Rebelle Rally Welcomes New Partner Fox Factory and Their Sustainability Initiative Trail Trust

October 5th, 2023

The Rebelle Rally has long been known for its staunch commitment to conserving the fantastic locations that play host to the competitors along the course every year. Continuing this pledge, the Rebelle Rally is pleased to welcome their new partner, Fox Factory, and their sustainability initiative, Trail Trust. Fox Factory created Trail Trust in November 2021 to become a new kind of champion that leads the way in delivering sustainable adventure to everyone. They partner with global nonprofit organizations that align with one or more of their Trail Trust objectives. These include trail building and maintenance, responsible recreation and expanding access. Since their inception, Fox has donated nearly $2 million to more than 100 nonprofit organizations globally and their goal by 2030 is to invest $10 million in partnerships and opportunities for over 100,000 under-represented adventurers.

“Fox is thrilled to partner with the Rebelle Rally to provide a platform for women to shine. It’s critical that women have the opportunity to participate in world-class events like the Rebelle within our male-dominated industry. Fox created Trail Trust in 2021 to champion sustainable adventure for all, making sure that women and other under-represented populations can experience the thrill of adventure. The Rebelle Rally embodies the spirit of Trail Trust and the importance of elevating women in the automotive and adventure world. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.” Jackie Martin, Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer

Rebelle Rally’s commitment to stewardship goes beyond the eight days of competition every October. They recognize that Rebelles and the rally impact lives outside of the one event. Rebelle Impact has many different focuses including education, investment and leadership but also through caring for the environment. Through our partnership with Trail Trust, Rebelle is able to support their mission of protecting and expanding access to this shared playground.

“It is so exciting to have Fox Factory’s Trail Trust as a partner for the 2023 Rally. Their leadership in sustainable adventure is incredible and helps us continue our mission of positive impact beyond the eight days of Rebelle competition,” says Emily Miller, Founder of Rebelle Rally. “Caring for the environment is a key pillar of Rebelle and Fox’s Trail Trust mission of protecting and expanding access to a more diverse population that fits that ethos perfectly. We can’t wait to help tell their story and share their passion for the outdoors.”

To learn more about Trail Trust, visit trailtrus.com and follow them on Instagram at @trailtrust.