February 2024 Newsletter

February 7th, 2024

It’s an exciting time for the Rebelle Rally! As February rolls in, we’re focusing on the momentum and energy that’s building up as we prepare for a packed schedule of Rebelle U training, course running, and setting the stage for the 9th rally this October.

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re bringing you a collection of stories that showcase the strength and innovation within our community. From the resilience of our competitors to the consistent innovation and excellence from our partners, each article highlights the diverse talents that drive the Rebelle forward. Included is an article from Founder & Director Emily Miller, offering insights into why the Rebelle Rally stands apart from traditional motorsports. Join us as we explore this month’s updates, and get ready for what’s next!

Reaching Beyond Motorsports

While the Rebelle Rally may initially seem to fit within the motorsports category, it actually lies outside that scope and defies conventional categorization. It is an extreme outdoor endurance event. In her latest blog, Founder & Director Emily Miller takes us through the essence of the Rebelle, emphasizing that its core isn’t rooted in motorsports but rather the rigorous tests of endurance, strategy, and survival skills. Dive into Emily’s insights to understand the rally’s unique position and remarkable (and grueling!) journeys of its competitors, marking the Rebelle as an event in a league of its own.

Behind the Brand - TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication

In the competitive and challenging world of off-road, few names resonate as strongly as Nicole Pitell-Vaughan, the co-owner of TOTAL CHAOS Fabrication, the leading fabrication specialists in the industry. Since our last interview in 2017, TOTAL CHAOS has not only grown but evolved, strengthening its roots in the off-road community while consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Read on for an article that delves into the journey of Nicole and her team, highlighting their contributions, innovations, and the enduring partnership with the Rebelle Rally.

Register for Rebelle U

The Rebelle U 4 Day Driving & Navigation Intensive is the best program available to build critical lifelong skills in driving and navigation. The fundamental platform taught at Rebelle U is the foundation for success – from rally to backcountry adventure. Top rally competitors continue to return to Rebelle U to hone technique in these authentic yet structured classes. Not only do you learn, it is a memorable, fun, beautiful location where many meet lifelong friends who share the love of the outdoors, exploration and positive community. The first one kicks off the best time of the year in the Southern California desert – March 21-24. We call the first two events the “Ocotillo Sessions” – incredible events in memorable locations. It may be winter for you, but it’s the best desert weather.

Spots are limited – sign up now!


Team Feature: CanToy Divas

Meet Team #144 CanToy Divas, Liza and Sue, the dynamic Canadian duo gearing up for their fourth Rebelle Rally together. From barbershop singers to off-road adventurers, their journey is as unique as their bond. Get the full scoop from this 3x International Cup winning team on their experiences and tips for future Rebelles in our blog post.

Rebelle Selects

In February’s edition of Rebelle Selects, we spotlight two products that have earned the Rebelle seal of approval – and two brands that are integral to Founder Emily Miller’s adventurous lifestyle. Emily’s constant travel and year-round course running demand gear that’s not only functional and dependable, but also high quality. So let’s dive into this month’s featured selects!

First, the YETI Panga Duffels in tan (50, 75, 100L). The most bombproof bags we have ever used. Waterproof, puncture-proof, dust proof, we can throw them in the back of our truck and never worry. The YETI Panga is virtually indestructible and is a great solution for those who want the functionality of a classic river bag, but more robust and with zipper access.

And for eye protection, we rely on the Oakley O Frame Goggles. Goggles are an essential piece of gear for the travel bag. When your eyes are protected, you feel a little more invincible in the elements. Our go to are Oakley O Frame goggles with clear lenses. Oakley is known for their crystal clear optics and are always dependable and comfortable. Having gear that stands up to the challenge is essential, and these two have become indispensable for the Rebelle – and beyond!

Rebelle in the News: Bloomberg Hot Pursuit! Podcast

In 2019, Bloomberg journalist Hannah Elliott joined the Rebelle Rally as guest of the media program, covering the first Rolls-Royce Cullinan to compete, a 2019 Cullinan that also won the X-Cross® class! Embedded in the competition, Hannah competed as media alongside a seasoned Rebelle navigator. Connecting with Hannah during the rally set the stage for a recent reunion of sorts, this time with Emily the guest on Hannah’s podcast, Bloomberg Hot Pursuit! Describing the Rebelle as the “best run car event I have ever been involved with or been around. Period,” She unveils the workings of Emily’s journey and impact in the automotive sector and the Rebelle Rally. Tune in now for an insightful and engaging conversation about Emily’s racing history – this is your chance to hear it straight from the source!”

Parting Shot

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” —Nelson Mandela