Rebelle Enduro Challenges

The 2017 Rebelle Rally will present several “Rebelle Enduro Challenge” (REC) sections which are intended to train and test a team’s ability to stay on route and on time while using a roadbook with specific instructions.

  • On Route – Teams will be provided with a roadbook that defines the specific route they must follow. The roadbook contains a series of waypoints with instructions that include mileages, diagrams, headings, and verbiage to communicate the course to be followed.
  • On Time – The roadbook may also define the time it must take to travel the specified route. The roadbook will either specify this time directly or waypoint instructions will prescribe average speeds over given distances so that teams must calculate the time themselves.

Teams are scored on how well they follow the given instructions. Controls will be located at some of the waypoints along the route to mark the passage and/or time of each team. The types of controls are as follows:

  • Start Control – the location where officials release vehicles onto the route at prescribed intervals.
  • Timing Control – a control that records the exact time a team passes that instruction. Teams are not allowed to stop at or near a timing control and must pass without impeding other traffic.
  • Passage Control – a control that records teams that have followed the specified route.

Teams will be notified in advance how many controls will be on each route and how many points each control will be worth. Rebelle Enduro Challenge sections will finish at the next green checkpoint along the route if not stated as ending before that.

REC Basic Terminology:

  • Waypoint – A place that corresponds to a line of information in the roadbook that may include an overall mileage, an incremental mileage, a diagram, written instructions or descriptors, a PAS, and/or a heading.
  • Overall Mileage – The mileage calculated from the start of the Enduro Challenge to the waypoint.
  • Incremental Mileage – The mileage calculated from the last waypoint to the current waypoint.
  • Heading – The compass direction of the road at the end of the instruction.
  • PAS (Prescribed Average Speed) – Indicated at a waypoint by a circled number. The number represents the average speed in KPH (kilometers per hour) that a team must travel to be on time to following instructions. If a team travels at exactly the given PAS then they will pass following instructions at the correct time until the PAS changes.
  • Start Time – The specific time of day which is assigned for a team to start a Rebelle Enduro Challenge section.
  • Key Time – The correct time in hours, minutes, and seconds, to travel a given distance. It may be given directly or may need to be calculated using the PAS and distances given in the instructions (see TSD Equation).
  • True Time – The ideal time of arrival at or passage past an instruction calculated by adding the Key Time to the Start Time. Expressed as time of day.
  • TSD Equation – A significant aspect of all rallying is the relationship between distance, speed, and time. Described arithmetically, these relationships can be expressed as:

If you are given any two of those variable, the third is a matter of multiplication or division.