#128 – Team Wenches in Trenches

Lisa, a South African, and Ellie, a Norwegian, met back in 2004 when they spent a month traveling and camping in southern Africa with their families. They traveled through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia camping and having one adventure after another. They bonded through their sense of humor, love of photography and ability to enjoy each day whatever was thrown at them – hippo’s, crocodiles, lions, stalking rhinos and everything in between. When Ellie heard about the Rebelle Rally in July 2019 she decided this was something she wanted to do and immediately texted Lisa who was in China visiting her grandbaby. Lisa had never heard of the Rally but her response was an immediate yes, let’s do this. Neither of them knew anything about what this would entail but were up for the challenge. They are both complete novices in regard to 4×4 driving and navigation but are giving it all they have to learn as much as possible before the start of the rally. They are both equal parts super excited and scared shitless.

Elisabet Harth
Elisabet HarthWorld Traveler
"If not now, when?"
Oslow, Norway
Leucadia, CA
Lisa Prior
Lisa PriorWorld Traveler, lover of life
"We are tiny figurines hanging from the charm bracelet of infinity." - John Burdett
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Leucadia, CA
Fun fact about yourself
3 times out of 5 I will set off the alarm at airport security – not sure how this will affect my compass?
Vehicle: Jeep Rubicon - Nala