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The Rebelle media team is highly experienced in garnering quality, authentic third-party press – from hosting journalists to putting them behind the wheel and the map – for a truly immersive journey. The “total-package” experience is like no other.

“I grab the sides of my seat and smile from ear to ear because I’m getting to experience just a glimpse of what the women in the Rebelle Rally get to do for eight days straight. And it’s freaking awesome.”

-Stacy Leasca
-Mercedes Lilienthal
-Hannah Elliot

“It is this intent of the Rebelle Rally and its rapidly growing popularity that makes us think this may be one of the most significant off-road competitions in North America.

In many ways, the Rebelle Rally is redefining off-road competition in the United States and breathing new life into the sport. It is an event that competitors, spectators, and companies should all keep their eyes on.”

-Brian McVickers
-Whitney Joiner
-Elana Scherr

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