#200 – Team Jeeves

Leading the Cullinan through this incredible adventure are the co-champion Rally team of Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe. This team has been competing together since 2016, were both part of the first Rally four years ago, and are the 2019 co-champion Rebelle Rally team. Emme Hall resides in Oakland and has been an automotive journalist with CNET since 2015. Navigator Rebecca is originally from Houston but now resides in Marina Del Rey where she works as a producer. Their combined skill sets complement each other and make for one unbelievable dynamic duo.

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Rolls Royce
Emme Hall
Emme HallAutomotive Journalist
Hacienda Heights, CA
Oakland, CA
Fun fact about yourself
I have an MFA in Costume Technology and I can draft patterns from scratch. I hate food puns and I love color by numbers.
Rebecca Donaghe
Rebecca DonagheProducer
Life is short, cram it!
Houston, Texas
Marina del Rey, CA
Fun fact about yourself
Always looking to push her boundaries, Rebecca will cross Morocco over seven days in January riding on a highly inappropriate 50cc motorbike.
Vehicle: Rolls Royce Cullinan