OCTOBER 12 – 21, 2023

Rebelle Rally Field Update: Tech Inspection

Hoover Dam, AZ

The Rebelle Rally is a driving and navigation rally that spans over ten days and 2,275 kilometers across the wilds of Nevada and California, making it the longest competitive off-road navigation rally in the United States.  Teams from across North America converged at the Westin in Lake Las Vegas, the starting point for this year’s rally. The morning starting with a welcome to the 52 teams – a completely sold-out event.  Next up was rally school, where rookies and veterans alike were briefed on the competition format, scoring, penalties, safety, and etiquette, amongst other topics.

The past five years the Rebelle has started in the Lake Tahoe area, but this year the event traded one stunning shore for another – the Hoover Dam.  With Tech Inspection held the Arizona side of the dam, the Rebelle is technically a three-state rally this for the first time ever. An engineering feat that was a critical component to establishing the American Southwest, there’s nothing more impressive than standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam.



Technical Inspection was designed for efficiency to accommodate a record number of teams, with each vehicle entering one at a time at specific intervals to receive their Iridium satellite phones, apply team numbers, and mount Yellow Brick trackers that allow live tracking of team positions on course. Starting on the Hoover Dam allows the rally to cover previously uncharted terrain through the beautiful and remote desert of the Southwest.  Rebelle Rally founder Emily Miller and Course Director Jimmy Lewis have spent years working tireless with national, state, and local agencies in order to access the areas used in the rally.  “The dedication of our staff and the actions of our teams are the only way this is possible,” Miller explained. The competition kicks off at 7 AM on Friday morning with an unscored prologue to prepare teams for the challenges that await.



There are two classes – 4×4 and X-Cross™. This year there are 42 4×4 entries which are defined as four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case and ten X-Cross™ vehicles from the popular AWD and Crossover SUV segment. In addition to the two classes, there are special designations and awards for Bone Stock, Rookie of the Year, International Cup, and Electrified. The Team Spirit Award is given to the team that displays the best attitude, helps others, and defines the Rebelle spirit, as selected by their fellow competitors. It is searching for solutions, proving encouragement and treating others with respect and enthusiasm, which ultimately results in fostering a spirited competitive climate.

As the name implies, the Bone Stock Award is for the best finisher in a vehicle that is exactly as delivered from the factory. All parts must be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). No modifications are allowed beyond aftermarket wheels and tires. The Rebelle Rally has become a proving ground for OEMs, with factory entries from ten manufacturers this year including Jeep, Ford, Mitsubishi, Kia, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Volkswagen, Nissan, and Rivian.



Daily Tech Tip- How Can I Follow The Rebelle Rally?
There are a number of ways to follow the Rebelle Rally as the competition unfolds each day, including:




As partner of the Rebelle Rally, Scrubblade was onsite at Tech Inspection today installing wiper blades for every interested team and course worker. “Scrubblade started as an idea on a piece of paper, and much like the Rebelle Rally itself, we’ve had to navigate through many obstacles in the course of doing business,” explained company founder BIlly Westbrook. “Every checkpoint along this journey we have built our strength and grown as both individuals and a business. Once we had the opportunity to meet the people behind the Rebelle Rally, we realized that this organization was more than a race. The impact the rally has on women we find truly amazing and are excited to see the growth in this industry.” The crew from Scrubblade will also be a part of the Awards Ceremony, co-presenting the Team Spirit Award.   Want to know more?  Check out our interview with Westbrook here.


About the Rebelle Rally

The Rebelle Rally is the longest competitive off-road rally in the United States. Traversing over 2,500 kilometers through Nevada and California’s iconic terrain, it is an endurance competition for women consisting of precision driving and navigating – not fastest speed. The competition is innovative and unique, using maps, compass, roadbooks and strategy – known as Rebelle Format. GPS and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited. Remote and off-grid for eight competition days, the Rebelle Rally is considered a providing ground for people, products and stock manufacturer vehicles.
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