California’s Johnson Valley OHV Area hosts some of the toughest, most-grueling four-wheel drive events in the world—including the famous King of the Hammers each year in early February. With terrain varying from dry lake beds, to river washes with plenty of whoops, to the premier rock-crawling terrain in the world; there’s plenty of challenges to be had around every corner.

Rebelles can drive almost anywhere in the open OHV area, meaning that there are no set roads, they plot a direction and follow it. This might sound easy, but with the amount of users Johnson Valley sees, there are so many trail options it becomes insanely easy to get lost, or end up at a dead-end obstacle that only a dedicated rock crawler could tackle.


The goal for today’s checkpoints was simple, according to Jimmy Lewis, Course Director of the Rebelle Rally “There’s no way they’re going to be able to get them all, even if the teams have an in-depth local knowledge of Johnson Valley—which could be a hinderance as much as it could help them. They’ll have to develop a strategy and execute it, which will definitely ruffle a few team’s feathers.” One-hundred and ninety points are on the line today in Johnson Valley, split between 23 checkpoints.

Team Hoehn Avocado, consisting of Jo Hannah Hoehn and Susie Saxten, and team 128 of Angela Terry and Susan Saxten completed today’s stage with a tie for the highest accuracy at an impressive 86%, adding 164 points to their total score. This puts the Avocados at 574 points, tied for fifth place, and team 128 at 563 points, tied for 7th place. The crossover class continues to be dominated by Team Hoehn Quail of Meli Barrett and Sabrina Howells—they completed the course with an impressive 80% accuracy.

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Rebelle Rebound

The Squirrel Girls, team 129, despite a crash yesterday in the Dumont dunes, recovered impressively at Johnson Valley, securing their tie in third place by gathering 151 points, completing the course with 79% accuracy. Team Sugar High (#126), who were up until nearly two AM fixing their broken front axle from the Dumont Dunes accident, hit their goal of meeting all of the green checkpoints, and even managed to snag a hard-to-find blue checkpoint.

Despite being able to repair the axle at a body shop, it was a pesky axle seal which lead them to be awake up until the  late, Rebelle rules state that team members must stay with the vehicle at all times when it’s out of impound.