, Land Rover / Range Rover

Crossover – Unibody construction and two-wheel or all-wheel drive (no low range)
Examples: Subaru Forrester/Outback, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, etc.

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Team Week 2018: Lindsey & Sarah

We love our Texas teams! Coming all the way from Houston for the Rebelle Rally is Team 176 – Escape The Paved. Meet Lindsey Hunter and Sarah Homer – two women whose homes were devastated by Hurricane Harvey last year. After spending the last year rebuilding their homes, they are more than ready to escape post-flood world of construction and head for dustier roads!

As neighbors in Houston, Lindsey and Sarah had an incredibly bonding experience after Hurricane Harvey flooded both of their homes. As the waters around them rose, they had no choice but to float their children to safety on pool floats. “Though flooding is an absolutely awful experience, I feel really blessed to have made such incredible bonds with my neighbors. Sarah heard about the Rebelle on a Baja trip. And the minute she started telling me about the Rebelle, I was hoping she’d ask me to do it with her. So my response was an instant yes!” explained Lindsey.

The oil and gas industry brought Lindsey and her husband to Texas, where she works as an engineer. She spent her youth outdoors in the only state bigger than Texas: Alaska. When asked what she anticipated as the biggest challenge of the Rebelle she confessed that it was, “Not obsessing over finding black checkpoints… I tend to be a perfectionist so I need remember to keep us on track to hit all the greens and blues!”

Sarah is a Nurse Practitioner who loves sewing, cooking, baking, and gardening. “Except laundry… I hate laundry,” she confessed. “I’ve been known to buy more socks to avoid sorting them.” While she is relatively new to the navigation aspect of the rally, Sarah said, “We can do anything if we set our minds to it. We survived Hurricane Harvey!’

The two will be piloting Sarah’s Ford Raptor, which is fresh out of being put through its paces at the Texas Raptor Run. Though it is her daily driver, the 450-horsepower twin turbo Raptor should definitely hold its own in the Bone Stock classification.

“For us the Rebelle Rally is a celebration of making it through the storm and learning to dance in the rain. We have had the trial of our lives and we are up for a new challenge, one of our choosing, and one that will be a helluva lot more FUN!”

Team Week 2018: Lindsey & Sarah2018-10-11T21:27:57-07:00

Team Week 2018: Sandy And Lisa

Few brands conjure up the image of performance and power like Porsche, so we are so excited to see the return of Team #202- Hoehn Porsche to the Rebelle Rally! Sandy Conner and Lisa Wolford placed second in the Crossover Class back in the inaugural rally in 2016, and they are looking to best that this year.

Sandy and Lisa met at Hoehn Motors. Lisa is the Finance Director at Hoehn Porsche and Sandy used to work at the dealership. She met her husband Sean there over 20 years ago, he is currently the General Manager at Hoehn Porsche.

“The Rebelle is a life changer for sure!” Sandy exclaims. “It gave me the gift of empowerment. I’ve always been strong willed and independent but being in the middle of nowhere with not a soul in sight, with two blown tires and only yourself, your teammate, a map and a compass to rely on. Yet finishing the day back at base camp nine hours later safe and sound knowing you made it happen is the definition of empowering.”

“I’m so incredibly grateful to be back at the Rebelle for a second time!” Lisa shared. “I’ve lobbied hard for the past two years to make this happen and I’m overwhelmed with joy and appreciation to have another turn in the driver’s seat for Team Hoehn Porsche!” Lisa just took up sailing, so those navigation skills she is honing at the Rebelle Rally will come in handy in the near future.

The team will be piloting a brand new V6-powered Porsche Cayenne in the Crossover Class. “The world really needs to know that this vehicle is meant for so much more than carpools and grocery store runs!” Sandy emphasized. “The Porsche Cayenne is an amazing machine and our most important teammate!”

Team Week 2018: Sandy And Lisa2018-10-11T04:58:30-07:00

Team Week 2018: Emme & Rebecca

Don’t let the laughter and smiles of Team 140 fool you. While Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe enjoy a good laugh, they are serious competitors who finished on the podium third last year and have their sights set on victory in 2018.

Emme is an automotive journalist fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper who appreciates the street cred she gets from her male colleagues when she tells them she competes in the Rebelle Rally. While she is competitive, Emme is also Zen about the rally. “I don’t like to know where we are in the standings, otherwise I’ll start second-guessing my choices, and wondering what the other teams are doing. In the Rebelle, as in life, basing your decisions on what you think other people are doing is not the best way to win.”

Rebecca is a television producer who’s resume includes introducing Jay Leno to navigation and other aspects of the Rebelle Rally. She says “I’m better at throwing away mistakes, better at moving forward with incomplete information, better at correcting course with new information and not holding onto decisions that no longer serve the best way forward,” as a result of competing in the Rebelle Rally. “I’m actually terrified of heights, the ocean and being lost. It’s why I learned to rock climb, surf and sail, and rally with no tech. My best bucket list items are based on some of my biggest fears.”

After piloting a pickup truck in 2017, this year the pair will be driving a brand-new Jeep Wrangler JL. As an automotive journalist we expect Emme to thoroughly put the Jeep through its paces, all in the name of product testing. “I have been on countless press trips that have had an off-road element to them, so that the journalists could write about how the vehicle performed in the dirt. The problem is that the off-road course is always set up by the manufacturer for guaranteed success,” Emme explained. “It’s not real-world testing. By putting a vehicle in the Rebelle, manufacturers get invaluable feedback as to how their vehicles perform off-road.”

Team Week 2018: Emme & Rebecca2018-10-10T16:42:42-07:00

Team Tuesday 2018: Christine & Isabelle

Les Blondes du Désert sont dans la place! Team #172, Christine Aiach and Isabelle Lopez, have traveled all the way from France to join the Rebelle. From handling overseas logistics to language barriers and taking efficient packing next level, they’ve started their own rally just to get here. And now that they’re here, we can’t wait to tell you about them. Bienvenue, Les Blondes du Désert!

Christine lives near Paris, about 35 km southwest in a small city in Seine et Marne. She loves living near Paris, and usually goes once a week to shop, dine, meet friends, go to the theater, and bicycle around the city of lights. She’s a retired university professor, and when she’s home, she loves to do any type of sport (swimming, walking, jogging) as well as read and be with her family – she has a son and a daughter with her husband, who is a real estate director. Together, they travel the world, and as often as possible in US. Christine first went to the US when she was 17, and since then she’s been in love with this country and it’s “beautiful nature.”

She considers her and Isabelle the “queens of shoveling,” and are now able to do it very quickly. Christine mentioned they know even in the worst moment, they find something funny to laugh with… making their team always strong.

“We are a very friendly team, we enjoy to drink a glass of wine or champagne after a hard day of shovel sand or changing a wheel or losing ourselves in the desert or what ever could happen during a day of rally, and we will be always happy to share our experience with the other Rebelles. We are a competitor team but we will help every team that we will meet on our road!”

Isabelle lives in the south of France near Beziers. She is married with two boys and previously worked in tourism. She now enjoys traveling often to Mauritius Island because her family has is both French and Mauritian, and they live in Mauritius few months in the year.

She met Christine on a beach in Mauritius Island 15 years ago, and the rest is history! Competing in two rallies together has bonded them with a strong understanding of one another, benevolence, and cohesion of the two into one solid adventure-loving duo.

“I want to share this new adventure on Rebelle Rally, always navigator and Christine, pilot. With her, I feel, she can pilot me around the world. We want discover and compete to new horizons to share more of joy and new experiences in your great country!”

Team Tuesday 2018: Christine & Isabelle2018-10-10T05:23:13-07:00