The Rebelle U Mission =
Help you build a platform for lifelong success

Rebelle U is the training arm of the Rebelle brand with courses in driving, navigation and supporting education that prepares you for a life of adventure and rally.

What makes Rebelle U stand apart?

  • Top-notch instructors with decades of experience
  • Curriculum honed after years of development
  • A coaching model that helps individuals build & refine technique or break bad habits
  • Scaffolded skills & lessons
  • Fun, memorable classes in stunning terrain!
  • Classes: Driving, Navigation, Preparation, Teamwork & Leadership

Each class is curated for maximum success, fun memories in stunning terrain with a positive vibe.

Rebelle U Training Events:

  • 4 Day Driving & Navigation Intensive (our most requested and comprehensive!)
  • 2 Day Driving, including intro to sand
  • 2 Day Navigation
  • 3 Day Navigation with Trials
  • Sand Dune Driving

Rebelle U @ Overland Rallies

Multiple class topics including vehicle prep, gear selection, driving fundamentals, navigation basics, GPS Apps & How to Rebelle

2024 Rebelle U Schedule

  • September 5-6, 2024 – Imperial Dunes, CA
  • September 7-8, 2024 – Imperial Dunes, CA

Rebelle U @ Overland Rallies

Each year, Rebelle U and Rebelle Rally staff head to the fun, family-centric Overland Rally events. These non-competitive gatherings have expos, classes, trail rides and nightly campfires. Rebelle U hosts 1 hour classes ranging from vehicle prep, outdoor gear selection, driving fundamentals, navigation basics, using GPS Apps & How to Rebelle.

Overland Rallies require registration for the event.

Overland Rally

  • Jun 20-23, 2024 – Plain, WA
    • Rebelle U classes are 1 and 2 hour classes embedded in the weekend event and open to all. No registration required for Rebelle U classes.*
    • Get NW Overland Rally tickets here.

BC Overland Rally

  • July 11-14, 2024Kelowna, BC
    • A first in Canada! For 2024, Rebelle U @ BC Overland Rally will host a 3-day Navigation Intensive training with a Rebelle Trials event. This is a fee-based event and limited in #. Don’t miss it! Register here.
    • Get BC Overland Rally tickets here.

*Are you a Rebelle U alum or competed in the Rebelle Rally? All our stand alone classes now include advanced training opportunities and practice with winning competitors!

Course Descriptions

Developed over the last 20 years, our curriculum is well-honed to focus on positive outcomes and key skill building at the proper moment.

Meet the Instructors

Our instructors have experience in both competition and instruction which gives them a well-rounded approach to your learning.

Learn Online

Designed to teach fundamentals, these are great for preparing for the rally and future adventures.

Rebelle U FAQs

Our team has developed the curriculum to create a class that is safe, easy, and fun. Just because you will be learning how to do new and difficult things doesn’t mean that it will feel that way. Each skill is taught and developed in a specific order to ensure that students feel safe and confident trying them and then practicing them during the course. This order and teaching structure builds a platform for success.
The class is designed to accommodate a wide range of experience levels. Beginning and intermediate drivers and/or navigators are our most common participants, but we often have returning students and advanced participants that enjoy the class and the practice of fundamentals that we provide.
Once you sign up for the class you will be provided login details to our online training courses (navigation). We recommend that you watch these and do some practice prior to the class. For beginning students, there are a lot of terms, ideas, and tools that you will be introduced to in the videos. By watching them in advance, most students find the class easier and more fun.
We will send out a list of gear and navigation tools in advance of your class. Generally you will need to bring your own navigation tools such as a compass, plotter, minute ruler, and pencils for the navigation classes (we provide maps, routebooks, syllabus, etc.), and a 4WD or AWD vehicle for the driving classes. If there is something on the list that you don’t have or aren’t able to transport to class (ie, if you are flying in), we can provide rental equipment for camping, and vehicle recovery/maintenance.

Rebelle Trials is mock rally stage. Participants will take part in a 1-day rally stage complete with briefing, start/finish line and scoring. The stage will include a “day in the life of the Rebelle Rally” with map and compass challenges and a timed & on-route enduro challenge using vehicle and handheld scoring trackers. There is no better way to test your skills and you won’t get that anywhere else that at Rebelle U.

Never competed in the Rebelle Rally? Take the 3-day course including 2 days of navigation training + 1 Rebelle Trials. OR take the 4 day driving and navigation course with a “mini Trials” on Day 4.