We’re excited to announce DMOS Collective as an official 2018 Rebelle Rally sponsor. Woman-owned, made in Oregon, headquartered in Jackson Hole, and with fierce tough-times tackling ability, DMOS’ innovative designs began a pro-quality tool revolution back in 2015 when they reimagined the shovel. And they haven’t slowed down since. The built-to-last collection not only meets the demands of the outdoors, they make even the most challenging adventures more conquerable.

From their first product, a purpose-designed packable shovel, to now building even more tools by demand, CEO and founder Susan Pieper takes all products extremely seriously – with extensive testing in the field to boot.

“We started with just shovels, and although now we’re so much more than that, we take them just as seriously as we did on that very first day,” states Pieper. “Through a lot of getting our hands dirty in the elements, we’ve created a versatile shovel that fits a Rebelle competitor perfectly – literally. Lightweight, won’t break or rust, with a sizing to fit in the footwell or under seat, and built to withstand not only the rigors of the Rebelle but other outdoor adventures at hand — whether they involve snow, dirt, or all of the above. We’re thrilled to be involved with and supporting the Rebelle.”

As adventurous women off-road, we don’t take our shovel selection lightly! We can say firsthand, DMOS shovels have stood the rugged test of our 2018 course running and we find them absolutely Rebelle-worthy. Crafted strong enough for even the hardest digs. Next stop for our DMOS shovels? The 2018 Rebelle.

Learn more at DMOScollective.com and Rebelles, check your Competitor Zone NOW for your special Rebelle pricing!