Team Week: Liz & Marty

One of our favorite things is learning how our Rebelles team up. Some have been friends forever, some are related, and some start out as total strangers. And while we can’t always guarantee an ideal partnership in that last situation, we’re always stoked when they do happen to work out. Case in point: Liz McLaughlin and Marty Lawrence from Team BLTN, #206! And while they won’t tell you what their team name means, they do encourage you to guess. 😉

These two Rebelles met online in one of the prepping groups and made the decision to compete together. Rounding out our Crossover Class, these two will be competing in a Subaru Outback – our first Subaru in the Rebelle! With their diverse backgrounds and enthusiasm for the off-road world, together they are an unstoppable duo in the desert – or wherever the road ends!

Born in Rainier, Oregon, Liz McLaughlin now resides in Rainier, Oregon. One of her biggest interests is vehicles and learning how to drive them. New to the Rebelle, she is most looking forward to experiencing this adventure with the other fabulous women competing. What she is most nervous about is the driving and navigating!

Marty Lawrence is from Phippsburg, Maine but is currently living in Athens, Georgia. Although she is now retired, she used to work as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. In her free time she likes to stay active and enjoys running, cycling, swimming, and exploring. While she has had too many adventures to pick one as the best, she considers anything outside with her family a great one.

While she is new to the Rebelle, what appeals about it to her is the opportunity to off-road with other women on this adventure, knowing that it will be some “dusty, off-road fun!” She is most looking forward to the challenge of driving with non-electronic navigation in desert environment, making new friends, and camping under the starlight. And while there are many things to be excited about in the Rebelle, she is nervous about the many new challenges she will face, and like everyone else, getting cranky in the desert. But with her must-have gear of a good sense of humor, we know she’ll be just fine! She lives her life by two mottos: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “all you need is love” – we couldn’t agree more!