Backwoods Barbies

We both belong to the GX OffRoad (GXOR) group on Facebook, which is composed of approximately 30,000 Lexus GX enthusiasts. We began chatting in early 2022 when we realized that we both own 60 series Land Cruisers that are very much works in progress … and the rest is history, as they say. We have since bonded over our shared love of cats, teaching, plants, food, offroading, the forest, and Dolly Parton, among other things. (In fact, our team name is a reference to a Dolly song!)

We have chosen to compete in the Rebelle as we both appreciate new challenges and a women’s-only navigation rally is the perfect venue to prove to ourselves (and to others) that we can do anything that we set our minds to. We are both passionate about encouraging women’s presence in historically underrepresented areas, like off-roading and STEM fields. It is important to both of us that future generations of women have the opportunities to participate in the things that they enjoy, and the Rebelle Rally very much embraces that sentiment.

“From rags to wishes in my dreams I could have it all.” Backwoods Barbie, Dolly Parton

Sponsored By:

Team 143 is happy to present our sponsors for this year’s Rebelle Rally.

We had vendors that reached out to help and we also had our GXOR group offer to support us with individual sponsorships.

These generous members are on our hood wrap so they can ride along with us as we race and keep them in our hearts for all the help they gave us to get here.

The vendors are the biggest contribution to our cause, and they all deserve special mention and a place on our vehicle:

Fury Tire, who generously sponsored us for the Rally and provided us a brand new set of their Country Hunter R/T tires in a 37X12.50. A favorite among automotive enthusiasts, Fury offers high quality performance tires in a variety of dimensions for every application including on-road as well as off-road.
Off-Road Place of Toyota of Irving, who specialize in customizing bespoke dream off-road and overland builds for customers with the help of their Certified Off-Road Technicians.
MAIA Consulting, a 100% women owned business providing full service Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement Consultancy focusing on healthcare design, construction, and renovation projects.
Midguard Adventure Equipment, an American owned overland and off-road outfitter offering a number of different options to outfit a vehicle such as roof-top tents, roof racks, recovery gear, suspension components and organization.
IH8MUD, the #1 Toyota Land Cruiser and 4WD Truck Community and Online Offroad Tech Resource.
Rad Rubber Design, who offer unique products for a number of Lexus and Toyota vehicles such as rubber engine guards, fender flaps and rear window spacers.
Treaty Oak Offroad, who specialize in quality made recovery gear including recovery ropes, soft shackles and winch accessories. They also offer a number of custom Dobinsons after-market suspension set-ups and vehicle storage solutions.
Tandem Offroad, a family owned business offering a full range of vehicle services such as repair, off-road modifications, parts and installation all in-house. Offering everything from suspension, armor, lockers to their own brand of wheels and fabbed bumpers and skid-plates.
Greer Automotive Services, a local family-owned premier automotive service shop located in Woodstock, GA who offer a complete range of automotive services on a variety of makes and models including brake pad and rotor services, engine rebuild and repair, oil and fluid changes, tire replacement, rotating and balancing, bodywork and collision repair.
Avalon Auto, a pre-owned vehicle dealer offering quality automobiles and in-house financing. Avalon Auto offers a unique assortment of turn-key Lexus and Toyota off-road builds, all vehicles are serviced, maintained and upgraded using quality parts.
Tentfreak, providing adventure on wheels at a fraction of the cost with their unique, durable tents and storage compartments combined into a lightweight, off-road and adventure ready trailer system.
Lab66, an Arkansas based wrap specialist who worked carefully with us to create our unique pink vinyl race wrap featuring all our sponsor logos and signatures of individuals who supported us. Lab66 offers vinyl wrap installs to instantly upgrade and customize the look of your vehicle as well as suspension install and wheel rebuilds.

Special thanks to all our friends and families that have supported us as we aim to live our dreams as participants of the Rebelle Rally!

Shannon Murphy


A quirky adventure-loving Canadian who thrives in the outdoors exploring and communing with nature. A lover of good food, animals, the color pink and travel with far too many hobbies.


Co-owner of GXOR Gx Offroad


Woodstock, Georgia

Favorite Quote:

"Find out who you are. And do it on purpose." –Dolly Parton

Fun Fact:

I speak 4 languages, I like reptiles and I collect pressed pennies.

Why the Rebelle? Why now?

I have been following the Rebelle Rally since its start in 2016, I followed along with the standings and followed returning competitors year after year. I watched the competition evolve into what it is today. From the very beginning I had always dreamed of competing and found the women who were willing to take on the challenge of the rally awe-inspiring. I love the outdoors, off-road driving and challenging myself to learn new skills. Unfortunately in the past between school and work obligations there was never a “good time” to commit to the rally. I’d always watch the sign up date pass by and think “next year I’ll have more time”. This past December I turned 30 years old and while I’ve been on many adventures, dreams of the rally still lingered in my mind. I realized there will never be a “good time”, there will always be commitments, obligations and ultimately excuses as to why we cannot do something. You don’t find a “good time”, you make “a good time”. So this year I made mine and decided to charge head first into the challenge.

Who, or what, inspires you most?

I’ve always found inspiration in the outdoors. Spending time outside in nature is where I go to feel relaxed and centre myself when I am unsure which path to follow next in life. Trees, rocks and the ocean are so ancient and vast that they are always good reminders to look at life with perspective and to approach endeavors with calm and kindness. I find the synergy and symbiosis with which our natural world is able to function inspirational. Nearly every plant, animal and ecosystem has had to adapt and overcome in order to thrive and so too can we.

Top three favorite podcasts / books / shows

Favorite Books:

The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein
A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson
The Paper Bag Princess, Robert Munsch

Favorite Shows:

The Office
Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown
BBC’s Life with David Attenborough
Alone in the Wilderness with Dick Pronneke

Favorite Podcasts/Youtube channels:

Serial Killers Podcast
Matthew Posa’s camping and backpacking adventures with his dogs- Youtube
XOverland- Youtube
Marlin Crawler- Youtube

Greatest adventure to date?

I have been so fortunate to have so many wonderful adventures in my life that it’s hard to pick just one! I’ve travelled to so many places that I’ve really enjoyed including central America, Europe and all over Canada and the United States. My favorite and greatest adventure to date was probably choosing to move to Nova Scotia to be near the ocean in 2012. In the decade I lived there I was able to discover and explore so many beautiful places that many people never get to see, from beaches with gemstones and fossils to hidden waterfalls and foraging for local foods like wild blueberries and fiddleheads. I learned so many valuable outdoors skills hiking and camping in all seasons and have seen some of the most beautiful flora and fauna. I also took up surfing, scuba diving and rock climbing, all of which helped me make some really great connections and friendships.

Prior Years Competed:
Awards Achieved:

Nancy Santagata


Everything fascinates me: from the absolutely tiny (atoms and electrons) to the cosmically huge (the universe), and all things in between. I'll try anything once, twice just to be sure (except Black Bear Pass ... not gonna happen).




on top of a mountain in Colorado, USA

Favorite Quote:

"Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks. That means don't do it just for yourself. You will want to leave the world a little better for your having lived." -Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Fun Fact:

I have a PhD in chemistry. My thesis involved imaging the interactions between individual molecules and I taught undergraduate chemistry for nine years.

Why the Rebelle? Why now?

Short answer: Because Shannon asked me to do it with her. Long answer: I'm nerdy (could you tell?) and maps and compasses and math (!!) are totally my jam.

Who, or what, inspires you most?

My students often asked me about the meaning or purpose of life. My response was always the same: life is short so we should therefore do what makes us happy. If we're not happy, we need to make some kind of change. Happiness is what has inspired me to make the biggest, toughest changes and take on the most daunting challenges.

Top three favorite podcasts / books / shows

The X-Files, vintage science books, The Essential Billy Joel (album)

Greatest adventure to date?

In 2021, I left both academia and city life behind and moved to the Rocky Mountains, where my husband and I are building an off-grid log cabin at 2743 m elevation. We're doing this mostly by ourselves and using our own trees/resources whenever possible. I spend the (very short) summers exploring the forest, foraging for wild edibles, and fending off the bears/moose/mountain lions/mice/snakes that visit us frequently. During the winter, to avoid skating backwards downhill towards a cliff in my truck on our very steep road, I hibernate. This new life is actually the reason why I built my GX and what ultimately brought me to the Rebelle.

Prior Years Competed:
Awards Achieved:



2004 Lexus GX470