#103 – Team CWG

How to introduce Team CWG…. the first rule is – together. From their first conversation in 2020 Sergeant Major Rachael Ridenour and Master Sergeant Kristie Levy have been finishing each other’s sentences and communicating via minimal phrases, simple glances, audible grunts and boisterous belly laughs. They met during the 2020 Rebelle when Rachael selected Kristie to be the sponsored Veteran to drive for Team Record the Journey, a Veteran’s Charity assisting with life transitions via photography and outdoor adventure. Rachael was the navigator and the connection was immediate. The two operated like clockwork – and laughed a lot! Rachael and Kristie have a lot in common – a combined 57 years of U.S. Army service to start. Both of them have spent numerous combat tours to various regions, including multiple stints in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither Rachael nor Kristie can, or care to, speak much about those years spent, aside from saying they worked with the best Soldiers in the world. The U.S. Army is full of wonderful men and women who love their country and are willing to endure immense hardships to protect it. They loved mentoring, training and leading their Soldiers more than any other task the Army demanded. As senior non-commissioned officers they believe in getting all the information, assessing the information, weighing the risks vs the benefits, making a plan A, plan B and plan C, and then getting on with it! Love of country and caffeine binds them. They are FUELDED BY FREEDOM and CAFFEINE. As similar as their life experiences have been however, their personality differences also make for great teamwork! They are both addicted to caffeine, but Rachael loves coffee and Kristie loves Diet Coke. Rachael forgets to eat, and Kristie snacks constantly. Rachael doesn’t sleep, Kristie can nap anywhere and everywhere!!! Rachael is quiet, calm and mellow. Rachael is known for her compassionate and competent nature. Her willingness to help anyone and everyone, competitor or not, is well known in the Rebelle community. As the navigator for Team CWG, her moniker is the “Caffeinated Compass”, as she forever has a coffee in her hand. She is the CEO of Record The Journey, and 2021 will be her 6th Rebelle. In the civilian world, she works in IT. Systems and processes make her happy. Kristie. No one would ever describe Kristie as quiet and reserved. She has never known the definition of the word moderation. Among friends she known for her tenacity, all-in attitude and genuine desire to help/mentor/protect others. Still new to the Rebelle community, Kristie loves the competitiveness that is completely engulfed in respect and comradery between the teams. She hopes to both embody and encourage the competitive collaboration she experienced last year. As the driver for Team CWG, Rachael has called Kristie many names – but the right one hasn’t stuck yet! 2021 will be Kristie’s 2nd Rebelle. In the civilian world, she works as a federal agent. Physical training and tactics make her happy. Follow their journey and watch Rachael work her magic as she sips her coffee and brings a smile to everyone’s face; and Kristie as she gulps Diet Coke and tells horrible dad jokes!
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Kristie Levy


U.S. Army Retired, Current Federal Law Enforcement


Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Quote:

"The most expensive thing you can lose is your integrity." AND "The sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence."

Fun Fact:

Kristie Levy retired as a Master Sergeant from the U.S. Army with 25 years of service and combat deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia. She loves exploring the world near and far with her best friend and husband, Adam and their children. She enjoys new challenges and pushing her limits. In July 2019 she decided she wanted to run a 100K Ultra-Marathon in May 2020. She and her running partner Chrissie, trained through the brutal Phoenix summer - often getting up and running by 3:00AM to beat the sun. Cooler winter temps allowed for later starts, but the training runs were getting much longer. And then.... COVID.... The world stopped and everything was cancelled - including Kristie's race, but Kristie's friends refused to let all her training and hard work go unfulfilled. Kristie's friends identified 62 miles of the General Crook Trail in northern Arizona. Along this 62 mile stretch of often forgotten and unmarked trail, a group of Kristie's friends set up aid stations every 5-7 miles. These amazing friends made funny posters and played music and danced when she came into view. They refilled her water, fed her ramen and gummy worms, and changed her socks and shoes. Other friends drove up from Phoenix just to run 5-10 miles with Kristie. Chrissie (a veteran ultra runner herself) ran alongside Kristie - sometimes singing the worst random songs, sometimes playing word games to pass the time. And there was a lot of time to pass. 19.5 hours and 100 kilometers later Kristie and Chrissie reached the finish line. Kristie believes moments like that whole day of friends showing up for you are the reason pushing personal limits is possible. Kristie is returning to the Rebelle for the second time, again as the driver, this time in the 4x4 division.

Prior Years Competed:


Awards Achieved:

2020 3rd place X-cross, stage winner, electric division

Rachael Ridenour


U.S. Army, Technician


Dallas, TX

Favorite Quote:

“There is no right time, there is just time and what you choose to do with it”

Fun Fact:

Rachael Ridenour is a 32 year U.S. Army Veteran with combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. She is a passionate adventurer and humanitarian who has driven the Khyber Pass, run a 5k in the Pyramids of Giza, and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. She is the founder and CEO of Record The Journey, a non-profit organization that provides outdoor photography adventures and training to military veterans and their families in order to help with transition. Rachael is returning to the Rebelle for the sixth time, making her one of a small group that has competed every year. She has competed as both a driver and navigator, and in both the cross over class and in the 4x4 class. During her 32 year military career in the United States Army she… · Routinely jumped out of perfectly good military aircraft while serving as the Operations Sergeant Major in several Airborne Army Reserve units· Inoculated sheep, built schools and trained teachers during combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq· Competed in full contact Tae Kwon Do, earning a National championship, two World championships, and Army female athlete of the year before going on to coach the Army Tae Kwon Do Team· Was one of 38 military police hand-selected to conduct ceremonies with the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard in Arlington National Cemetery.· Was the third women in the Army to serve as a Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

Prior Years Competed:

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Awards Achieved:

2018 4x4 TM 103 Driver 6th Place, Team Spirit Award; 2019 X-Class TM 207 Navigator 2nd place, Team Spirit Award; 2020 X-Class TM 207 Navigator 3rd Place (Electric), stage winner


The "Third Teammate"

Make, Model, Year:

Atropia - 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon