The Rebelle Format – Part 1

The Rebelle Format is unique yet familiar, designed with intention to meet a mission and goal. Several years were spent creating a challenge that would be truly demanding and interesting without the fastest speed as the deciding factor. Think of it as the ultimate moving chess game, immersed in some of the most stunning landscapes you can find.

The Rebelle Rally is designed for stock manufacturer vehicles – not race cars – with two classes – 4×4 and X-Cross. The competition takes place on primarily public lands every October and is for women. It does not allow GPS, internet connected devices, personal support crews or outside support. It is demanding on the driver, navigator and vehicle…especially the navigator. However, for a team to score well, the driver must possess keen navigation skills – a must for success in the backcountry whether in a vehicle, on a bike, skis or on foot. Our mission is to sharpen skills to be top notch all around – not just in the rally.

The format is somewhat a triathlon of navigation rally. There are two types of overarching challenges – Map and Compass and Enduro.

Map and Compass

Competitors are given information to physically plot checkpoints (CP) on provided maps in the form of a heading and distance from a known point or a latitude longitude coordinate. 

Checkpoints are rated green, blue and black diamond based on navigation difficulty. Black diamond points are awarded based on how close a team is to the coordinate. 

Enduro Challenges

Enduro challenges use traditional rally roadbooks and are divided into two types – On Route or On Time. On Route may included embedded checkpoints and competitors receive points for nailing the CPs. On Time enduros include a number of average speed changes and competitors are awarded points for how close they are on time throughout the challenge. 

X Checkpoints

X Checkpoints are optional checkpoints that are either harder to drive or harder to navigate and are awarded more points. For example, there may be a CP 5 and CP 5X. You may score one of the #5 CPs. 

Quick facts:

  • Competitors receive between 15-25 CPs per stage
  • Stages are normally 10+ hours in duration
  • Highest score wins
  • Teams collect checkpoints in order 
  • Green checkpoints are mandatory
  • Blue and black diamond checkpoints are not required to collect.
  • Checkpoints have opening and closing times. Teams must collect points within the time window.
  • All competitors are urged to plot all points on the map as it shows the proper route to drive.
  • OOO = out of order section of the stage where teams can collect CPs in any order – new in 2022)


The Rebelle Rally is a brain game that you must play yourself. Your own game. Following will lead get you in trouble. You don’t know what others are doing, they may be in a different group, and spending time overthinking someone else’s game will waste your time. This is a challenge of strategy, focus, efficiency and teamwork. Checking your ego at the door, the ability to laugh and the discipline to keep looking forward is not only a lesson for doing well in the Rebelle, it is a recipe for life.  #JoinTheRebelle

A big thank you to YB Tracking, Iridium, Rally Navigator, Gibeault family and Phil Membury for supporting the Competition and Course Team to make the Rebelle Format and scoring automation achievable.