Getting way too comfortable with being comfortable. Being told you can’t do that because you’re a girl. Two of the reasons we’re highlighting today’s 2019 Rebelle competitor duo. Kicking off this year’s Team Tuesday, please welcome two friends with a mutual love of doing difficult things together – Sarah Pfeifer and Jessica Depatie of Team #119 Artemis 4×4!

Sarah is from Orange County, CA where she is a cardiac registered nurse. When she’s not working, Sarah is most at home in the outdoors – including the mountains, beach, and deserts. She’s also a badass at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, archery, pistol shooting and loves learning how things work – including tearing apart and modifying her third Jeep.

She also loves traveling, and has some pretty incredible past adventures – with an epic honeymoon trekking through Patagonia with her husband at the top of her list. That also happened to involve an 80 km trek at (literally) the end of the world.

When Sarah was a kid, hearing people say “you can’t do that” would light a fire under her – especially if it was because she was a girl. And somewhere along the line, she started believing she couldn’t. Dealing with health issues as a teen also led her to accept doctors and illness would be her life. Then she reclaimed her health, and has been working on regaining that “you just watch me” attitude ever since.

“I thought I couldn’t climb mountains, and then I did. I thought I couldn’t make it through nursing school, and then I did. I thought I couldn’t travel the world, and then I did. All of these things were so terrifying, but I proved to myself that I was capable of SO much more than I thought. So when it came to the Rebelle my gut reaction was “I can’t.” Then I asked my gut “why not?” My gut didn’t have an answer. So here I am!”

Jessica currently resides in Sedona, Arizona where she’s the CMO and co-owner of The Ascension Lab – a fitness marketing company. Being a CMO, she spends a lot of time building her growth agency helping businesses in fitness expand their reach…which also sums up the common theme that brings all of her other favorite hobbies together: health, happiness, and service. 

So when she’s not helping others, Jessica loves to hike around her new town of Sedona, go rock hounding, practicing zero waster, and practice her map and compass navigation (she’s the navigator of the team), and go road-tripping with her husband.

Speaking of trips, one of her funnest happens to be with her Rebelle partner-in-crime Sarah and her husband. They all camped in the Canadian wilderness in  -40° for New Year’s Eve. Trekking through dense old growth forest packed with snow, Sarah and Jessica lead the way with map and compass, they brought in the year at the edge of a frozen lake huddled around a fire, sleeping in a shelter made from the trees and snow, and exercising some serious mental toughness.Jessica is competing this year because it evokes a special kind of fear response that, for her, usually means that if she does this – she’ll be a more aware, capable, and evolved woman on the other end of it.

“Today, I live by the mantra that “adversity introduces a [wo]man to [herself].” – Albert Einstein. When it makes sense for me, I make space for the activity that follows that special fear response. That’s been my signal to just go for it (even though I’d be way more comfortable watching from the sidelines.) It’s an opportunity for growth. I learn more about myself and the human experience.”

We look forward to welcoming these two challenge-seeking women in this year’s 2019 4×4 Rebelle roster!