Team Tuesday 2019: Karen & Dana

How does it feel to compete in every single Rebelle since the inaugural 2016 competition? You’ll have to ask this next team in less than three months. Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten, two San Diego moms with a drive for adventure (literally) will be one of the “100% Rebelle” teams hitting the dirt with us for a fourth year in a row. If you don’t know them by now, we’ll take care of that in today’s Team Tuesday. Please welcome Karen and Dana!

Karen is from Del Mar, CA, and works in the auto industry. And to clear things up for all of you future Rebelles worried about digital detox – Karen is one of the many Rebelles who happily surrenders her phone and devices before getting ready to Rebelle! She actually mentioned its a bit daunting to turn the phone back on post-rally.

Karen is coming back to the Rebelle because it’s something that’s so different from what she does on a daily basis – challenging yet fun, and she adores the women that she meets on the rally. 

“I love everything about the Rebelle Rally. I hope to never miss a year. Dana and I really get along. It’s so much fun the first morning when the car is all packed up and we look at each other and crack up laughing. We know what we are in for and we equally love it. We truly look forward to the adventure every year.”

She’s also stoked on the course as the past scenery she traversed on the rally was nothing short of incredible, and can’t wait to see what Course Director Jimmy Lewis has cooked up.


Karen is nervous about the dunes (you’re not alone, Karen) but is bringing Dana’s Land Rover LR4, “Bella,” back for a fourth year in a row and knows she’s in good hands behind that dash. She’s also in good hands with her teammate as Dana purchased her a coffee machine that right works off of the vehicle! The extra caffeine literally at her disposal will make everything taste a little better.

Dana is from neighboring Encinitas, CA where she’s in the restaurant business. Dana’s up for the challenge ahead this fall which is why she’s competing (plus the good road trip part.) 

“I think it’s good to test one’s limits – physically and mentally. The Rebelle does both of those things in an unusual and fun way.”

She also loves being out in the middle of nowhere with the magnificent scenery of California and Nevada that she normally doesn’t see. 

Dana’s not so favorite part of the Rebelle are the Enduro Challenges. While her team improves every year, she stated it will be a long way to go before she’ll be comfortable doing them. And they have yet to change a tire yet on the rally, so she mentions they may be “due” this time around. 

And she’s not leaving home without her favorite pillow! The first year she forgot to pack one and asked to buy one from her hotel. They ended up giving it to her, and now its Dana’s “rally pillow.” And perhaps lucky pillow, too…we’ll be thinking of you during those Enduros, Dana! 


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Team Tuesday: Lori & Jaimy

Hoehn Adventures is back with another incredible team in our Crossover class line-up….and their vehicle is no stranger to the Rebelle. The Jaguar F-PACE will be competing once again this year after a great run last year, and the women behind the dash are equally fantastic as their performance CUV – Jaimy Grigsby, Original Rebelle as driver of the F-PACE, and Lori Arterburn as navigator. With a shared appreciation of being active and adventurous, we’re excited to welcome this dynamic San Diego duo on today’s Team Tuesday!

Jaimy is a California native with a hometown of Oceanside and currently residing in Carlsbad, CA. Having worked for Hoehn Motors for six years as an Marketing Specialist, Jaimy knows a thing or two about automotive…but also knows how to balance it all with a love for bodysurfing, candlemaking, and yoga.

Jaimy’s life motto is “don’t quite your daydream,” and she stays true to that in her daily life. With her best adventure to-date visiting Portland with her boyfriend Garrett, Jaimy is coming back to the Rebelle looking forward to more memories, more shared laughs, and more stories she’ll be able to tell. And she won’t be leaving home without her essentials: a great pair of boots, French roast, and Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm!

She’s also super excited to compete with Lori by her aside. “I love Lori’s dedication to learning navigation. I can tell her heart is in this. And that tells me a lot about her. And I can’t wait to drive the F-PACE off-road again!”

Lori’s hometown is Akron, Ohio, and she also lives in Carlsbad, CA. Lori has been a Sales Specialist at Hoehn Jaguaar/Land Rover for over a year now, and is thrilled to become a first-time Rebelle with Hoehn Adventures next month!

When not drawing, painting, or out biking, Lori loves spending time with her family. One of her most memorable trips was taking her daughters to Europe last year – from exploring Italy’s cities to famed Barcelona and Mallorca, their girls’ trip was one for the books.

As she gets ready for a different sort of girls’ trip with us this October, Lori is approaching it with an attitude is everything mentality. “Always have a positive attitude and you can conquer anything.”

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Meet Karen Hoehn, Hoehn Adventures Co-Founder

Escaping the ordinary, Hoehn Adventures was born from a love of a grand adventure – or should we say, many adventures. Karen Hoehn, affectionately known as “Mama Hoehn,” is one of the driving forces behind the brand, who – through an evolving series of racing events across the world – seeks to inspire those who love the power of challenge and the joy of pushing the boundaries.

Our presenting sponsor for the second year in a row, Hoehn Adventures is sending four teams this year to compete in the Rebelle Rally – one of them with Karen Hoehn behind the wheel. From her love of the LR4 to athleticism in the sea to effortless ability to go from heels to wheels, Karen represents today’s woman – strong, passionate, and driven. We had a chance to catch up with her last week to find out the definition of Hoehn Adventures, what’s going on in Botswana, and how she’s earned her diving stripes.

First of all, what exactly is Hoehn Adventures?
In the past several years, we have been doing some extraordinary adventures with our Land Rover brand and Hoehn Motors. Both of my daughters Jo Hannah and Susanah competed in several rallies in Morocco in Land Rovers, we sponsored Denise Mueller’s successful attempt to be the World’s Fastest Woman on a Bicycle, (at 147.7 mph she cycled her bike behind a wind fairing attached to a Range Rover SVR,) and then of course having six Hoehn teams participate in the first ever Rebelle Rally last year. We realized we loved having this component to our company, so we camp up with the name “Hoehn Adventures.” It’s basically an arm of the company that supports and participates in great experiences using the brands of the cars that we sell.

Hoehn Motors is a 4th generation automotive dealership you’re quite familiar with. What’s the best thing about being part of a family-owned and operated business?
The best part about being a family-owned business is the personal touch to our employees and our customers. A large amount of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. We watched their families grow and they have watched ours grow.

You competed in the Rebelle Rally last year. What’s the next adventure you and the crew at Hoehn Adventures have up your sleeves?
Our next Hoehn Adventures is at the end of August. We are taking 13 customers to Botswana for a safari/driving experience in Land Rover Defenders. We will travel from the Southern border of Botswana to the Northern border. Our sleeping arrangements for the nine days will be popup tents on the roof of the Defenders. We should be in good shape; however, there will be five Rebelles on the trip, and we are also bringing our favorite piece of equipment – our set of MAXTRAX! (Editor’s note – Hoehn Adventures is on the move as we speak – check their blog for Botswana updates.)

Among other things, we hear you’re a great free-diver. Tell us more about how you picked up this hobby.
My husband Bob and I love the water. He’s a spear fisherman, and in the Bahamas (our favorite place to go,) you cannot take fish while wearing a scuba tank or using a spear gun. That means you need some good bottom time to get the fish while simply holding your breath. Bob wanted to increase his bottom time, so for his birthday one year, I have him a three-day training course with the then free diving champion, Pipin Ferraras. He loved it so much that over the years he trained with a few more champions. Even though I wasn’t taking lessons, I was in the water with them and I picked up some of the techniques. I am lucky that I can clear my ears without holding my nose, which helps immensely.

Your homebase is in San Diego, but if you could pick one other spot in the world to set your roots down, where would it be and why?
That would be Staniel Cay, Exumas. This is a small island in the Bahamas. We love it there and have been going for the last 32 years. We have friends on the island and a lovely routine to our day there. It’s all about water and it’s truly the most beautiful water in the world!

What’s your preferred daily driver?
My daily driver is a Land Rover LR4. Since I’ve joined the rally world, the LR4 has been the rally vehicle I have been driving. I have truly fallen in love with the car. They quit making the LR4 in 2016, so if I wanted one new, I had to jump in on it last year. I actually bought the last LR4 Hoehn Land Rover sold. Lucky me!

Lastly, any words of wisdom?
Hmm….wisdom. I guess it’s three things: “To be kind, to be kind, to be kind.” I don’t always achieve it, but it’s always worth striving for.


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Team Tuesday: Jo Hannah & Susie

Meet Jo Hannah Hoehn and Susie Saxten. These two may look familiar, having taken part in the Rebelle last year, and also having driven that very recognizable Hoehn Adventures Land Rover with the fabulous avocado wrap! Two very hard-working women who savor adventure, the outdoors, and a really good crossword puzzle, Jo Hannah and Susie are ready for round two of the Rebelle this October – let’s get to know them more in today’s Team Tuesday!

Jo Hannah is from and currently lives in beautiful Del Mar, CA. She works in the automotive industry as a car dealer, and has a great appreciation for free diving, yoga and pottery – all things she executes when she’s not busy selling Jaguars and Land Rovers! Jo Hannah and Susie have known each other since 7th grader, and when asked to pick a favorite thing about Susie, Jo Hannah “can’t just pick one thing,” but loves that Susie is an exceptional problem solver, and that they just understand each other.

Susie is from and resides in the charming beach town of Encinitas, CA. As a restaurateur, Susie knows business, but also knows how to balance it all — she spends her free time reading, running, and gardening. She also loves Jo Hannah’s sense of humor, with Jo Hannah’s Scottish accent topping the list! Susie’s excited to get back to the Rebelle because it’s like “trying to solve a giant, real life puzzle.” And she doesn’t mind the camping, either (her teammate Jo Hannah prefers to be clean).

Both Jo Hannah and Susie have traveled the world, but agree their best adventure to date was getting a chance to mentor and train with the other Hoehn Adventures teams for last year’s Rebelle, stating “It’s amazing to see the resilience and compassion that this type of event brings out in people.” (we concur).

Back for a second year in a row of the Rebelle, Jo Hannah and Susie can’t wait for the challenge – something they never shy away from. They love that the Rebelle is challenging on so many different levels, and breaks them away from their daily routines. The toughest part for the two last year was figuring out the pace and checkpoint strategy of each day, deciding which CPs to go for and which one to skip. And by far, for both of them the best part about last year’s Rebelle was getting to see and explore parts of the American Southwest (both weird and beautiful) that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Another reason they’re back? “The Rebelle is “ just addicting!”

The team will be bringing their must-have gear for 2017’s competition in the dirt – MAXTRAX, comfy sleeping pads for bother, zip ties, and a Yeti cooler.

We’re stoked to welcome back yet another pair of Original Rebelles to this year’s competition, and couldn’t agree more that Rebelle is addicting….October can’t come soon enough for both teams AND staff!
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WATCH – Hoehn Adventures 2016 Highlight Video

Hoehn Adventures, our Presenting sponsor, is stepping back up for 2017.  In 2016, the automotive group based in Carlsbad, CA, fielded 6 teams decked out in the official State of California icons.  Teams comprised of employees, customers, and Hoehn family took to the trails in 2 Land Rovers, a Honda Ridgeline, Mercedes G-Class, Porsche Cayenne, and the new Jaguar F-Pace.  As we all look forward to 2017, let’s look back at their video recap.

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