Team Tuesday 2019: Karen & Dana

How does it feel to compete in every single Rebelle since the inaugural 2016 competition? You’ll have to ask this next team in less than three months. Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten, two San Diego moms with a drive for adventure (literally) will be one of the “100% Rebelle” teams hitting the dirt with us for a fourth year in a row. If you don’t know them by now, we’ll take care of that in today’s Team Tuesday. Please welcome Karen and Dana!

Karen is from Del Mar, CA, and works in the auto industry. And to clear things up for all of you future Rebelles worried about digital detox – Karen is one of the many Rebelles who happily surrenders her phone and devices before getting ready to Rebelle! She actually mentioned its a bit daunting to turn the phone back on post-rally.

Karen is coming back to the Rebelle because it’s something that’s so different from what she does on a daily basis – challenging yet fun, and she adores the women that she meets on the rally. 

“I love everything about the Rebelle Rally. I hope to never miss a year. Dana and I really get along. It’s so much fun the first morning when the car is all packed up and we look at each other and crack up laughing. We know what we are in for and we equally love it. We truly look forward to the adventure every year.”

She’s also stoked on the course as the past scenery she traversed on the rally was nothing short of incredible, and can’t wait to see what Course Director Jimmy Lewis has cooked up.


Karen is nervous about the dunes (you’re not alone, Karen) but is bringing Dana’s Land Rover LR4, “Bella,” back for a fourth year in a row and knows she’s in good hands behind that dash. She’s also in good hands with her teammate as Dana purchased her a coffee machine that right works off of the vehicle! The extra caffeine literally at her disposal will make everything taste a little better.

Dana is from neighboring Encinitas, CA where she’s in the restaurant business. Dana’s up for the challenge ahead this fall which is why she’s competing (plus the good road trip part.) 

“I think it’s good to test one’s limits – physically and mentally. The Rebelle does both of those things in an unusual and fun way.”

She also loves being out in the middle of nowhere with the magnificent scenery of California and Nevada that she normally doesn’t see. 

Dana’s not so favorite part of the Rebelle are the Enduro Challenges. While her team improves every year, she stated it will be a long way to go before she’ll be comfortable doing them. And they have yet to change a tire yet on the rally, so she mentions they may be “due” this time around. 

And she’s not leaving home without her favorite pillow! The first year she forgot to pack one and asked to buy one from her hotel. They ended up giving it to her, and now its Dana’s “rally pillow.” And perhaps lucky pillow, too…we’ll be thinking of you during those Enduros, Dana! 


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Team Tuesday 2018: Karen & Dana

Third time’s a charm? We’ll have to wait until October to find out, but in the meantime, meet one of our Original Rebelle teams – having competed in the 2016, 2017, and soon the 2018 Rebelle! We actually feel like they need no introduction, so welcome back Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten!

Karen Hoehn’s hometown is San Diego, and she currently resides in lovely Del Mar, where she lives with her husband. Coming back for the third year in a row was never a question for Karen – the Rebelle is the most fun and challenging thing she has done, and competing again with Dana is just the icing on the cake.

Being part of an automotive family, Karen truly appreciates that the rally has taught her so much more about her car and driving in general. Plus every Rebelle she’s met a new group of lifelong friends that all have a common goal of not only adventure, but one where you put your fears aside.

“The Rebelle is out of the realm of things that I normally do. It can be very physical and by the end of the week competitors are tired. Driving sand dunes is still super challenging to me. I hope to do this rally every year for the rest of my life.”

When she’s not Rebelling, Karen let us in on a little known fact about herself – she was a disc jockey at a radio station in Southern Lebanon. She’s definitely traveled the world and experienced some pretty cool things. That said, we were curious to find out what three things she can’t live without while on the Rebelle? “My dear Navi, Dana; a fun, positive attitude; and a scarf.

“The Rebelle is like solving a big puzzle out in the desert. We have to use our brains and our grit. I love being around so many impressive women for 10 days and get a chance to hear their stories.”

Dana Saxten has lived in San Diego since 1984, and currently resides in the coastal community of Encinitas. She’s been in the restaurant business for 40 years, and can definitely fill you in on the best places to eat in San Diego and Hawaii!

Competing in the Rebelle twice so far has given Dana a lot of newfound confidence in herself. She mentioned, “As people get older, it’s easy to start to lose confidence and feel like you’re slipping out of the game.” But knowing she can compete in something as grueling and mentally challenging as the Rebelle makes her feel still very much a “player.” And we love hearing this!

Dana loves quilting, her teammate Karen’s laugh, and finding checkpoints on the Rebelle! She also adores the people on the Rebelle, and the challenge that comes with the competition.

“The challenge is both physical and mental. You have to prepare and take care of yourself physically and then you have to stay focused for many long hours during the day so you don’t miss a little instruction, a landmark…or an opportunity.”

We are stoked to have these Original Rebelles join us again this October – and we can’t wait to see who else returns to the rally!

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Team Tuesday: Karen & Dana

We want to call today’s Team Tuesday team two rad moms, but they are so much more than the bad-ass badges they earned at last year’s Rebelle Rally! Please welcome today’s dynamic Californian duo, Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten!


Karen currently resides in San Diego, CA where she raised two daughters (who also happen to off-road) and is “major-domo” to her husband. As part of the family owned and operated Hoehn Motors, Karen knows a thing or two about the automotive world.


When she’s not “Rebelle-ing,” Karen loves to travel (Africa being one of her favorite spots) free diving, skiing, and off-road driving. She’s also saving time to work on her team’s goal this year of figuring out the TSD (time-speed-distance) sections of the rally (which she’s also advising future teams to do the same!).


What are her must-have items after taking on one Rebelle and preparing for another? MAXTRAX, MAXTRAX, MAXTRAX, a great partner and a great scarf. Sounds like a great packing list to us!


“I loved spending time with my fabulous co-doggie Dana last year, and I am coming back for round two of the Rebelle because it’s just so much fun! “ – Karen Hoehn


Dana Saxten also resides in San Diego, CA…where she also happens to have a daughter who off-roads! As a restaurant business owner, Dana’s schedule is far from humdrum, and with two yellow labs added to the mix, she’s constantly on the move whether it’s business or walking and entertaining the pups!


Camping out under the stars and getting lost and found on backroads are two things Dana adores, along with sewing (making quilts tops the list), reading, and designing and decorating houses. And Dana’s definitely not leaving home this October without her pop-up tent, small camp stove for the Marathon Leg, and trusty headlamp!


Amongst her goals for this year and managing time better, improving navigation accuracy, improving their standing and laughing as much as they can! And her advice for future Rebelles? Just say YES!


“I’m back for more of the same! More friendship, more laughing, more toughness, more nature…and more surprises of course!” – Dana Saxten
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