Silt beds, deep sand, fast two-track trails—and roads so rocky you’d be sure your vehicle was on the verge of falling apart. Winds so strong that billboards in the closest town, a few hours away by dirt, blew over and blocked traffic. The inaugural Rebelle Rally is making things clear—it isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Teams had over a hundred grueling off-road miles to cover, and over a dozen checkpoints to clear to earn the maximum amount of points. There’s three different checkpoints, green, which everyone must clear to proceed to the next day and are well marked; blue checkpoints are harder to find, but still marked. Black checkpoints must be found solely using the team’s navigation skills and are not marked. They must be within 150 feet of those designated spots in order to earn the points.

A super tight points spread is a sign of the intense competition to come—with an incredible four teams competing the course with 97% accuracy; leaving them with a total of 108 points each, a four-way tie for first place. Second place is currently in a five-way tie, with those teams completing the course with 95% accuracy and a total of 106 points. Needless to say, tomorrow is going to be an exciting day that’s sure to separate the field. Check the live scoring link below to see more.

Many teams arrived back at basecamp to find their tents and shelter in tatters, with extremely high winds upsetting everything but the most well-secured tents. Luckily a rain storm which had previously shifted course midday towards basecamp just skirted away to the north—as you can imagine, that would make an already difficult day even more challenging. In true Rebelle spirit, some competitors lent a helping hand to those competitors still out on the course, re-securing and repairing tents so they didn’t blow away.