Beyond Competition

Rebelles’ lives are impacted by the rally. Rebelles and the rally impact lives beyond it. Our community of strong, smart, adventurous, unbreakable women (and men) can and will change the world. Because what happens beyond the competition and score matters most.

What is Rebelle Impact?

Rebelle Impact is a brand and fund rooted in the principle of “what happens beyond the competition and score matters most.” Our mission is to elevate women across the globe and at home, and to make a positive impact in our communities – from empowering girls and women to caring for our environment.

We are not a non-profit. We are a for-profit business with a giving heart. We give dollars, time, talents and intention. And…we ask Rebelles to take the positive lessons learned on the rally and apply them to their daily lives to those around them – the lessons of knowing your north star, navigating your journey, teamwork, leadership. These lessons, combined with confidence, competence and community are the cornerstones of the Rebelle and can have profound impact on the lives Rebelles touch. The Rebelle community through conscious attention to the concept of Rebelle Impact can and will geometrically expand GOOD.

Our Focus & Mission

Woman running a small business

Investing in Women

Supporting women’s businesses and initiatives through financial loans, mentoring, and education via proven organizations.

Expanding the Rebelle
Principles beyond the Rally

To consciously and intentionally spread the positive outcomes and learnings of the Rebelle Rally to those around us through the principles of knowing your north star, navigation, team work, leadership.

Supporting Education​

Ensure young girls and women have access to a real-world education and key tools that empower them for success.

Caring for the Environment​

To continually respect and care for our environment through conservation, education and boots-on-the-ground projects.

Giving Highlights

Environmental Commitment

Rebelle Rally is partnered with Tread Lightly! as our outdoor ethics partner. A highly respected and long-standing non-profit organization, Tread Lightly! promotes responsible recreation through stewardship, education, and communication. The rally encourages and promotes Tread Lightly! outdoor ethics training program and T.R.E.A.D. principles to all women competing in the Rebelle. As a part of the rally, we ensure our participants know and respect the land, native plants and animals that inhabit the area we travel. We also ask that our participants carry this sensitivity and awareness into their travels wherever they adventure.

The “Tread Lightly! 101” Online Awareness Course is a 30 - 45 minute course designed to teach the basics about the Tread Lightly! organization and, more importantly, how to minimize your impacts in the outdoors. ​

In 2020, the rally launched the Electrified Program for electric vehicles. The rally works with proven, respected company Renewable Innovations (RI) to provide green power and challenging remote powering solutions. RI provided solar powered basecamps and off-grid electric vehicle charging. Rebelle Rally and RI works together collaboratively to ensure leadership in sustainable mobility and responsible use of the outdoors. 

In 2023, RI transported and charged the EVs with 800kg of 100% green hydrogen. Ground breaking!