Rebelle Rally Presents DEAD RECKONING

5-part docuseries telling the story of the longest competitive off-road rally in America, that just happens to be for women.

October 10th, 2023

The Rebelle Rally has launched their own digital docuseries, Dead Reckoning, detailing the story of the longest competitive off-road rally in the United States. It just happens to be for women. The unique and extremely challenging endurance competition is not a race for speed, but a competition for points using old school navigation, grit, determination and teamwork. Teams are comprised of a driver and navigator piloting stock manufacturer vehicles with just a compass, map and roadbook.

The title Dead Reckoning is appropriate, referencing the navigation skill that relies on distance and headings not merely reading features on a map. A mantra echoed across the competition field and staff.

The competition is in its 8th year, with the annual edition October 12 – 21. Teams are required to seal up their cell phones and GPS for 8 days of competition across some of the most iconic back country, off-road terrain in the world, with no personal support crews. The challenge is real and raw, the competition extremely high with teams ranging from seasoned veterans to rookies who often times don’t quite realize what they have gotten themselves in to. Explore the uncharted territory of both the desert southwest and human determination. Every second counts in Dead Reckoning. Tune in now.

  • Episode 1 – “Finding Direction” Watch now
  • Episode 2 – “The Arduous Task” Watch now
  • Episode 3 – “The Wild West” Watch now
  • Episode 4 – “The Game of Competition” Watch now
  • Episode 5 – “Lasting Impact” Watch now

Dead Reckoning is produced by Vigil Films.