Meet Dr. Kevin Stone of The Stone Clinic, Official Partner of the 2020 Rebelle Rally

The world-renowned Stone Clinic is not only an official partner of the Rebelle Rally, they’re also a longtime trusted advisor. Pioneering orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Stone assisted the Rebelle throughout 2020 in countless aspects as we prepared for our event amongst unprecedented times. To say Dr. Stone knows a thing or two about staying healthy is an understatement. He is not only an orthopedic surgeon but clinician scientist, inventor and founder of multiple companies. Dr. Stone has rebuilt world-class Olympic athletes, is chairman of the Stone Research Foundation, lectures around the world, and holds over 50 U.S. patents! He is a known and respected advocate for female athletes and women in sports.

Stone is known for pioneering research, is synonymous with rebuilding knees (watch his TED talk), and is also an avid innovator. He founded Joint Juice wanting to replace the drudgery of taking Glucosamine pills for joint health and put it into a simple-to-consume beverage. He created Rescue Reel as a positive solution to the terrifying sight of seeing people jump out of windows on 9-11. Watch him on TED tell the story of Rescue Reel. It’s fascinating. His latest book is coming soon called Play Forever – How to Recover from Injury and Thrive. Although we could go on, we thought it best to sit down with the man himself to understand how he does it all.

What made you want to specialize in orthopedic surgery?

I injured my own knee playing soccer for Harvard and admired the surgeon who repaired it. I knew I wanted to treat people like me who had injuries that interrupted their sports and life plans, which if repaired they could return them to the activities they love.

What’s the best part about your job?

The people I care for get excited when we inspire them to train like athletes in training rather than patients in rehab. Seeing them achieve our goals for them to be fitter, faster and stronger than they have been in years puts a smile on our entire team’s faces, every day.

We know you are quite the athlete. Tell us what your favorite sports are. 

I love windsurfing (now a little wing surfing), SUP on the ocean, skiing in powder, waterskiing on glassy water…

You joined the Rebelle Rally last year for the first time. First impressions?

It is a phenomenal organization, environment and event. It takes your breath away to watch talented drivers and navigators use smart tactics to accomplish a sequence of goals in the desert.

The Rebelle Rally founder credits you as a mentor. She says you pack in more in every minute than most people live in a lifetime. What’s your secret?

I find a lot of time in every second.

You have been a major advocate for female athletes. Any advice you’d like to share?

From my physician point of view: Repair injuries early using the latest science and techniques rather than hoping they will go away.From a mentoring perspective: Apply the same drive and skill to your career building as you do to your sport…make a personal business plan today and execute on it…

Lastly, any advice for competitors for their 10-day competition?

Watch Emily.  She rocks.