Team Tuesday 2019: Anna & Andrea

Better together? Passion and perseverance. Today’s Team Tuesday shares both qualities, and those grit factors led them to their Rebelle Rally return this year.

Anna Lewis (and her sweet FJ) is competing in her second Rebelle, and Andrea Shaffer is coming back for year three. The two met in 2017 during the rally while on separate teams, and came together naturally in 2019 to tackle unfinished business, and utilize their skills jointly as driver and navigator. With an appreciation for the outdoors and each other, we can’t wait to have this duo back in the dirt with us. So let’s welcome them back – but don’t call it a comeback!

Anna’s hometown is Elkins, Arkansas, and she currently resides in Turlock, California where she’s Technical Services Food Director for a food manufacturing company.

Anna loves to off-road in her spare time, along with gardening and doing crafts. And she’s competing this year with a sense of unfinished business. In 2017, she was learning to compete and “learn the ropes.” Now with one rally under her belt and knowing how to compete, this year is more about working hard together as a team.

Aside from the off-road and adventure part of the rally, Anna’s favorite thing about the Rebelle is the women and staff that are brought together for the event. “It is amazing to have that caliber of individuals all focused on one event. I also really loved seeing so many cool areas throughout the west.”

And she can’t wait to compete with Andrea.

“We met during the 2017 Rebelle Rally. My initial memory of Andrea was her hiking to a checkpoint in Dumont Dunes while her teammate was working on their vehicle. Her grit and determination to get as many points as possible even with adversity showed me what an awesome lady she is.”

Anna forsees her biggest challenge as time management, mentioning they’ll have to have a game plan for all situations. And she’s not leaving home without her FJ Cruiser, Hot Hands, and a great sleeping pad! 

Andrea was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV where she currently lives with her family. She multi-tasks with two jobs – stay-at-home mom, and vinyl business owner. Andrea also loves to camp, explore the outdoors with her husband and kids, and go bowling. She’s super excited to head back to the rally after a “year off,” calling it one of her best adventures to date.

“Anna and I met during the 2017 Rebelle Rally. We started talking again while stalking the 2018 Rebelle. We just clicked! And I’m excited to get back to the community that is the Rebelle. I love the family we become during the week, and even after.”

Andrea knows there may be a challenge in the fact that they’re a new to each other team, but is focusing on working together to do the best they can. An she’s not leaving home without her plotter, snacks, and map wheel! 

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Meet Steven duBois, Brand Manager of AIRAID – 2019 Rebelle Rally Premier Partner


2019 Rebelle Premier Partner AIRAID has had a pivotal role for 20+ years in the automotive aftermarket industry. Key factors? High quality products, a performance minded line-up, breathing new life into adventure, and a commitment to all of the above – thanks to the people behind the brand.

We recently sat down with Steven duBois, AIRAID Brand Manager, to discuss the new look fueled by passion, quality, style, and stoke. And if you’re curious about the benefits of having top quality intake systems and filters, this one’s for you. Steven let us in to why it’s in an automotive enthusiast’s best interest, and also gave us some great insight into how they’re taking that black and yellow next level this year. And perhaps this October as well..stay tuned.

Tell us about Airaid’s pivotal role of 20+ years in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Airaid has always strived to bring the highest quality products to the outdoor, off-road, and late model American muscle car enthusiasts. All Airaid products are made in the USA and designed with functionality, performance and quality in mind. Airaid is well known for their closed intake boxes which helps prolong the life of the filter, brings more aesthetic appeal, while also increasing the time between cleanings. Recently, Airaid has taken lead on advocating passion back into the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. People modify their cars because they see something more than just a vehicle that gets them from “A to B” and we want to highlight and build off of that notion with the support of partners and teams that are aligned with the passion that surrounds the automotive enthusiast.

The benefits of having top quality intake systems and filters are countless for a vehicle. Why?

It all starts with the filter. When you turn your key and crank the starter the engine is sucking filtered air in like a pump to mix with fuel for ignition. Making sure the air that goes in is clean is a no brainer, but how about the performance side? Let me paint a picture for you; You’re running a marathon, but all you get to breathe through is a small hose the size of a pencil. Will you suffocate? No, but you will definitely be strained and tired after the race. Now imaging midway through the race taking the hose and running normally with your nose and mouth for air. Much better right? That’s kind of what Airaid does, without affecting filtration by use of our Cotton and SynthamaxⓇ filter media.

And new products or innovations you’d like to let us in on?

Yellow Filters! Airaid is taking the “black and yellow” style to the next level!

We love the new look. Tell us about the message behind it.

In short, Passion, Quality and Style. We want our consumers to sense the passion behind the brand when they open and Airaid box and install it on their vehicle, and to be stoked on the quality of the product.

What’s the best part about working for a company like Airaid?

Again passion. While we are a business and sales is our focus, we never lose sight of the purpose of the message we bring to our consumers.

There are a ton of events to consider. Why the Rebelle?

We’re fans of Rebelle’s focus on female offroad and outdoor enthusiasts and love the idea of the Rally. Stay tuned for more on this subject.

As an automotive parts “connoisseur,” name three parts you believe every Rebelle should have in their competition vehicle?

Intake of course! Seriously though, such an easy affordable way to snag some more horsepower out of your vehicle.  And exhaust.  Also an easy way to gain performance and improve the sound of your vehicle.  Third, a winch. Probably one of the first purchases of any off roader out there!

Lastly, any words of wisdom?

Never forget your roots and the passions in life that you grew up with.



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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Enters the New Cullinan SUV in the 2019 Rebelle Rally


July 1, 2019 (Reno, NV) – Today, Rolls-Royce announced their participation in the 2019 Rebelle Rally. The company will showcase the new Cullinan SUV with experienced competitors and 2018 Rebelle Rally co-champions Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe at the helm.

This exciting entry will compete in the CUV Class – comprised of street legal vehicles with unibody construction and two-wheel or all-wheel drive with no transfer case. The Rebelle Rally is open to stock manufacturer vehicles, not tube chassis race cars. Past entries include stock Subarus, Honda Ridgelines,  the Honda Pilot, Jaguar F-PACE, and Porsche Cayennes. Once again the class will not disappoint this year, with a wide range of capable vehicles.

“We applaud Rolls-Royce for believing in the Rebelle Rally as a place to showcase the new Cullinan. We are truly excited about the wide variety of vehicles and teams that participate and prove their competence,” noted rally founder and director Emily Miller.

Original Rebelle and automotive journalist Jaclyn Trop wrote about the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in this month’s issue of Fortune Magazine. One well-said quote from the brand’s CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “It’s the first Rolls-Royce that looks better dirty.”

For the full announcement from Rolls-Royce, click here.

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June Newsletter – Course Surprises, AIRAID Offer, & 2019 Event Info!

In case you missed it, our June newsletter is full of exciting information for every Rebelle fan. Read on to find all about course surprises, how AIRAID leveled up their support, and details on our upcoming competition less than four months away!


A lot is in store for teams this October thanks to Course Director Jimmy Lewis, who has outdone himself on his fourth year as Course Director. Expect the unexpected as Jimmy and Emily find even more ways to challenge teams while showing breathtaking parts of the U.S. that mostly go unseen. We’re super excited to reveal to this year’s competitors the adventures in store.

The excitement will begin before the course; however, as we have our Tech Inspection once again in gorgeous Olympic Valley at Lake Tahoe. Set against the mountains, family, friends, and sponsors are welcome to send teams off with their support by joining us at the Squaw Valley Conference Center on Thursday, October 10th, and our Welcome Party that evening. This is the last chance to see the Rebelles as they will be out of all communications once they hand in their cell phones until San Diego!

And of course, we can’t call it the Rebelle Rally without finishing the competition in grand style. We will host our second annual daytime awards podium at Broadway Pier in San Diego at 12pm on Saturday, October 19th. Sponsors, friends, and family are welcome to join this public event by the water.

That evening, we’ll be trading in our wheels for heels at our always popular Rebellation gala at Coasterra, where we tell everyone to wear what makes them feel like a million bucks. This ticketed event – open to friends, family, and partners – is a way to celebrate competitors in their accomplishments along with dinner, dancing, and mingling under the stars and by the sea. Tickets go on sale August 1st.


We’re kicking off the first week of summer with some exciting news from the AIRAID team. AIRAID came onboard as a sponsor of the Rebelle Rally in May, and has just leveled up their support of competitors with an impactul offer:  the next five teams that sign up for the Rebelle Rally will receive a $300 AIRAID gift card.

The gift card can be used to help cover the cost of a team’s AIRAID air intake. It can also be used as an auction or raffle item for a Rebelle team’s fundraising efforts. As competitors know, a little goes a long way and we are thrilled that AIRAID has so generously donated to our 2019 teams. Teams signing up for the installment plan will qualify. Limit one per team. (Not redeemable for cash.)

A huge thank you to AIRAID for this direct support of our incredible teams.  And check out their new website at  Their great crew has recreated AIRAID to connect people’s love of driving and is literally breathing new life into adventure on wheels.

By Emily Miller

This past Friday, we lost our great friend with the passing of Rod Hall. Hall was a legend in the off-road racing world, with a race and win resume that is beyond compare. But he also leaves behind an enduring legacy and impact that will be felt for generations. Many may not know, but without Rod, there would be no Rebelle Rally.

I met Rod Hall at the National Automobile Museum about 17 years ago. I started getting call after call from Hall to team up on a couple projects that he was working on. I didn’t know him, didn’t know his racing history. I just knew that he was funny, tenacious, and the projects sounded like something where I could lend a hand. It would change the course of my path. He taught me to drive off-road, and gave me the amazing opportunity to race for him. He even rode with me in the right seat in the Baja 1000 and the first thing out of his mouth was “I don’t think I’ve ever sat in this seat.” Talk about pressure! We partnered in producing ride and drive events, drive trainings, the Michelin/BFGoodrich Light Truck Tire Seminars, and worked to revive the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. We spent countless hours, days and months scouting trails, laughing, and talking about life, ideas, and dreams…and he encouraged me to start the Rebelle.

Rod wanted to see more women in racing. We saw how well women did in our drive training programs, so we produced a women’s drive training event over a decade ago and knew we were on to something that could change the off-road experience for women. He was the inspiration to keep the Rebelle for stock, OEM vehicles. When it came time to lay out the first Rebelle course, Rod was our course director. He and I, along with Tom Heyl and Tech Director Chris Woo, spent days and days pouring over the upper part of the Nevada route, knowing it would set the tone of what would become the longest competitive off-road rally in the lower 48. As it became clear that his health was deteriorating, we would just go drive. Because nothing replaces windshield time with Rod Hall.

I am so thankful for the days spent in Rod’s kitchen with him and his wonderful wife Donna encouraging me through the launch of the rally. I’m thankful for our friendship. I’m thankful that he always believed in me. I’m thankful for his encouragement to drive beyond our borders – to see the world from the backroads and off the beaten path. I’m even thankful for all the 5 am text messages because Rod caffeinated early and was ready to go to work!

We will all miss Rod dearly. His stories. His one-liners. His delivery. Our sincerest condolences to the Hall Family and especially Donna, and his beloved granddaughter Shelby. The Rebelle community also thanks Original Rebelle Amy Lerner for her dedication to bring Rod’s story to the screen in One More Win. In his honor, donations may be made in his name to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

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Team Tuesday 2019: Chris & Anna

Team Tuesday 2019: Chris & Anna


When your common denominator is a vehicle, you drive an FJ in the Rebelle. So is the case with today’s Team Tuesday, Chris Cole and Anna Loy! With a love of off-roading and adventure enthusiasm, they’re gearing up for their next skill test taking place this October.

Chris is originally from Estes Park, Colorado and now resides in Broomfield, Colorado. She’s an accountant and bookkeeper at Toytec Lifts in Denver. Chris and Anna met on the Facebook Colorado FJ Cruisers page as they both have Toyota FJs. Meeting in person last year at the NW Overland Rally, in July Anna asked Chris to be her navigator in the Rebelle. 

Chris already has a few memorable trips that stick out. One is an unforgettable trip in her 20s to Alaska where she experienced the land, people, and lifestyle. The experience was amazing. Getting ready her ultimate road trip in just four months, she’s not leaving home without coffee (we got you Chris), and her toothbrush. Although she’ll miss speaking with her daughter for ten days, she’s also competing in the Rebelle for her.

“I want to show my 13 year old daughter that her mom is a strong woman, and that I am ready for this new adventure that I am scared to death to try.”

Anna is from Diamond Bar, California, and now calls Las Vegas her residence. She keeps busy as a registered nurse, and when she’s not working you’ll find her off-roading, traveling, reading, and concert-going. 

This FJ enthusiast fell in love with off-roading a few years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. She discovered meeting a ton of great friends is one of the many perks of off-roading, along with exploring the outdoors like never before. Anna is now looking to push herself even more as an off-roader – hence her competing in the rally this year. 

“The Rebelle Rally is to me that other level of testing my off-roading skills and learning how to navigate out in the desert.  Going off-roading while trying to get from point A to point B is a challenge. I’m going for it full steam ahead!”

A self-proclaimed Toyota person, Anna describes her FJ as a “highly capable vehicle for most any terrain.” The vehicle  impresses her time and time again with what it can do off-road. 

We’re stoked to have Team #105 compete in their favorite vehicle this fall. And their passion for adventure and off-roading will definitely be fueled on the Rebelle!

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Team Tuesday 2019: Thayer & Penny

Don’t call it a comeback: Team Tuesday has returned with another fierce duo headed to the Rebelle this October!

Thayer Low and Penny Dale are automotive-minded women, and met over Instagram via one common love – Land Rovers. Having competed last year together in Thayer’s LR4, they’re thrilled to get back into competition mode together in the dirt for the 2019 Rebelle Rally.

Thayer was born in Hawaiian Gardens, California and moved around quite a bit with her family growing up. She now calls Arvada, Colorado home. Thayer is a dedicated mom to two girls (a full time job!), loves to off-road in her spare time, and head off adventuring with her family.

She’s excited to use her skills from last year in this year’s competition – coming back better prepared and armed with her 2018 experience. Plus with her Land Rover, Thayer feels she’s in good hands. “Land Rovers are extremely capable off-road cars that often don’t get enough credit. ‘Monty’ (our third teammate) has a great ride, covers all kinds of terrain, holds everything imaginable, and hauls toddlers on top of that!”

Thayer feels their biggest challenge last year was the dunes – navigating and driving in them. So returning to tackle them is definitely on her to-do list!

Lastly, her favorite thing about the Rebelle? “No technology! And the lifelong friends you make.”

Penny’s hometown is Saltspring Island, BC Canada, and she currently resides in Vancouver where she is a registered Interior Designer. And Penny is just as big of a Land Rover fan as Thayer! Her passion for the vehicle stems from her experience driving them.  Like Thayer, she owns an LR4 and calls Land Rovers “incredibly capable and intuitive without aftermarket mods and equally as comfortable.” Penny also has a passion for off-road adventures (we don’t blame her), and you can also find her doing anything outdoors…at anytime!

Penny had an incredible time last year with her teammate, and mentioned she learned so much about both the competition, and herself. “It’s an incredible challenge and environment to test yourself and grow. To do so with so many inspiring women is very special.”

The hardest part about last year’s rally? “Understanding we can’t know everything and learning to give yourself grace when you goof up.” And the best part according to Penny? “The camaraderie amidst the competition.” 

See you in the dirt, Team #164 Anam Cara!

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Rebelle Rally Announces 2019 Partnership with AIRAID


May 1, 2019 (Reno, NV) – Today, the Rebelle Rally announced aftermarket industry leader AIRAID as a 2019 premier sponsor.  The event is set to take place October 10-19, 2019. The competition is the longest competitive off-road rally in the lower 48, and the first navigational off-road rally for women in the U.S.

AIRAID, a name synonymous with power and performance in automotive for over twenty years, includes a lineup of well-crafted, dependable products for anyone’s “third teammate” – their vehicle. While the company may have a new look, their products retain their known reliability and steadfast improvement to the oxygen our vehicles literally breathe. The mission of AIRAID and their commitment to possibilities in off-road adventure, sport and beyond, align with the rally’s core concept of pushing limits.

“We believe in everything the Rebelle stands for. It is a top-notch competition that provides a platform for our products to be put to the ultimate test. It’s the perfect combination of performance and adventure showcasing the AIRAID advantage,” said Steven duBois, AIRAID’s Brand Manager. “Like the Rebelle community, we are passionate about exploration. We live to ungoogle our minds and find those paths that often make us feel uncomfortable in unchartered waters, this is when we feel alive the most. It’s called living.”

The 2019 Rebelle Rally will start with technical inspection at Lake Tahoe, traverse 8 days of competition across Nevada and California concluding in the sand dunes of Glamis with closing ceremonies in San Diego. Up to 50 teams are expected to compete and the company also plans to field a team in their custom-built AIRAID Jeep Rubicon.

“Rebelles rely on companies that consistently build durable, dependable equipment combined with proven performance. We align with partners that practice what they preach, live adventure, and believe in women pushing and breaking barriers. We are beyond excited about our relationship with AIRAID,” explained Rebelle founder Emily Miller.

To learn more about AIRAID, log on to

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Total Chaos Fabrication – Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally

TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication will return as the Official Suspension of the 2019 Rebelle Rally.  Without TC, the Rebelle Rally would be a bumpy ride in more ways than one. We trust our vehicles and bodies to their insanely well-crafted equipment and their incredibly capable crew as our selected pool of media drivers. A huge thank you the entire crew for supporting us since Day One, and for taking our vehicles AND rally next level.



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Meet Bryson White, Americas Marketing Manager for Suunto

Even before we started the Rebelle, our Suunto compass was consistently navigating us across our own finishes across the globe. And find any Rebelle during training or competition, you’ll more than likely find a Suunto compass by her side. Why? Suunto’s founder literally invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass, so to say they know a thing or two about finding their way is an understatement.

From the company’s 80+ years as a leader in the industry to producing some of the most impressive watches and dive computers, we relish in Suunto’s consistent “pushing limits” productivity – always at the forefront of innovation. A 2016 Original Rebelle sponsor, we’re thrilled that Suunto has stepped up once again this year to support the Rebelle. And along with the great crew at Suunto, we have Bryson White to thank for it. As an active outdoor enthusiast who lives and breathes the company’s commitment to exploring, we were happy to catch Bryson this week as he walks us through the company’s recipe for success, and how he truly “gets” what the Rebelle is all about.

Suunto has some incredibly rich history, starting in Finland more than 80 years ago. What’s your favorite part of working for a company so steadfast?
I love how focused the brand has been able to remain on its mission of helping people find their way on their adventures, whatever those may be. We’re in a very competitive space with our GPS watches, yet we continue to make some of the world’s best compasses and dive computers. We have enough experience to know what tools and technologies are sticking around, so our goal then is to build the most dependable product that helps people achieve their goals.

We love Suunto’s devotion to explore. Tell us more about your last big adventure.
I just got back from a week of rafting on Idaho’s Salmon River. It’s an incredibly beautiful and rugged place, the largest wilderness area in the lower 48. I worked there as a guide in college and it was great to be back with family and old friends.

What new product are you most excited about right now?
Suunto’s latest wrist heart rate watches are really impressive and I think highlight the brand’s dedication to quality and accuracy. We partnered with a proven partner (Valencell) that produces one of the most accurate sensors in the market, and we’ve seen great results from it.

Suunto has running, free skiing, cycling, hiking, lifestyle, swimming, diving and pretty much every other sport covered. And you’ve got some pretty prominent athletes as ambassadors. What draws them to Suunto?
Again I think it all comes back to having a product you can rely on, in some cases it’s in a life or death situation. Kilian Jornet, the Spanish ultra runner and mountaineer, is a great example. He set two speed records on Mt Everest this year, summiting twice (in one week!) without supplemental oxygen. He later went on to win the HardRock 100 mile endurance race despite having dislocated his shoulder earlier that day. He puts his equipment through the wringer and needs products he can depend on. Suunto is an easy choice.

What three Suunto items would you bring with you to conquer new territory?
Whenever I’m out in the wild I always have either my Suunto Ambit3 Peak or Spartan Ultra GPS watch. Both are great for tracking distance, pace and altitude. And I’m also an old school guy and like to carry a map and compass like the MC-2 (Editor’s note – a Rebelle favorite!)

We know Suunto started in 1936 with founder Tuomas Vohlonen and a liquid-filled compass. Have you noticed a trend lately of people getting back more to those roots –a good old map and compass for navigation?
For sure, at least the smart ones are :). Compasses are relatively inexpensive compared to GPS trackers, they outperform smartphone aps, and their batteries never die. I first learned to use a compass in Boy Scouts and have definitely polished up again working for Suunto. And it’s amazing the level of confidence you can gain by simply being able to know exactly where you are.

Lastly, any words of wisdom?
It’s super easy these days to become dependent on technology, especially in sports and the outdoors. I hope to take every opportunity I get to disconnect and do things the old-fashioned way, and allow myself to get lost. There’s a lot of freedom when you decide to let go.


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Meet Nicole Pitell-Vaughan, TOTAL CHAOS Co-Founder and 2017 Rebelle Rally Sponsor

With a name like TOTAL CHAOS, it has to be good. Nicole Pitell-Vaughan, co-founder of TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication, is someone who prides herself on quality products, hard-work, and that perfect, enviable balance of taking time to enjoy the view (from the driver’s seat). As manufacturer of the highest quality bolt-on suspension systems and accessories, 100% made in the U.S.A., TOTAL CHAOS is a household name in the industry with headquarters in Southern California – shipping worldwide. With a heavy and respected presence and role in the off-road and adventure vehicle world, we were thrilled to catch up with Nicole in between racing, work, and well-deserved off-pavement enjoyment, to discuss what’s been on our minds this whole time – how does she do it all.

We’ve got to know – does the company live up to the name?
That all depends on who you ask. It is totally organized under the roof in regards to our day to day operations. The entire team suffers from OCD. But when a few of us get together in the dirt it is game on – 100% TOTAL CHAOS!

What makes your management style and philosophy unique behind the scenes?
I am not really sure why people think our philosophy is unique. We work really hard and play hard. We kind of run it like renegades. It’s a super healthy work environment that is built around the people.


TOTAL CHAOS is the brain child of you and your husband, Matt – what was that defining moment like where you looked at your husband and said let’s go for it?
It was all his leap of faith and willingness to risk nothing. Because we really had nothing to lose! We were in our early 20’s. I was getting ready to graduate college with a business degree and was headed in a totally different direction. Matt always wanted to do his own thing. He was desert racing at the time. I just cleaned the toilets. I am serious, you do anything to see your boyfriend during the middle of the day in your 20’s right (laugh). We were never going to work together. Fast forward 20 years. It is really awesome to work with my husband and our best friends that share the same passion that we have for TC.

TOTAL CHAOS has witnessed exponential growth over the past few years. How have you maintained to not only stick to your roots, but stay true to yourself?
We just do our own thing. Team TC has no egos. The entire staff works really hard and is dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and supporting the brand. It is easy to stay grounded when you are surrounded by a group of people like that. It helps that we love to talk smack to one another daily too. Just like a healthy family should.

There are a ton of off-road events out there – why did you become involved with the Rebelle?
Because this event is really different than the other events. We like to be different. I feel the Rebelle promotes self-confidence. And what I find unique is that it is not gender specific with how is spreads. The competitors gain a tremendous amount of personal confidence, and their family and friends grow with them throughout the journey. I watched it last year and I am stoked to watch it happen again this year. I think supporting a program like this is really rad. Seven long days in a vehicle, fatigue, unpredictable weather, and a brain game. This event is awesome! The route Emily and Jimmy and the staff plot has epic scenery. A lot of it was our stomping ground for product testing for so many years. Lots of great memories on a lot of these trails.

What’s it like riding shotgun in one of the TOTAL CHAOS trucks…with Nicole “CHAOS” Pitell at the wheel?
Generally its spur of the moment, flying by the seat of your pants, & preferably on a road less traveled. CHAOS crop circles are common. And if we are in Baja, we never deviate from our Team Locos Mocos roots, “WE FIX STUFF FOR FREE”. Help the stranded guy and sip on some Code Reds.

You’re packing for a trip down to Mexico with the Locos Mocos crew – three items you can’t leave home without?
SPOT tracker, Baja Almanac, Canon 7D, and of course a stocked Yeti cooler.

Lastly, any words of wisdom?
This has been my go to quote this summer. I saw in on a billboard while on the road, “As a student he was no Einstein.” CONFIDENCE! Pass it along. It kind of represents my head space right now. See you in the DIRT!

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