Rebelle U Online

During 2020 quarantine, Rebelle U hosted several online training classes on Facebook. Designed to teach fundamentals, these are great for preparing for the rally and future adventures. Follow along and link to and download the course documents or learn in person.

Online Courses

Think Like a Map

with Rebelle Founder Emily Miller
Maps have a fascinating history and we are literally lost without them. Video topics include history, map making, map reading, scales, determining heading and distance, and how to be successful by “thinking like a map.”

Plotting Latitude & Longitude

with Rebelle Founder Emily Miller
Latitudes, longitudes, coordinates, and how to mark them on a paper map. Not only are they key skills for current and future Rebelles, they are also vital for any adventurer or traveler.

All About Roadbooks

with Rally Navigator Founder Mike Shirley
Mike Shirley is the primary developer of Rally Navigator and also an Instructor with Rally Management Services. Learn how to read, make your own, and practice using roadbooks.

Time / Speed / Distance

with Rebelle Director of Scoring/Head Rally Judge Chrissie Beavis
Join professional navigator and X Games gold medalist Chrissie Beavis in how to make calculations and understand Time / Speed / Distance. 

Vehicle Recovery Basics

with Overlanding BC Founder & Instructor Christopher Walker
Get the lowdown on recovery skills, equipment needed (and not needed) on the rally, and most importantly – WHY.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the Rally

with Rebelle Technical Director Chris Woo

From leveling up your game as a competitor to being prepared on the Rebelle, this Rebelle U course is tailor-made for all Rebelles and future Rebelles.

Thrival Not Survival

with 5x Rebelle Rachael Ridenour

Join 5x Rebelle and Army veteran Rachael Ridenour for her tips and tactics that go beyond survival and get you to thrival. These skills will help you rock both mountain cold and desert heat during the Rebelle and/or your next outdoor adventure. 

Rally Competitor Marketing School

with 2016 4×4 Rebelle Winner Charlene Bower

This one is for any competitor or future competitor looking for a little marketing guidance. Charlene Bower owns Ladies Offroad Network and Bower Motorsports Media, and is a well-known brand builder. Watch to learn a few tips and tricks on how to get your marketing momentum going.

Get Ready to Rally

with 2019 4×4 Rebelle Winner Rachelle Croft

Join 2x Rebelle and 2019 4×4 champ Rachelle Croft of Expedition Overland as she discusses one of the most common topics of conversation pre-rally – how to pack your bags AND your vehicle.