OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Rebelle 4030

We love cars and trucks! And we love ones with history. And while there are plenty of names that describe these vehicles, the terms “vintage” and “classic” invoke a feeling of “old.” And we are women who feel ageless. So vehicles that are younger than some of us, don’t deserve a term that makes them seem outdated or tired. So welcome to our new Rebelle Designation – 4030. As in “40 is the new 30!”


  • 4030 (pronounced forty-thirty) is a designation to show respect and appreciation to those who choose to take on the Rebelle in a vehicle 40 years or older.
  • This is not a class. There is not a winner of the 4030s. But plenty of pride and props!
  • Each 4030 team will bear the 4030 logo designation on the vehicle, the team’s vest,  and on the website.
  • Each team will receive a special Rebelle Rally 4030 jacket and merchandise at Tech Inspection.
  • The vehicle must be 40 years or older. It must be street legal and comply with the official rulebook. Vehicle must have a minimum 3-point seatbelt. Vehicles can be restored, modified, etc., but must have started as that production-based vehicle. Please ensure your vehicle is well prepped before arriving.
  • See or know of a great potential 4030 vehicle on the streets or trails?  Tag it #rebelle4030