OCTOBER 6 – 15, 2022

2022 Photo Package



Our photo packages include professional images from top photographers working with us during the competition. These images are rights cleared for personal and commercial use. The Rebelle Rally owns the images and is granting the team (and its partners when applicable) the rights to use these images according to our terms.

The Rebelle offers two Photo Package options:

  • Option #1 Basic Package ($870): Guaranteed 20 professional images of you and/or vehicle during the event, to be delivered within fifteen business days post-rally.
  • Option #2 Premium Package ($1,575): Guaranteed 60 professional images of you and/or vehicle during the event, to be delivered within fifteen business days post-rally.


These images are cleared for personal AND commercial purposes. See personal and commercial use license definitions below. Images are not available in raw, unedited format. Please note we do not guarantee a certain amount of specific shot types (i.e. navigation, vehicle,++) for each team, and nor can we guarantee our photographers will be there at a certain/day moment that you’d like captured. If a team gets lost or is not on time, our photographers may not be able to get to the team that entire day. We also cannot guarantee more shots above and beyond the number listed in the packages. If you do not purchase a photo package, we may not have images of your team available for purchase at the end of the rally.

You may dedicate a social media manager that will receive a special daily update email that will include a link to daily photo galleries (low-res.) Daily galleries are for teams that purchased photo galleries only. They may include an image of your team BUT THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. General competition shots to tell the story and highlight images will be included in the gallery. Please provide the name and email address of your social media manager to Kirsten Tiegen at Tech Inspection who will add them to our distribution list. The daily update image galleries will not be available post-rally and are for use during the rally only. We provide these images as a courtesy to help your media manager promote your team during the rally.

Final, hi-res complete photo packages will be available fifteen business days post-rally. Every team will receive an online team image folder with a log-in/password pre-rally. Teams will choose their favorites based on the number of images included with their package. A download link will be available once your team has chosen your selects. If a team would like to choose images separately as part of a package they purchased together, please let us know in advance and divide the amount accordingly. If one teammate has purchased the entire package and is the only teammate designated to choose the images, also please let us know. We cannot guarantee that images available in the daily galleries will be in the final hi-res photo packages.

Personal Use:
When you download a photo file from the Rebelle Rally, you are buying a standard license that allows you to use the file for any personal purposes. This means you can use our content on personal websites (not a company website), social media, presentations, photo albums, physical prints, portfolios, and future sponsor decks.

Commercial Use:

A commercial license allows you to use the downloaded files for any of the following: Advertising, marketing and promotional materials, newspapers, magazines or books, product packaging, items for resale (posters, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, etc.), online print -on-demand products, electronic templates for resale: website template, brochure design template, e-greeting cards, etc.


Video B-roll packages are available on a very limited basis and must be reserved ahead of time and pre-purchased – contact us for more information. Competitors that are journalists with a specific story line in mind must work with the rally prior to the start to discuss details and expectations.

No matter what license you buy, you can never use Rebelle Rally content for: 

  • Use in any logo or trademark
  • Pornographic, obscene or libelous works


Purchase of team after the rally photos may be limited in availability and priced per image with a personal and/or commercial license option. Post-rally photo pricing:

$50 per photo for personal use ONLY
$170 per photo for personal AND commercial use

Please note our photographers are experts in their field and travel the world capturing images. While they are onsite to photograph teams, they are not your personal photographers. Please do not direct them on what shots to take – trust us, they know what looks the best and you will be happy with the results!

By purchasing you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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