OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Meet Stephen Bruner, Corkcicle Co-Founder and 2017 Rebelle Rally Sponsor

We’re proud that our competition takes place entirely in the great outdoors of the American West. And what goes hand in hand with the vast desert landscapes and steamy sand dunes we cover from Nevada to California? Hydration – a key factor in Rebelle competitors staying on top of their game. Enter Corkcicle, our 2017 hydration sponsor, and Stephen Bruner, co-founder of the company. He also happens to be one of Orlando Business Journals’ 2016 40 Under 40 Honorees, and has a knack for innovation with a twist for enhancing our drinking experiences.

Rebelle staff has used Corkcicle products for as long as they’ve been on shelves, and we’ve all definitely put their products to the test. Design is at their core, and we love that they’re bringing the “refined” to our “rough” here at the Rebelle. Given Corkcicle’s ever-popular canteens will literally be helping teams cross the finish line this year, we were excited to pick Stephen’s brain on all things beverage, and his functional solution for the masses.

So what’s in a name, anyway?
The name Corkcicle is inspired by our first product, the in-bottle wine chiller. It looks like an icicle with a wine cork on top of it…and its really fun to say three times fast.

Where did the inspiration come from for Corkcicle bottles?
We had been making a lot of products for wine and wanted to build an amazing wine carrier that would keep it cold when you travel to the beach, pool, picnic, etc. After launching that product, our customers were in love with the design and effectiveness and asked us to expand into a full hydration line of cups and bottles of a wide range of colors and sizes. So we listened and the rest is history.

We know Corkcicle uses a first of its kind, proprietary insulation. What else really sets Corkcicle apart from the rest?
Outside of the insulation, the other two things would be our uniquely patented flat sides design. It’s extremely ergonomic and also contributes to a sleek modern look. Secondly, we put a lot of energy in to understanding color trends and the designs we select to put on our bottles.

Stranded on a desert island – what three Corkcicle products would you take with you?
3 of our amazing 60oz Canteens to stockpile my liquids

Most rewarding part of creating a company/product/brand like Corkcicle?
Seeing the product being used out in the wild when you’re out and about around the country.

Are there any new products in the works you can let us in on?
Well…I guess so. We wanted to get back to our roots a bit and marry the insulated hydration products back to wine. So look out for a little insulated wine cup from us here pretty soon. (Big applause from the Rebelle office!)

Lastly, any words of wisdom?
One of our brand ambassadors, Miles-Chamley Watson, lives by the credo “Create a Legacy, Not a Moment.” I love that idea, and its a powerful thing to consider how to achieve that in various parts of your life.