Meet Stephen Bruner, Corkcicle Co-Founder and 2017 Rebelle Rally Sponsor

We’re proud that our competition takes place entirely in the great outdoors of the American West. And what goes hand in hand with the vast desert landscapes and steamy sand dunes we cover from Nevada to California? Hydration – a key factor in Rebelle competitors staying on top of their game. Enter Corkcicle, our 2017 hydration sponsor, and Stephen Bruner, co-founder of the company. He also happens to be one of Orlando Business Journals’ 2016 40 Under 40 Honorees, and has a knack for innovation with a twist for enhancing our drinking experiences.

Rebelle staff has used Corkcicle products for as long as they’ve been on shelves, and we’ve all definitely put their products to the test. Design is at their core, and we love that they’re bringing the “refined” to our “rough” here at the Rebelle. Given Corkcicle’s ever-popular canteens will literally be helping teams cross the finish line this year, we were excited to pick Stephen’s brain on all things beverage, and his functional solution for the masses.

So what’s in a name, anyway?
The name Corkcicle is inspired by our first product, the in-bottle wine chiller. It looks like an icicle with a wine cork on top of it…and its really fun to say three times fast.

Where did the inspiration come from for Corkcicle bottles?
We had been making a lot of products for wine and wanted to build an amazing wine carrier that would keep it cold when you travel to the beach, pool, picnic, etc. After launching that product, our customers were in love with the design and effectiveness and asked us to expand into a full hydration line of cups and bottles of a wide range of colors and sizes. So we listened and the rest is history.

We know Corkcicle uses a first of its kind, proprietary insulation. What else really sets Corkcicle apart from the rest?
Outside of the insulation, the other two things would be our uniquely patented flat sides design. It’s extremely ergonomic and also contributes to a sleek modern look. Secondly, we put a lot of energy in to understanding color trends and the designs we select to put on our bottles.

Stranded on a desert island – what three Corkcicle products would you take with you?
3 of our amazing 60oz Canteens to stockpile my liquids

Most rewarding part of creating a company/product/brand like Corkcicle?
Seeing the product being used out in the wild when you’re out and about around the country.

Are there any new products in the works you can let us in on?
Well…I guess so. We wanted to get back to our roots a bit and marry the insulated hydration products back to wine. So look out for a little insulated wine cup from us here pretty soon. (Big applause from the Rebelle office!)

Lastly, any words of wisdom?
One of our brand ambassadors, Miles-Chamley Watson, lives by the credo “Create a Legacy, Not a Moment.” I love that idea, and its a powerful thing to consider how to achieve that in various parts of your life.

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Team Tuesday: Amy & Naomi

Hello May – we’ve been waiting for you because we’re super excited to kick off the month’s first Team Tuesday with none other than Team Quilomene! Amy Cronin and Naomi Grebe are two Original Rebelles who initially met on a trip in the Quilomene Wildlife Recreation Area. With a shared love for overlanding and some serious passion for automotive, Team Quilomene was serendipitously formed. These two had a blast in last year’s Rebelle, and we’re stoked to welcome them back for round two of the Rebelle!

Amy currently lives in Seattle, Washington where she is a Director of Marketing and Project Management. There are incredible spots to overland in the Pacific Northwest, so when she’s not working you’ll find her (you guessed it) overlanding! She also loves yoga, hiking, and tinkering with her guitar.

Amy had a great time in last year’s Rebelle and she’s coming back as…it’s human nature to migrate towards things we love! One of the highlights from last year’s rally was working together with Naomi as a team – they had an incredible competition by communicating well and being on the same page.

It’s been about 6 months since the inaugural Rebelle and we asked Amy to share a piece of advice with future Rebelles since the dust has settled. “Each time you have that thought/fear…think back to reading this profile and hear me telling you that YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ARE CAPABLE AND YOU WILL BE GREAT. Period.”

She adds. “It took a few months to digest this, but the experience of completing the Rebelle gave me a confidence that filtered into other areas of my life in a quiet, but profound way. I’ve always thought of myself as under-qualified in many things I do, simply because there’s always someone better at whatever it is you’re doing. But somehow this experience gave me a way to believe in my own abilities and perform better at work, feel more at ease in personal relationships, and accept my best efforts at things I care about.”

Naomi lives in Salt Lake City where she is a stay-at-home mom to three girls as well as a Social Media and SEO liaison. Naomi is a textile artist, modern quilter, and overlanding enthusiast.

Going into the second year and after finishing a solid 11th place, Naomi’s goals for the event are improving upon the placement now that they had a little experience, and also document everything a little more carefully. And her words of wisdom for incoming Rebelles?

“Find a spot in your house, make a list and put things on the list in that spot, and check them off AND DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THEM AGAIN. YOU ARE DONE WITH THAT THING. Keep doing that.” And with one Rebelle under her belt, Naomi’s got her must-haves down for this year: great boots that fit well and are comfortable, Gatorade, water bottles, quick snack stuff that you can eat one handed, and “CHOCOLATE. EMERGENCY FREAKING CHOCOLATE.” (we hear ya, Naomi!)

Lastly Naomi state, “The first year was incredible for me in so many ways, but it’s been so cool to come home and also see it trickle down to my three daughters, too. As I’ve recounted stories, and moments, and hopefully displayed things I’ve learned or experienced, to watch them look at the world and see the possibilities, and have the knowledge that THEY CAN.”

Sounds like she’s got some future Rebelles in the making!

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Team Tuesday: Karen & Dana

We want to call today’s Team Tuesday team two rad moms, but they are so much more than the bad-ass badges they earned at last year’s Rebelle Rally! Please welcome today’s dynamic Californian duo, Karen Hoehn and Dana Saxten!


Karen currently resides in San Diego, CA where she raised two daughters (who also happen to off-road) and is “major-domo” to her husband. As part of the family owned and operated Hoehn Motors, Karen knows a thing or two about the automotive world.


When she’s not “Rebelle-ing,” Karen loves to travel (Africa being one of her favorite spots) free diving, skiing, and off-road driving. She’s also saving time to work on her team’s goal this year of figuring out the TSD (time-speed-distance) sections of the rally (which she’s also advising future teams to do the same!).


What are her must-have items after taking on one Rebelle and preparing for another? MAXTRAX, MAXTRAX, MAXTRAX, a great partner and a great scarf. Sounds like a great packing list to us!


“I loved spending time with my fabulous co-doggie Dana last year, and I am coming back for round two of the Rebelle because it’s just so much fun! “ – Karen Hoehn


Dana Saxten also resides in San Diego, CA…where she also happens to have a daughter who off-roads! As a restaurant business owner, Dana’s schedule is far from humdrum, and with two yellow labs added to the mix, she’s constantly on the move whether it’s business or walking and entertaining the pups!


Camping out under the stars and getting lost and found on backroads are two things Dana adores, along with sewing (making quilts tops the list), reading, and designing and decorating houses. And Dana’s definitely not leaving home this October without her pop-up tent, small camp stove for the Marathon Leg, and trusty headlamp!


Amongst her goals for this year and managing time better, improving navigation accuracy, improving their standing and laughing as much as they can! And her advice for future Rebelles? Just say YES!


“I’m back for more of the same! More friendship, more laughing, more toughness, more nature…and more surprises of course!” – Dana Saxten
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Team Tuesday: Jenn & Heather

We always say similar rally goals are key when competing as a team, and for today’s Team Tuesday team, that’s exactly what brought them together. Please welcome today’s dynamic Californian duo, Team Meraki: Jenn Zipp Richmond and Heather Lewis!

Jenn’s hometown is San Diego, where she lives with her husband and two children. Jenn is an “Original Rebelle” who loves off-roading, horseback riding, playtime with family, and taking photographs both on and off the road. While her occupation is “mom” (one of the hardest jobs we might add), Jenn is seriously into challenges – hence her signing up as the first “class” to take on the Rebelle Rally in 2016.

Jenn serendipitously found teammate Heather after “putting it out there in the universe” that she would be sent the perfect teammate. She was. Heather and Jenn had a connection from the first time they met, and kept in contact through social media. When she received a message from Heather this year inquiring if Jenn had a teammate, she knew Heather would be a perfect fit. Heather felt the exact same way. The rest, as they say, is history!

After getting through one round of Rebelle, Jenn’s must-have gear for this year? Neck support, chapstick (it is the desert after all), eye drops, and extra sunglasses! And what’s she looking forward to the most this time around? Focused driving, being led by her trusted navigator, the mental challenge, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

“There are so many reasons why I am returning to the 2017 Rebelle Rally. I return for the challenge, both personal and mental, for the camaraderie, for the education, for the inspiration and for the journey!” – Jenn Zipp Richmond

Heather currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA and is our first forensic scientist (pretty bad-ass – we know) to compete in the Rebelle! When she’s not working, Heather loves photography, off-roading, swimming and hiking.

Given her passions, she’s had quite a few incredible adventures over the years. One that really stands out to her is riding across the Nevada desert with her husband from hot spring to hot spring – a total of five hot springs in 2.5 days and 800 miles off-road on bikes. Fun AND relaxing was the winning combo that trip according to Heather!

Heather cannot wait to see the beautiful landscape that the Rebelle canvasses from beginning to end, and finding her way through it. As her team’s navigator, she’s really looking forward to the specific navigation portion and putting her skills to the test and…she hopes to lead Jenn to some blue and black checkpoints!

As navigator, Heather’s must-have gear thus far is her compass, plotter, pencils, erasers, calculator and minute scales. And for her, the most important gear is the CAR!

“The adventure is in the journey. The journey is the reward. Two things to live by.” – Heather Lewis

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WATCH – Hoehn Adventures 2016 Highlight Video

Hoehn Adventures, our Presenting sponsor, is stepping back up for 2017.  In 2016, the automotive group based in Carlsbad, CA, fielded 6 teams decked out in the official State of California icons.  Teams comprised of employees, customers, and Hoehn family took to the trails in 2 Land Rovers, a Honda Ridgeline, Mercedes G-Class, Porsche Cayenne, and the new Jaguar F-Pace.  As we all look forward to 2017, let’s look back at their video recap.

WATCH – Hoehn Adventures 2016 Highlight Video2018-04-09T20:03:58-07:00

Team Tuesday: Coralee & Christy

It’s a family affair for today’s Team Tuesday team! We’re stoked to introduce our first mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo: Coralee Lack and Christy Long, two women who are packing up their Jeep and headed out from Washington state to the 2nd annual Rebelle Rally!

Coralee is an Original Rebelle, competing in our inaugural competition last fall. She loved it so much…she’s back for Round 2! Corlaee is originally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and currently resides in Bellevue, Washington. Coralee is the owner of Mossms, an online video game hosted on the Second Life Platform. She loves to off-road, with rock crawling, backwoods exploring, and camping as her primary hobbies. She also loves working with her dog and teaching him new tricks. Most recently she’s been teaching herself to play guitar, which has turned out to be quite addicting!

Her must-have gear for the Rebelle? MAXTRAX, water, air compressor, water, recovery gear, tools, water, spare parts, water, coffee mug, water, lightweight moisture-wicking clothing…and water. Think she’s giving us a hint to stay hydrated during the Rebelle?!

Coralee competed last year with Holly Freeman in Team Wild and Free, having a fantastic time together. Coralee learned so much during the competition – patience, trusting their tools, managing time, and trusting their instincts. She’s looking forward to capitalizing on those lessons and improving those skills even more – as well as getting to drive this time around! Coralee is thrilled to bring her 2013 gecko green Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited to tackle the Nevada and California terrain. She’s looking forward to teaming up with Christy and sharing this amazing experience with her. She also can’t wait to reunite with many of the Original Rebelles…and meet some new ones!

Christy also lives in Washington state (Seattle area), but is originally from Concord, California. Christy is married to Coralee’s son, Richard, whom she met in the Army Reserves. As a laboratory assistant/phlebotomist, Christy’s days are hectic. But during her downtime, she likes to catch a little Pokémon on her DS to unwind! Jeeps are also a big interest of hers – she used to spend a lot of time off-roading in her 2014 Jeep Wrangler “Rubi.” After starting a family, Christy had to say goodbye to Rubi, but she’s stoked to be back in the saddle again doing something new in off-road! Since this is Christy’s first Rebelle, her must-have gear is relatively simple thus far – snacks to avoid getting hangry, a toothbrush, and toothpaste – because no one likes a dirty mouth!

Coralee knew that her son had received extensive navigation training in the Army and was thrilled that Christy had received similar training too. Always adventurous with a love of snowboarding and other outdoor activities, Christy was immediately excited about the opportunity to team up for such an amazing challenge. These family members both love adventure, Jeeps, and each other – not to mention, get along fantastically. It was meant to be!

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Team Tuesday: Susan & Viola

Team Broncosaurus: 2 women, a ’95 Bronco, and one more epic adventure to add to their resume this October. This Team Tuesday, please welcome Susan McPartland, driver piloting a 95 Bronco, and teammate, navigator Viola Nungary!

Susan currently resides in Minden, Nevada where she is retired after 30 years as a software developer. Being retired, however, has not stopped Susan from pursuing fulfilling activities– this “retiree” loves dual sport motorcycles, kayaking, running, hiking, backpacking and biking – one year she biked the Death Valley Century (105 miles) in the spring and then climbed Mt. Whitney in one day during the fall (hitting the lowest and highest places in the continental US.) And when she’s not tackling her next outdoor goal, she enjoys crafts, gardening…capping it all off with some well-deserved cooking, great food and wine.

Susan’s husband Stan discovered the Rebelle and mentioned it should be the next big trip for adventure friends Susan and Viola. Susan was immediately game – seeing the backcountry of Nevada and California, practicing new skills and navigating without a GPS were a perfect fit.

“Enjoying adventures is a very important part of life,” said Susan. “It’s so rewarding to challenge yourself and enjoy the world around us. It’s amazing what you can do when you just decide to do it.” – Susan McPartland

Viola is a psychotherapist residing in South Lake Tahoe (Nevada side). Equally active, Viola adores anything that’ll get her moving outside – be it bicycling, kayaking, sailing, snowshoeing, dual sport motorcycling, or just enjoying the gorgeous surroundings of beautiful Tahoe.

Viola is bringing her navigational sailing experience from the water to the land in the Rebelle. She has raced ultralight sailboats on Lake Tahoe, in SF Bay, and off shore for 30 years (her favorite trip was a doublehanded sailboat race from San Francisco to Hawaii!). She imagines the challenges and rewards of the Rebelle will be similar to the ocean crossings on small sailboats she has done in the past.

Her goals for the Rebelle? Complete the course, put into practice newly learned skills, enjoy the beauty of a backcountry wilderness journey, and above all, have fun!

“I am inspired and excited to participate and prepare for this long distance off-road rally with Susan,” stated Viola. “I’m really looking forward to overcoming the challenges with grace, humor and joy, spending time in the great outdoors, and spending time with a friend I love and admire.” – Viola Nungary

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Rebelle 4030

We love cars and trucks! And we love ones with history. And while there are plenty of names that describe these vehicles, the terms “vintage” and “classic” invoke a feeling of “old.” And we are women who feel ageless. So vehicles that are younger than some of us, don’t deserve a term that makes them seem outdated or tired. So welcome to our new Rebelle Designation – 4030. As in “40 is the new 30!”


  • 4030 (pronounced forty-thirty) is a designation to show respect and appreciation to those who choose to take on the Rebelle in a vehicle 40 years or older.
  • This is not a class. There is not a winner of the 4030s. But plenty of pride and props!
  • Each 4030 team will bear the 4030 logo designation on the vehicle, the team’s vest,  and on the website.
  • Each team will receive a special Rebelle Rally 4030 jacket and merchandise at Tech Inspection.
  • The vehicle must be 40 years or older. It must be street legal and comply with the official rulebook. Vehicle must have a minimum 3-point seatbelt. Vehicles can be restored, modified, etc., but must have started as that production-based vehicle. Please ensure your vehicle is well prepped before arriving.
  • See or know of a great potential 4030 vehicle on the streets or trails?  Tag it #rebelle4030


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Team Tuesday: Michelle & Elise

Canada – the Land of Plenty…and our latest team! It’s Team Tuesday and we’re so happy to announce our first 2017 team from our neighbors to the north – Michelle Laframboise and Elise Racette. Two women who have (literally) rallied together in the past, and are not slowing down anytime soon.

Michelle currently resides in Picton, Ontario and owns ClearWater Design Canoes & Kayaks. She’s also a rally driver who began her racing career seven years ago and won her first title in 2010. While automotive racing and kayaking are an obvious passion of hers, when she’s not hitting the pavement or water, you’ll find her down hill skiing, scuba diving, painting and motorcycle riding. And when she’s taking time out of the busy life above, she’s enjoying her favorite part of the day – early morning calm before everyone else is awake where she can press that reset button we all know and love.

Michelle is an Original Rebelle, and she’s coming back for round two for the love of the challenge and the people of the Rebelle. Having such a great time in the inaugural event, she’s can’t wait to come back armed with everything she learned last year to see how she can improve this year. She also looks forward to getting back to this part of the States, enjoying the environment, and reconnecting with all of the people involved!

Elise is a Business Analyst originally from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and now resides in Mirabel, Quebec. Elise and Michelle decided to team up as they used to do performance rallies together – Elise was Michelle’s main co-driver when she raced stage rally. They knew they had a great dynamic, trusted each other and made a good team. Elise has been very busy with work and her son, but now (much to Michelle’s delight) she has the ability to get away and back into the car with Michelle!

Aside from performance racing, Elise loves cars, traveling, snowboarding, landscaping and spending time in the great outdoors. Although she didn’t compete last year, Elise followed the Rebelle last year on social media and thought it seemed like a fun, challenging event right up her alley. When Michelle asked her to team up, Elise immediately said yes! Elise cannot wait to meet the ladies participating and staff organizing the event. She’s looking forward to coming back with new friends, a ton of stories and the drive to take on more challenges!

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Reflecting Back, Looking Ahead

Last week was International Women’s Day as part of Women’s History Month. We were all so encouraged by the outpouring of great posts by Rebelles, so I spent a little time reflecting as well as thinking about our future.   So I looked back in my journal where I wrote a lot of things early on that were on my brain — trying to convey what we were working to accomplish. I dug this up:

“I make no promises about what you will personally feel, what you will take away. My honest intention is for you to embrace and enhance your driving and navigation skills, and we will build that platform for you to shine.   I intend for you to gain experience that will enable you and empower you in your future journeys – wherever they may lead you. You will be blazing trails across our American West, kicking ass and taking names, and at the end, we will wash off the dust and celebrate as Rebelles know how. “

It feels really good to circle back to this and say that this is exactly what I still intend.  As we roll toward year 2, I am so happy to see such an incredible camaraderie between Rebelles, and how these women are connecting with each other as well as working to encourage other women to chase their dreams, to sharpen and test their skills, and take on new challenges. I speak on behalf of our whole crew when I say we are stoked that the spirit is alive, is super positive, and growing.

Today, we have many great new teams signing up to be a part of the Rebelle. On behalf of our awesome staff and 2016 teams, we welcome you into the community and can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Thanks to everyone…Rally on,


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