January 2024 Newsletter

January 19th, 2024

Start Your Year with How To Rebelle

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year, and a fantastic 2024! Start the year right by marking your calendars for our upcoming online class, “How to Rebelle.”

Whether you’re a rookie this year or planning for a future rally, this session offers valuable insights including starting tips, sponsorship guidance, helpful resources, and a special onX Offroad segment on app usage for Rebelle preparation. Open to everyone interested in competing and will be hosted by Founder Emily Miller and past competitors. Don’t miss you – learn more and sign up now:

Date: Wednesday January 24th, 2024
Time: 5:00 – 6:15pm PST
Where: Online session. Invitations to be sent prior to the class.

Team Feature: Team HoneyBadgers

The HoneyBadgers Team #156 of Rasa Fuller and LeeWhay Pasek are ready to take on the 2024 Rebelle Rally with their trusty steed and third team member, PHXTaco, a 2004 Toyota Tacoma. It all started in late 2020 when Rasa decided it was time to stop waiting for her friends to come up with the idea of competing in the Rebelle and jump in with both feet. When her original partner didn’t work out, she asked her friend LeeWhay to join her on the adventure. The rest, as they say, is history, becoming an exceptional team, and even better friends. “LeeWhay is now like a sister to me,” said Rasa. “It’s important to be able to talk through and work through challenges so we can come out stronger on the other side. I think we’re a stronger team because of that commitment to each other.” They have shown they are a competitive team, finishing in the top 10 in the 2023 competition.

Register for Rebelle U

The Rebelle U 4 Day Driving & Navigation Intensive is the best program available to build critical lifelong skills in driving and navigation. The fundamental platform taught at Rebelle U is the foundation for success – from rally to backcountry adventure. Top rally competitors continue to return to Rebelle U to hone technique in these authentic yet structured classes. Not only do you learn, it is a memorable, fun, beautiful location where many meet lifelong friends who share the love of the outdoors, exploration and positive community. The first one kicks off the best time of the year in the Southern California desert – March 21-24. Check the schedule for the Rebelle U Presented by Pennzoil classes or sign up now for March.

Rebelle Selects

Our go-to navigation companion: Suunto. Even before embarking on the Rebelle, our Suunto compass consistently guided us through numerous trips across the globe. It’s the number one compass brand we recommend for future competitors and anyone taking on an expedition or backcountry adventure. Why? Not only have the compasses proven steadfast and reliable for us after all of these years, the company also has a proven track record of 80+ years producing some of the most impressive compasses, watches, and dive computers out there. We highly recommend adventurers always keep a compass with a sighting mirror in their kit, and we prefer two models in particular – the MC-2 and KB 20 models. The MC-2G has a global needle and works anywhere. There’s no other compass we’d place our trust in!

Rebelle in the News: MotorWeek

MotorWeek’s Stephanie Hart joined the 8th edition of the Rebelle Rally for three days, capturing the final stages in Glamis. Their team braved 100°+ heat, interviewed competitors, canvassed the dunes with TOTAL CHAOS, gained insight into the rally’s operations, and celebrated Rebelles’ achievements at the award ceremony and gala Rebellation. 

Rebelle U Insider: Rebelle Trials

Exciting update from Rebelle U Presented by Pennzoil! This year there will be two Rebelle Trials – one in the United States and another in Canada! Rebelle Trials, a one-day rally stage experience, is the perfect way to conclude your two-day intensive Rebelle U navigation training. Featuring stunning landscapes and the unique Rebelle Format, which includes map and compass challenges and enduro challenges, Rebelle Trials serves as both excellent rally preparation and a standalone adventure. Don’t wait! Reserve your spot for Rebelle Trials at Ridgecrest now.

Stay tuned for details and registration for Rebelle Trials Canada, set to launch on February 1st for the event on July 14th. Rebelle Trials is your passport to experiencing the Rebelle.

In Case You Missed It: Dead Reckoning

We have been working behind the scenes with great partners to tell the story of Rebelle. But from COVID to writers strikes, we launched our own docuseries telling the story from our perspective. From the inside out, to you. Our directive, to show the challenge, depth and soul of this life impacting event through our incredible content collected from our beginning and the from the voices from Rebelle. Thanks to the incredible team at Vigil Films, who has been by our side since Day 1 capturing the journey.

Watch as Vigil Films and Rebelle Rally take you on our journey, told by us.


Parting Shot

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving.” -Martin Luther King Jr.