Team Tuesday: Sedona & Leah

Happy Tuesday – one of the best days of the week in our opinion! Not only is today a Team Tuesday, but today kicks off our Rebelle Team Week where we will be featuring one of our incredible new teams every day! Teams this amazing cannot be contained on Tuesdays alone. 😉

Up first on our Team Week is Sedona Blinson and Leah Heffelfinger of Team Wild Grace, #106! While the name is a bit mysterious and leaves us wanting to learn more, for those who know Sedona and Leah, it sums them up perfectly. Piloting a Nissan Frontier PRO4X in the Rebelle, this dynamic duo is up for a wild ride – with a dash of grace, of course!

Sedona Blinson inspired us all last year. A young mom, she left the kiddos at home and challenged herself behind the wheel with lifelong best bud Maria guiding the way. She has clearly caught the rally bug and sees it as more than just a competition, but also a community where women learn about their own strengths and build each other up. A highlight for her has been taking the skills she learned on the Rebelle as well as training for it, and then her and her husband taking their boys on their own adventures. While she is most looking forward to getting back out on the course and being in the grind of it all again, she is also looking to push through her fear of driving in sand again.

“What brings me back for another year is the challenge to do better, as well as to bring along a new teammate who is jumping in and challenging herself in new ways.” –Sedona Blinson

Leah Heffelfinger hails from Paso Robles, but has transplanted to Flagstaff, Arizona where she spends her time adventuring with her family, sewing, mountain biking, and working on home/house projects. Although she has a young boy on her hands, that hasn’t stopped her from taking the family on adventuring through Alaska, or for seizing the opportunity to navigate Sedona in the Nissan Frontier through this year’s Rebelle. While she’s learning the finer points of plotting, she is most looking forward to the excitement of getting that first checkpoint with her determination to get her through the rest.

“The Rebelle represents a whole slew of emotions, goals, and nerves. Planning for it alone has been a challenge – I mean, purchasing a gala dress has taken my stress to a whole new level! Not to mention learning from scratch how to plot points, use a compass, change a tire, etc. I’ve never been so excited and yet so nervous about any moment(s) in my life, other than giving birth.” –Leah Heffelfinger