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The Rebelle media team is highly experienced in garnering quality, authentic third-party press – from hosting journalists to putting them behind the wheel and the map – for a truly immersive journey. The “total-package” experience is like no other.

“I grab the sides of my seat and smile from ear to ear because I’m getting to experience just a glimpse of what the women in the Rebelle Rally get to do for eight days straight. And it’s freaking awesome.”

-Stacy Leasca
-Mercedes Lilienthal
-Mia Lardiere

“The Rebelle Rally really functions as a proving ground for Renewable Innovations’ green power delivery systems. If it can move to three different base camps over the course of a week and work flawlessly, it can certainly be brought into disaster areas to provide emergency power.

A few years ago, we were just crawling when it came to clean, sustainable power. Now, we are walking. Renewable Innovations wants to take us over the finish line.”

-Emme Hall
-Hannah Elliot
-Mara Balagtas McIlwrath

“The idea of a navigational rally might not be novel, but this one is: All competitors are required to disable any digital navigational aids on their vehicle and seal up their electronic devices (mobile phones, AirTags, tablets, laptops, and more) for the duration. It’s a test of driving precision and navigation skills, not a speed race pell-mell across the desert.”

-Kristin Shaw
-Stephanie Hart
-Tamara Warren

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