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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Who would’ve known that a book by Malcolm Gladwell would apply so well to the Rebelle Rally and the competition we have created. But it does. Blink is Gladwell’s second book after Tipping Point, another favorite.

In Rebelle U, we recommend Blink as required reading. In the Rebelle Rally, there are multiple times each day that make you question yourself, your skills and your next step. Pushing the button at the blue checkpoint that you question is yours, committing to the black checkpoint, choosing which nav skills you will employ to make your decisions, seeing a road before you that isn’t on the map. Each one of these points causes you to question and make key decisions.

Confidence is low. Doubt creeps in. Your teammate sees your doubt and then questions, and the spiral continues until it’s hard to remember the facts and skills that got you to that point. Keep It Simple principles fly out the window. Overthinking has taken over. Analysis paralysis.

Many times on the rally, we’ve seen competitors pull right up and stop on the black checkpoint, only to sit, recalculate, question, and then drive away. And then there are the times where you know you are not in the right location, but you can’t articulate it. You just know it’s not it.

Enter Blink.

Gladwell uses research and studies to thoroughly cover the topic of rapid cognition from multiple angles – the positive and the negative. Essentially, it’s about trusting your gut, when not to and why your gut is so powerful. It’s about how and why quick decision-making can be so spot on, while information overload can cloud our judgment.

Taking time to train some of the finer points that reach far beyond driving and navigating will reward you with powerful lessons for both competition and life.


We craft a playlist for each base camp! After the hard work of laying out the course and checkpoints is finished, we turn our attention to the experience beyond the competition. Each Rebelle base camp is carefully crafted not only for look and feel, but also to appeal to all the senses. Because building an epic course is only one piece of a world class event – the place, the vibe, and the tone all set the stage. And music is key. From Johnny Cash to The Eagles, Ben Harper and Lyle Lovett, our Base Camp 1 Spotify playlist contains a dash of Americana with singer/songwriter musings perfectly suited for our Nevada location – and for Rebelles, a transport back to their own Rebelle days.




There is a reason car dealers Karen and Jo Hannah Hoehn are the rallyists in the family. Watch Bob Hoehn struggle with the map and directions trying to find the Loch Ness Monster. At least he asks for help.


“I will never ever go back to the woman I was before. I will never say I cannot do something, neither fear nor hesitation will decide my fate.” 

– Kristian Moley, 2019 Rebelle



When KÜHL jumped onboard last year as our clothing sponsor, we were beyond stoked. Because we knew for a fact their pants and jackets were 100% Rebelle proof. These Weekendr Tights are super durable, comfortable, and with the most perfect way of holding up through three, four, dare we say five wears in a row.


Thank you to 4-time Rebelle Rebecca Donaghe for sharing