"To the future Rebelles, I can only say, I'll see you on the other side.”

- Kristian Moley

In Their Own Words

Read about the Rebelle experience from the women who have lived it. 

The Rebelle isn't simply a driving competition. It challenges competitors in every way. Driving and navigation skills are the obvious ones, but there are myriad tests for each participant emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It's a small microcosm of life and if approached properly, the Rebelle is a wonderful way to get keen insights on the bigger picture. Surviving the Rebelle is about how you creatively problem solve, how you comport yourself during stressful situations, examining what your knee-jerk reactions are and ultimately reveal your personality's strengths and weaknesses. There was more to learn about myself than I ever could have anticipated.
Lyn Woodward
Life Changing! The Rebelle has pushed me mentally beyond what I thought was possible in myself. 〞
Tana White
〝 The Rebelle means empowerment for women in the outdoors and specifically in motorsports. It also is a phenomenal experience to see rural Nevada with some of the emotionally and mentally strongest women in the world. 〞
Ashley Lee
This has by far, been the most adventurous, memorable, and exciting journey I have had throughout my off-road career. I have overcome many obstacles during this rally and taken on things I never thought I would have done in my life. I came into this event not really knowing what to expect and everyday was a surprise.”
Bailey Campbell
Professional Off-road Racer​
〝 ...The scope of the drive, the proficiency and efficiency of the staff, and the energy created by the group of competitors surpassed my expectations. I’ve participated in several car rallies, including the Mille Miglia and Silvretta Rally, and this was the most well-run, professional, and high-end event of them all.
Hannah Elliott
Bloomberg Journalist
〝 I learned that I am super capable, and am more skilled than I thought. What surprised me the most was the opportunity for women to make an impact on the sport. As an amateur, I was not aware of the number of people in the industry who were women. It was very personally enlightening and inspiring to be a part of the Rebelle Rally. 〞
Valerie Crockett
Operations Manager
〝 The most amazing game I’ve ever played, competing with some of the most talented women on the planet.
Renée Vento
〝 Being a Rebelle is courage, strength, grit, not quitting when the going gets hard. It is something that continues way after the rally...I finished the Rebelle so I can do anything now. 〞
Teralin Petereit
3x 4x4 Class Winner
Being a Rebelle is a badge of honour. It is a sisterhood born through challenge and shared experience."
Michelle Laframboise​
Business Owner, 2018 4x4 Class Winner, & International Competitor from Canada​
〝 In the Rebelle, there is one winner, but many wins. 〞
Rachael Ridenour
5x Rebelle, Army Veteran, & Athlete
〝 It's one of the most unique experiences in my 57 years of life: challenging, rewarding, fun and all-consuming. 〞
Holly Casey
Competing in the Rebelle has made me a more confident person, which trickles down into all areas of my life. I am a wife, Mom, and business owner, and when I am faced with the hard times, I remember the seeming 'impossible things' I have accomplished and how I have always come through on the other side. It has made me a mentally stronger person altogether which has a huge, positive impact.
Rachelle Croft ​
Business Owner & 3x Rebelle & 2019 4×4 Class Winner​
〝 I was immersed in so much opportunity and problem solving that transformation was inescapable. To the future Rebelles, I can only say, I'll see you on the other side. 〞
Kristian Moley
Mother & Marketing Professional
〝 What surprised me the most is how present and focused I could be. I never imagined with everything going on and all the responsibilities of my life that I would be so present and in the moment and aware of my surroundings at such an azure level.  I miss being electronic free! 〞
Shannell McMillan
General Manager
〝 Being a Rebelle means that I have completed one of the most innovative competitions in the world. As an original Rebelle I have been able to be a part of something visionary from the ground up. 〞
Deborah Najm
Business Owner
〝 The Rebelle has made me want to reach and connect with more women and encourage them to do whatever they want to do.  If I can do Rebelle, being as scared and apprehensive as I was, they can do anything.〞
Stacy Mounce
Administrative Assistant
The Rebelle Rally means so much to me. It makes me use so many aspects of myself: adventure, intellect, courage, skill, trust, friendship, collaboration, respect and true admiration for my fellow competitors. It’s an experience of growth, trust and joy!
Karen Hoehn​
5x Rebelle​
〝 I have a lot more confidence in myself and my ability. I also find that I really see and study the landscape now. I appreciate the topography as well as the beauty of the American west. I slow down more, spend more time off-grid, I truly seek the road less traveled. 〞
Melissa Fischer
RN Clinical Specialist
〝 I was surprised at how hard the competition truly is. However, at the same time, it was one of the most fun and exciting adventures I have ever participated in. I wish all women could experience this event, whether an off-road driver or not -as it is so impactful to the psyche in such a positive way. 〞
Laura Wanlass
The Rebelle has helped me find a part of me that I thought was dead. My competitive nature and adventurous spirit is still inside me. As a mom your day is spent focusing on others and it's easy for me to get lost in my Cinderella chores and forget who I was designed to be.
Marie Campbell​
Mom & Volunteer​
〝 The Rebelle takes me to a place where I have to think out of the box, be out of my comfort zone, and thankfully stay out of the grind of daily life. Being among nature and testing myself and my teammate on all aspects of our brains and skills is so amazing. 〞
Emily Winslow
Testing Services Manager
〝 As a girl, I was told I can do anything I aspired to. But those were just words and I never FELT that confidence and my life was lived by setting the bar low. But the Rebelle changed that. I now know what it FEELS like to be able to set the bar high and know I can get there. 〞
Christine Benzie
Aerospace Engineering Executive
My favorite moment was during the sand dunes in Glamis. The landscape was amazing, the competition was very high and the atmosphere very, very good. I remembered thinking how I am lucky to be here, in this beautiful area and safe. 〞
Melanie Boudin
International Competitor from France
〝 Being a Rebelle is courage, strength, grit, not quitting when the going gets hard. It is something that continues way after the rally...I finished the Rebelle so I can do anything now.
Thayer Low
Mother & Marketing Professional
My favorite moment from 2016 was the night time after Day 7, when everyone was back. We all stood around late into the night, in the warm dark desert, sharing stories, taking pictures, laughing and being together in the culmination of one of the most awesome experiences ever. Makes me cry just to remember it.
Amy Hopkins​
VP of Marketing​