Behind the Brand - Meet Frankie Gallo, Marketing Manager at Fox Factory

March 19th, 2024

Fox Factory’s Trail Trust is an inspiring commitment to sustainable adventure and responsible recreation. It brings together a range of outdoor brands under Fox Factory’s umbrella to support trail conservation and broaden access to outdoor sports. We recently spoke with Frankie Gallo who is the Marketing Manager over at Fox to learn more about the organization’s initiatives and its vision for the future.

Can you give us an overview of Fox Factory’s Trail Trust and its core mission?

Launched in 2021, Fox Factory’s Trail Trust is a program championing adventure for all. By supporting responsible land use and protecting outdoor spaces, it ensures future generations can enjoy the thrill of the ride. Simultaneously, Trail Trust tackles diversity head-on, expanding access to cycling and powersports for underrepresented groups, making adventure truly inclusive.

How does Trail Trust work towards preserving and expanding trails, and why is this important to Fox Factory?

Trail Trust goes beyond just funding; we also combine trail preservation and expansion. We empower non-profits with grants to build, restore, and protect trails, while simultaneously educating diverse audiences about responsible land use and cultivating a generation of dedicated stewards. But our commitment doesn’t stop there – we inspire action through employee volunteering, getting our hands dirty alongside our partners to directly build and maintain these cherished natural playgrounds.

Trail Trust emphasizes “responsible recreation.” Can you elaborate on what this means and how you advocate for it?

Trail Trust champions “responsible recreation,” a philosophy of minimal impact and shared respect for the outdoors. Imagine trails winding through vibrant ecosystems, courteous adventurers yielding to uphill traffic, and leaving only footprints and taking only memories. This is the vision Trail Trust brings to life. We fuel non-profits building and maintaining trails, while fostering responsible land use through education and outreach.

Can you share a success story or a significant impact that Trail Trust has had?

Our partnership with Warfighter Made is a powerful example of Trail Trust’s success and the commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowering outdoor experience for all. Warfighter Made supports veterans through therapeutic outdoor recreation, fostering a sense of community and helping them overcome challenges. Their B.O.L.T. program extends this impact to veterans’ families, building bonds and nurturing future generations of responsible off-road enthusiasts who prioritize character development, STEM education, and environmental awareness.

Diversity and expanding opportunities in outdoor sports are a focus for Trail Trust. What steps are you taking to achieve this?

By combining financial support, strategic partnerships, targeted infrastructure projects, and impactful education, Trail Trust is blazing a trail for a more inclusive outdoor future. We have already reached 24,000 underrepresented adventurers so far, and our 2030 goal to invest US $10 million in Trail Trust by 2030, with expanding access for over 100,000 adventurers from underrepresented communities reflects an unwavering commitment to diversifying the landscape
of outdoor adventure.

Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re excited about?

Absolutely! Our excitement meter is off the charts for partnering with Rebelle Rally again for 2024! Additionally we are also excited about partnering with Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah this year. Also with it being so early in the year, we are looking forward to receiving more applications for grants for the upcoming year.

Thank you for your support. Trail Trust has many events to choose from. Why the Rebelle?

We believe every adventure should be a celebration of respect, responsibility, and inclusion. The Rebelle Rally embodies this perfectly by its commitment through responsible off-road practices and the inclusion of women in sport sets a powerful example for every adventurer. As trailblazers in this space, with not many nonprofits doing this work on the powered side, we were looking for a cool way to not only partner with someone huge in this space but also find ways to elevate and challenge our internal female talent. We’re looking forward to sponsoring someone in this year’s rally!

How can people or communities get involved with your initiatives?

Have a trail project in mind? Visit us at www.trailtrust.com to explore our grant program requirements and see if your nonprofit organization’s initiative aligns with our goals. We would love to hear about your vision!

Tell us about Trail Trusts’ long term goals.

We announced our aspiration to invest $10 million dollars in Trail Trust by 2030, with the goal of expanding access for over 100,000 adventurers from underrepresented communities. We’re excited to share that in just our first year of Trail Trust, more than 20,000 underrepresented individuals have already experienced the thrill of outdoor adventure.

We’d love to hear about one of your most memorable or favorite experiences on the trail! Can you share one that stands out?

Trail Trust partnered with Rezduro for their enduro race this year and it’s the first and only Indigenous-led Mountain bike enduro race in the United States. It takes place on the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona and is a celebration of Indigenous culture and heritage, an amazing experience to support and attend.

Lastly, any words of wisdom for our 2024 competitors?

Good luck and good racing!