OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

#128 – The Mad Maxines

How the road to this event began for Team #128 was simple enough. A girlfriend sent Beth an article about the Rebelle Rally two years ago and said, “This isn’t for me, but I think you would be into it.” And she was right. Beth’s adventurous spirit has served her well throughout her life and introduced a variety of opportunities. As Director of Customer Service at the premiere design/manufacturing firm for military gear and apparel, her leadership role has prepared her for this challenge. Beth discovered her love of driving while tearing up a dirt track in a 1980’s Honda Pilot so upon learning of The Rebelle Rally she quickly began forming a plan to make this a reality. When it came time to find a partner, Holly Trick was a natural choice. The wickedly intelligent designer and mother of 4 minions (2 human, 2 furry) is an avid outdoor enthusiast and highly skilled dirt bike rider. More accustomed to air and water adventures, the Rally will provide a great opportunity for broadening her skills. Holly and Beth met years ago at a friend’s annual Dirt Bike Weekend and quickly formed a bond. With Beth living in Brooklyn, NY, and Holly in Cape Code, MA, reunions are few and far between. However, the pair have been hard at work prepping for the Rebelle Rally by taking navigation and off-road driving classes and are eager to apply these skills in October. With Beth’s take-charge attitude and Holly’s calm-under-pressure demeanor, the pair hope to make a statement in their rookie year!
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Crye Precision
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Beth Rodriguez


Director of Customer Service for Crye Precision


Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Quote:

"There are only ten numbers." (From Dad. It started as a way to help reassure me during math homework. Now it translates to: "Stay calm and do what you know.")

Fun Fact:

Most people that know me now as a Director at Crye Precision don't know that I was also a dancer for many years. I had total hip replacement several years ago and then started looking for other ways to be active and challenge myself.

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Holly Trick


Architectural Designer


Blountville, TN

Favorite Quote:

“K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid)”

Fun Fact:

I'm a very loud talker. My college nickname was AMP.

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The "Third Teammate"

Make, Model, Year:

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad