Team Week 2018: Amy & Kendra

The Pacific Northwest. Home to incredible trails, a richness of rain, and novel-worthy locations. It’s also home to two Original Rebelles who, although competing for the third time this year, are entering into their first time competition as a duo behind the wheel. And not just any wheel – a third time Toyota Land Cruiser Rebelle vehicle aptly named “Stormy.” Please welcome Team Sass-Quatch #184, Amy Hopkins and Kendra Miller!

Amy is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and currently lives in Seattle where she is the VP of Marketing. She’s also the biggest Fleetwood Mac fan you’ll ever meet, and can’t live without really good shoes, coffee, and her teammate Kendra on the Rebelle – Amy loves that Kendra is unruffled by chaos, absolutely calm, and laughs all the time.

She’s coming back for her third Rebelle because it “is achievable and yet life-changing, and so amazingly well organized! It has totally changed my perspective on what I can do and given me a focus for how to pursue what I really love.”

Kendra’s hometown is Hemet, CA and she now resides in Snoqualmie, Washington where she’s a CEO. She loves her teammate, whom she describes as relaxed, driven, and fun. And she’s not leaving home without her, along with Duct tape, peanut butter, and M&Ms. And if you’re up for a debate, she also believes Red Vines are superior to Twizzlers, and are best when left out for a few days to get nice and chewy.

One of her most favorite adventures? She went with her husband on an international trip where he was to be interviewed all day. She was without cell access, and by herself. Apprehensive at first, she ventured out on her own anyways and just explored the city. She fell in love with travel and adventure…eventually leading to her third Rebelle next week.

“It’s very much a tempering event. Whatever you thought you were going in, you are different on the other side. You become more confident, humble and empowered while simultaneously joining an amazing sisterhood.”