OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Rebelle Impact – Words by Founder Emily Miller

Today I woke up and before I started in on my projects for the day, I received a notification that some money from our Rebelle Impact loans had been repaid. It was time to pass those funds along. So Rebelle made a loan to a woman who is a small farmer in Egypt. The loan is through Kiva and The One Acre Fund. I hope you will watch this video and take a moment to reach on about why agriculture and supporting small women farmers is important to me and to Rebelle Impact. The founder of One Acre Fund makes a great statement at the end of the video about encouraging you to find what really drives you with purpose, not just something on a spreadsheet. Amen.

I am so thankful for the companies including Heifer International and One Acre Fund, who teach people to fish as opposed to handing them the fish. Most of you may not know but the roots of Rebelle come from farming. When I take off my Rebelle Rally hat, I put on my other hat – that of managing our family’s farms. The Rebelle is literally connected to women in agriculture. And we take that connection global because of not only the importance of it as that video shows, it’s also personal for me.

What I have also learned in this journey is that each day so many women across the globe wake up to not look at their devices and lazily drive to Starbucks, they head into the fields before first light to ensure their families can thrive. I don’t believe thriving means living in a 1st world country. We have a different set of issues that arise from such excess. But they do back breaking work for their families’ to have the opportunity to live and succeed. Through Rebelle Impact, we can help those who know how to do the job teach women to do so successfully and pass it on.

We Rebelles love to travel and adventure. To see other things, other people, other cultures whether at home or abroad. It can help make us remember how fortunate we are. When we use those Rebelle skills to venture beyond the comfortable, we receive an often needed dose of humility and responsibility…A reminder to be part of solutions not problems. Our hope is that even in our small way, Rebelle Impact can remain a collaborative part of good for women across the planet – at home and far away.