America’s first all-female navigation rally has come to a close, with ups-and-downs, triumphs and challenges; great days and bad days—the dust has settled and the results are in. 

Finishing in the Glamis Sand Dunes, with few distinguishable landmarks and difficult terrain to traverse, you could easily call this the most technical day of the Rebelle Rally. Few, if any, competitors didn’t get stuck in the steep, unpredictable sand dunes. But that didn’t stop every. single. Rebelle. from finishing the landmark event.

We’re proud of everyone and the challenges they’ve overcome to get to the finish line, but we’d especially like to congratulate Charlene Bower and Kaleigh Hotchkiss who have won the first-ever Rebelle Rally. 

  1. 125 – Charlene Bower / Kaleigh Hotchkiss — 815 points — 80%
  2. 119 Taylor Pawley / Micaela Windham — 785 points — 77%
  3. 129 Nena Barlow / Kande Jacobsen — 2016 Ram Rebel — 772 points — 76%
  4. 134 Shelby Hall / Amy Lerner — 763 — 75%
  5. 104 Cora Jokinen / Melissa Fischer — 762 — 75% 

Thank you to the countless staff, sponsors, supporters and competitors who have made this event a reality. 

Get the full results from the first-ever Rebelle Rally here: