OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

International Teams…The Rebelle Rally Welcomes You!

Some of our favorite adventures, apart from driving in our incredible deserts of the U.S. West, have been overseas and beyond our borders. But we also understand the challenges and obstacles that go hand in hand with vehicle adventures.

When we envisioned the Rebelle, we wanted to create a great challenge on US soil, primarily for women in the US to have a more cost effective and exceptional experience in desert locations they might not even know exists. But we also want women from across the globe to feel a warm welcome to the Rebelle, and know that the challenge is doable and attainable. So we have done a few things to make it a reality.

Affordable, Turnkey Vehicle Rentals:
We have two groups that provide rally ready vehicles for rent at affordable prices. When we say rally ready, we mean prepped and equipped with the tools you need. (MAXTRAX, tow strap, shovel, tool kit, first aid kit, spare parts, Terratrip, compressor, quality off road tires) What this does is free you up to not stress or worry about shipping a vehicle and the associated headaches of costs, timelines, and customs.

International Cup:
International teams will bear the special International designation on their vests and vehicles. The highest scoring International team (comprised of two non-US entrants*) will receive $2,500 to the non-profit organization of their choice in their team’s name, have their name live on the much-anticipated “Prize Cup,” and take home a special IC plaque.

*An International team is defined as 2 teammates, non-US citizens or holding dual citizenship, and a valid non-US passport. A minimum one teammate must live full time abroad. International teams will fill out an eligibility questionnaire for review. Read more about it here.

Monthly Conference Calls:
We have monthly conference calls to go over rally items including, rules, format, and preparation. This is a great chance to ask questions.

Staff Support:
Although we can’t do all the work for you, we are definitely here to help, answer questions, etc. We can also arrange complimentary camping gear for teams traveling from overseas. (Don’t forget to read all the info at www.rebellerally.com. FAQs, compete, rulebook, etc.)

The Rebelle Rally is conducted in English. This includes briefings, rules, and daily official bulletins. While we encourage basic English skills, if you need a translator, you can contact the rally about bringing a translator. We will work with you and the translator from a logistics and cost perspective to accommodate needs or present any current plans the rally has for specific language support.

Online Navigation Training:
We have worked hard to develop a navigation curriculum. It is very helpful and includes video, exercises, and maps, etc. for practice. Once you are registered, you have access to this program.

Media Support:
We have an excellent network of international journalists to ensure International team news is sent to outlets outside of the U.S. While we don’t function as a team’s personal publicist, we do work proactively with teams to get the story out!
Also, we sell photo packages at an excellent price that includes rights clearance so you can share them with your sponsors for their approved use. And within this package is a collection of images sent out nightly, so someone from your “team” can access them to post to your social media, etc. (*See copyright and media clearance guidelines.)

We know you are coming a long way to participate, so consider making an extended trip. You will be starting in Northern California/Nevada and finishing in Southern California near the Mexico border. We have several recommendations to really see what the Western U.S. has to offer – from Highway 1 to the Golden Gate, to the Redwoods. Call us for more information.

WhatsApp: Reach us via WhatsApp! +1.916.719.9949.

We look forward to seeing you at the Rebelle!