Team Week: Flo & Kiki

While it is one thing to join the rally while living here in the States, it is a completely different challenge to #jointheRebelle from overseas! Coming all the way from France, meet Florence Pham and Karen Rayrolles (aka Flo and Kiki) from Team Flowkey, #123! Their name Flowkey comes is a play off their names, FLO-rence and KI-ki, and is a nod to their mutual love of music. Not only do they get to rock the International Cup designation on their vehicle and vests, but they are also in contention for the Bone Stock Award competing in a Nissan Navara shipped all the way from Nissan France.

Flo Pham is from the fabulous Versailles, France – and yes, in a blurry way she is linked to French royalty! While she currently lives in Chaville, France (which is literally to ‘cat ville’), she proudly claims herself as a lifetime #teamdog member. Flo works for Nissan France as their Social Media Section Manager. An avid athlete and interested in all things adventure, she loves the outdoors, road tripping, stand up paddling, and music. But when asked about her best adventure, she says it was giving birth to her lovely son in 15 minutes. Flo is an experienced rally competitor, with 10 off-road rallies under her belt. But despite all her seat time off-road, she still gets butterflies at the start of a rally. What this French girl is most excited for in the rally is to see the amazing state of California!

Born in Mer, France, Kiki Rayrolles lives in Boulbi, France working as Nissan France’s Internal and Corporate Communications, Brand and CSR Coordinator. Kiki’s interests include music and gymnastics as she trained as a serious gymnast for 13 years. New to rallies and not knowing what quite to expect in the Rebelle, she is most drawn to the strategy of the competition, the amazing location, and the beautiful landscapes. Her best adventure to date was the four months she spent studying in the US so we can definitely see why she is drawn to the location of the rally. Her must-have gear for the Rebelle? Tons of Cheetos to snack on!

Flo and Karen met while working side to side in the PR department at Nissan France 4 years ago, where Flo shared her passion for rallies. That’s also when she nicknamed her future teammate Kiki. Despite an age difference between the two, these ladies have a rich and unique friendship. Flo’s favorite things about Kiki are her witty intelligence and her hearty laughter, while Kiki admires Flo’s life experience and wisdom – and most importantly her chocolate chip cookies. Team Flowkey is ready to go with flow and take on the Rebelle challenge!